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NEWS RELEASE · 16th September 2011
Today the residents of Japan are experiencing a continuing series of large earthquakes; three over 5.0 and two over 6.0 in just the last few hours, all off the east coast of Honshu. This is the same location as the major quake, which triggered the Tsunami and the nuclear catastrophe.

5.6 at 21:36 utc (2:36 pm our time pdt and 7:36 am Saturday in Japan) ;

6.2 at 21:08 utc
5.5 at 20:11 utc
5.2 at 19:39 utc
6.6 at 19:26 utc
Politicians within Canada...
Comment by M.Craven on 16th September 2011
I would like to thank you Merv and the staff of the Terrace Daily for helping Canadians become aware of what is truly happening in the world. I have spent the last month and a half away from my family in Japan to present a serious issue which is going unnoticed. My children have lived in terror since I have been away and I am stunned at the response of politicians within Canada. More preparations for election candidates... what I have seen is a complete lack of leadership and a group who love to say they can lead yet lack any vision or effort to do so. I have yet to decide if I will return to Canada and try to help in regards to the issues which will effect our salmon and oceans. I guess worrying who will be the next NDP leader is more pressing than the nuclear contaminates from Japan and the sea-life which will be effected on our coast.