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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd September 2011
Trish Seal
Every time I see a new "missing Cat" advertisement in the Classifieds, I can't help but wonder...are they here? Twice now I have seen what I thought was a ferret (but it looked kind of big) near here; once near Ridgeway Feeds on Hwy37/ once on Queensway Dr.

My own cat who was quite a contender when it came to size and ability to protect himself has now gone missing. My neighbor's cat - gone. They seem to be disappearing without so much of a trace of a single fluff of fur being left anywhere! Just gone! I am pretty sure I have counted about 3 cats in the last week I have been told about verbally, and then there are the classified ads, and the signs all over town.

I think my other pets know something is up because they won't even go outside alone to go to the bathroom. They are terrified. Likely they smell something that has been marked with urine or?

I have also heard reports of small dogs missing from back yards minutes after being left outside to pee, at least they apparently found the collar.

I have attached below, a link to the recent BC tagging study done on Wolverines in our province. After looking at the photos I realized it very likely was not a big ferret that I have seen but a wolverine. Pretty much in Terrace! It is not an unlikely possiblity since their range can extend up to 350kms in a very short time.

Apparently we are in the heart of Woverine country - who knew? Please everyone, read the study (if you're in a hurry there is a summary at the end) - keep your animals inside when possible. And report to the local animal shelter pound ifyour pets missing so they can compile some numbers to help deterimine what is really going on here.
Coyotes, not wolverines?
Comment by c. sandecki on 23rd September 2011
This summer while walking my dogs I've twice sighted a coyote nearby. I've also seen - west of Copper Mountain School - more than one clump of cat (?) fur and one whole hind leg.
We live near the great outdoors...
Comment by M Bruce on 22nd September 2011
I've come across wolverine tracks on Thornhill Mtn. in early winter and cougar tracks on Terrace Mtn. bike trail. I've also had moose tracks in my backyard!
Like it or not we live pretty close to some good wilderness and if it's a bad year for game "out there", then it's not a surprise that animals are coming into town.
I'll keep our little meatsack indoors at night but won't clamour for protection if she gets gobbled up.
You can't fix stupid!
Comment by Mr. Peters on 22nd September 2011
The chance that all these "missing" cats are as a result of a wolverine in the area is about the same as some cult using them for animal sacrifices. In fact, there is as much evidence for the latter as for the former.

I have spent many years hiking and hunting in the mountains around here, and every year I hope to encounter one so that I could photographer it. I have never seen one yet, but I hope that one of these years my luck will change.
Cats vs humans
Comment by The Cats' Meow on 22nd September 2011
Kindly don't peg me as an animal hater. I realize pets are held very dear to us who care for them and trust in their companionship - especially with our elderly population ('speaking from experience here while spending years personally tending to an elderly extended family member).

But...while reading along in the previous email of an excerpt from a cat who died and channelled back to earth... I have to ask, are cats more important than humans?

I could easily swing back comments in this previous response towards...oh..let's see.. aborted babies in the womb..."I died today...You got tired of me...I drew an unlucky number."

Oh right! I just shook my head and realized it is LEGAL to kill babies in the womb, but as soon as somone hosts any animosity towards pets who crap all over the house, they're crucified? Wow.

My bad.

I just upp'ed my offer to $25.
Possible reason for missing cats.
Comment by Deb on 22nd September 2011
For those of you in the Thornhill area of Krumm and churchhill. There is a Bob Cat in the area and they have a tendancy to go after cats. I have seem this animal up close.
To "The Cat's Meow"
Comment by K. Ratcliff on 22nd September 2011
Very nice of you to reply to & inform the readers of the deceased cat you saw this morning but then you trying to pay someone to take your cat off your hands totally disrespectful Maybe there's something medically wrong with your cat as to why it has starting messing on the floors close to where it's "clean" litter box is rather than it being a bad dirty pet I think you should read the following I have posted below & give it some thought because it sure has touched ALOT of people on facebook that I shared it with yesterday

The following is a Facebook status I shared with others yesterday ... Quite touching to all pet lovers I must say

I died today ... You got tired of me & took me to the shelter. They were overcrowded & I drew an unlucky number. I am in a black plastic bag in a landfill now. Some other puppy will get the barely used leash you left. My collar was dirty & too small but the lady took it off before she sent me to the Rainbow Bridge. Would I still be at home if I hadn't chewed your shoe? I didn't know what it was but it was leather & it was on the floor. I was just playing. You forgot to get puppy toys. Would I still be at home if I had been housebroken? Rubbing my nose in what I did only made me ashamed that I had to go at all. There are books & obedience teachers that would have taught you how to teach me to go to the door. Would I still be at home if I hadn't brought fleas into the house? Without anti-flea medicine I couldn't get them off of me after you left me in the yard for days. Would I still be at home if I hadn't barked? I was only saying, "I'm scared, I'm lonley, I'm here, I'm here! I want to be your best friend." Would I still be at home if I had made you happy? Hitting me didn't make me learn how. Would I still be at home if you had taken the time to care for me & to teach manners to me? You didn't pay attention to me after the first week or so, but I spent all my time waiting for you to love me. I died today. Love, Your Puppy
*This was a forward against animal abuse.

I truly hope this helps you think what the proper thing to do for your cat would be ... take it to the vet & have it checked for it's health or seriously give it up for adoption to someone who will take the time to help this animal & love & care for it like they all deserve.

To the people who are missing their pets I do hope they return home to you safe & unharmed & with all the bears that have been roaming around, they could be the culprits too.
Deceased Cat found
Comment by The Cats' Meow on 22nd September 2011
Sept 22/11:

While cabbing it to work this a.m. after misplacing vehicle keys...I noted a "Hit and run" deceased cat on Haugland Ave. I would'a stopped to scoop up the cat to advertise later, but I was in a running cab meter at the time of discovery.

-long haired S&P dark colored cat

BTW...if anyone wants $20 to take MY black male cat off my hands, that would be gr8!
- very good with children
- good with other pets
- loves to cuddle
- can't stay indoors all day and loves to crap in neighbor's gardens
- cement flooring recommended (yeah he started pooping all over the basement bathroom floor a few mere feet away from his clean litter box)