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NEWS RELEASE · 22nd September 2011
Terrace RCMP
Over the past 24 hours these are some of the events Terrace RCMP responded to:

Downtown Terrace
- false cellular 911
- child well being check
- female was arrested for public intoxication
- male littering in the Tim Horton’s drive thru. The owner of the vehicle had lent the car to her brother for the day. Matter is still under investigation.
- police assisted Ministry of Children and Families with the removal of a five month old child from a home
- two business false alarms
- intoxicated youth at the Bear County Inn. Police assisted Ministry of Children and Families with transporting an eleven year old male to the hospital for assessment.

Elsewhere in Terrace
- call received of people speeding in the 3700 block of Eby St.
- a mother reported that her daughter is in the possession of an ipod that is not hers
- called received of a female uttering threats to another female
- a 13 year old female and a 16 year old female were caught shoplifting at Walmart by the loss prevention officer.
- residential false alarm
- erratic driver on Legion Ave
- police attended a domestic dispute on Hanson St. The male was intoxicated and had left for the night.
- a sixteen year old female bit the finger of a twenty one year old female during a consensual fight. Injuries received were minimal.
- fight at Cassie Hall. There were no injuries. There were conflicting reports about what had happened. All parties were spoken with.
- male was running around on Hamer Ave in his underwear, slamming into vehicles and screaming. Police located the male in care of a friend and everything calmed down. There was no damage to the vehicles.
- police checked on the well being of a female

- police attended to an argument between an intoxicated mother and her intoxicated son
- police attended to a domestic dispute. The male was transported via ambulance to Mills Hospital with self inflicted injuries. The female and two children were assisted by Ministry of Children and Families.
- a yellow dune buggy was rat racing on Penner St

- call received of a stolen camera and a mickey of alcohol.

- domestic assault investigation

- nothing to report
Uh...hold on JL.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 25th September 2011
From all the traffic congestion at Timmy's drive looks to me like EVERYONE in town frequents Timmy's (and not just once/day!). So why peg the RCMP when they are on a well-deserved break?

Thankfully I don't wear a uniform or I would be pegged as well for my multiple stops there!

Just because the RCMP can be easily picked on, as they are in visually identifying uniform...does NOT mean they are taking advantage of their work time to cruise it out at Timmy's.

Labour relation laws are very particular in holding fast to rulings regarding coffee/lunch breaks at certain intervals throughout the day; especially when working long shift hours. The RCMP certainly work long shift hours, while enduring traumatic events that you and I could probably not be able to emotionally deal with....and then to boot, they have to put up with all the insanely embarassing behaviour that we residents tend to manifest in this City.

Maybe next time I'm at Timmy's,.."DING DING" goes the bell and I'll buy a well deserving round for da lot of 'dem!
Comment by Maggie Jo on 23rd September 2011
I was driving past Timmy's the other night and witnessed a female callously slamming her fast food trash onto the sidewalk bordering the Keith Ave Timmy's property line.

I layed on the horn....promptly pulled over and asked her if she needed help disgarding her trash; adding she could pick up her litter as I would be more than willing to take it off her hands, as I had a garbage bag in my vehicle.

She complied without complaint, and as she picked up all her litter to hand to me, I sincerely thanked her for helping me keep the environment clean.

I applaud her for her efforts. I wish I got her name to thank her for that. Made me proud to work together with a stranger in working together to protect the environment.
Littering at Tim Hortons?
Comment by J.L. on 23rd September 2011
Quite possibly the dumbest place to litter if you ask me. I mean, other than actually going up to the cop shop and littering on their property.
Don't you know that when the police in Terrace aren't spending time sitting in their cruisers (drinking coffee or eating) or sitting behind their desks (drinking coffee or eating) they are most likely at Tim Hortons (drinking coffee or eating)? Maybe next time you'll think twice about where you choose to litter....Or maybe don't even litter at all and spare this beautiful luxury of an earth we live on. It does aggravate me when I take my dog on daily walks and feel obligated to clean up garbage after people like you instead of enjoying my walk, garbage free.
Mother reports daughter with ipod not hers
Comment by c. sandecki on 22nd September 2011
"- a mother reported that her daughter is in the possession of an ipod that is not hers"
Is this by chance the same mother who removed the unlocked bikes her sons had parked downtown?
A preemptive move by the mother in both cases, maybe heading these children off from a life of theft.