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NEWS RELEASE · 20th September 2011
BC Liberal Caucus
The refusal of Adrian Dix and the BC NDP to fully support the Kitimat LNG plant is a stark reminder the NDP has no grasp of how the economy works.

“This is a project that has its environmental approval, the support of the Haisla and 14 other First Nations, it has the support of communities across the North,” says Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Minister Pat Bell. “Instead of supporting this project which will bring jobs to northern British Columbia, the NDP say wait a minute, too many unanswered questions and you can’t rush these things. It’s mindboggling that for ideological reasons Adrian Dix and the BC NDP can’t support a project that will bring benefits to a region that needs them.”

Bell was responding to comments from NDP environment critic Rob Fleming yesterday on CFAX, when he said “you can’t rush these things” when asked about the province’s decision to support having the plant operational by 2015.

“This was an announcement that received wide support across the board, except for the NDP,” says Bell. “Just yesterday the head of Shell Canada said we have to move aggressively to ensure we take full advantage of the opportunity or risk losing out to other jurisdictions.

“It’s further evidence – as if any were needed – that Adrian Dix and the NDP simply don’t understand the economy. We’re going to provide the leadership British Columbians expect as we work to defend and create jobs.”
LNG terminal
Comment by ron wilton on 21st September 2011
Kitimat has been following this LNG corporate carrot for about fourteen years now with no real signed on market or hope of entering a market already well serviced and supplied by countries who have actually developed a LNG supply and delivery system.

Just because the corporate lips are drooling over artificially high LNG prices caused by recent unfortunate events in Japan, doesn't mean Kitimat will be a long term beneficiary.

China, India, The Phillipines, Korea and countries who 'need' LNG will not continue to pay the current artificially high prices and demand will soften.

When the prices drop, the corporate welfare bums in Kitimat will once again be heading for the exits after government monies dry up and Kitimat will be standing in line once again trying to catch up to that dangling carrot.

Always all talk and very little action.
Ok, let's hear...
Comment by bill braam on 20th September 2011
Sounds like lots of win-win here, what could possibly be wrong with it? I'm sure there are families in kitimat, ex-eurocan persons who would love to be employed while they are watching their savings dwindle and there mortgages are threatened. Those are just one of many persons who would love to be living here in order to vote at the next election. Thank you.