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COMMENTARY · 22nd September 2011
Merv Ritchie
Edited September 23, 2011
Once again, the western world, their emissaries and leaders, have displayed their inability to even listen to another point of view. The walk out during the speech being delivered by the President of Iran, while he was explaining his point of view regarding the suffering around the globe, the financial meltdown and many more international events; the USA, France and many more Western Countries got up and left the room. Canada didn’t even have the dignity to attend.

The United Nations (UN) was formed from the ruins of another world organization following the two World Wars in the 20th century. The intention of the UN is to provide a living room for all leaders of all Countries to come together and share their concerns, their desires and needs. The UN was to be a place where, without shame, one country could come and explain their position to all other Countries on any issue. The intention is to avoid another world war, another military conflict. It has failed and today was another demonstration of why.

Watching the western leaders walk out of the room was akin to watching a son attempting to explain his concerns to his parents and their constant bickering, while they turned their backs on him and left the house, leaving the son to explain his worries for the future of their family to the rest of his siblings. It was rude, it was provocative and it was a demonstration of complete tyranny, which the Iranian President expressed his concerns about.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad spoke about love and peace. He referred to all religious prophets and suggested Jesus and Mohammed could be walking together; the World could live in peace if the leaders of the western world would simply agree to talk. Just like many other gatherings he opened with statements akin to a prayer. This is no different than most western gatherings, first a prayer to Jesus.

He then asked the UN members to consider who it was that caused various disturbances in the world and the financial meltdowns witnessed today causing world wide hardships. He spoke about the concerns most North Americans have; about the secrecy surrounding the 9/11 incident in New York City, about why, after 60 years, one still cannot talk about Israel and Zionism without being attacked. He added how his faith and others are critiqued seriously; ridiculed and demonized, yet America doesn’t get outraged. What Ahmadinejad said was just exactly what most freedom loving, liberal democratic Canadians, Americans and Europeans have been thinking and writing about for decades now.

He expressed his serious concerns about NATO as they and the Americans used bombs and bullets, ‘the barrel of a gun’, to force their will on other nations. Ahmadinejad told the UN General Assembly how the military budget of the United States is greater than all the military budgets of the world combined. He then listed the numbers of US military bases in other countries across the globe asking those listening to consider the implications, what this meant. He also spoke about another non military alliance; NAM (Non Aligned Movement), an organization of 120 member nations, and then of Group 77 and 15 at the UN. He referred to the inherent bias of the UN with the undemocratic Security Council, though he praised the UN as a whole.

What the member Nations missed after they walked out, what the general public was denied from their news channels, which occurred after they switched off their coverage, was the words of a concerned man.

“Real freedom, justice, dignity, well being and lasting security are the rights of all nations. These values can neither be achieved by the reliance on the current and inefficient system of world governance nor through the intervention of the world arrogant power and the gun barrels of NATO forces.

"These values could only be realized under independence and recognition of others rights and through harmony and cooperation.

“Is there any way to address the problems and challenges besetting the world by using the prevailing international mechanisms or tools to help humanity achieve the long standing aspirations of peace security and equality?

“All those who tried to introduce reforms while preserving the existing norms and tendencies have failed. The valuable efforts made by the Non Aligned Movement and Group 77 and 15 […] have failed to bring fundamental changes although they have had their own effects and impacts.

“Governance and management of the world entails fundamental reforms, but what has to be done now?

“Dear Colleagues and friends, efforts must be made with a firm resolve and through collective cooperation to map out a new plan on the basis of principles and the very foundation of human universal values such as monotheism, justice, freedom, love and the quest for happiness, based on happiness for all.

"The idea of creation of the United Nations remains a great and historical achievement of mankind. Its importance must be appreciated and its capacities must be used to the extent possible for our noble goals. We should not allow the organization, which is the reflection of the collective will and shared aspiration of the community of Nations to deviate from its main course and play into the hands of the world powers. Conducive ground must be prepared to ensure collective participation and involvement of nations in an effort to promote lasting peace and security."

Prior to this Ahmadinejad listed a long history of the British and American impositions and devastations on the world. He rightly referred to their collective drug dealing activities. He knows what he is talking about.

It is a fact the British Navy, which colonized much of the world was funded in a large part due to the Opium sales forced upon China. It was the foundation of Hong Kong and the British control of the region. Today Opium production is way up in Afghanistan. It is highest in the NATO controlled areas, such as Halmund Province, and the percentage of seizures to production is alarming.

During the reign of the Taliban, in 2001 the total Opium production was reduced to only 185 tons. The following year, 2002, after the Americans invaded, the production spiked to 3400 tons. Washinton Post article here. By 2006 another record year for Opium production was recorded by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime at 5600 tonnes and in 2009, 6900 tonnes.

It is estimated only 0.5% of the opium produced in Afghanistan is seized by the Afghanistan government while the Country now produces about 85% of the worlds supply. Iran on the other hand seizes approximately 90% of all the opium seized in the world, just under 600 tonnes, which is also up approximately 600% from 2001. UN study here.

While our main media sources continue to espouse how great our governments are, how moral and righteous the western democracies are compared to the Asian, middle Eastern and African Countries, we are being denied the right to the truth. While Ahmadinejad was delivering his speech at the United Nations General Assembly all western media cut off their live feeds after the Americans and other Western nations such as France walked out. BBC cut their coverage off as did CNN, CTV and CBC. Fox didn’t even cover it live. It was almost as if a concerted effort by the main western media to keep the truth from the general public was in play.

One must ask about the use of the Opiate. Heroin accounts for very little, less than 5 %. Opium abuse accounts for only 1.3 tonnes of the over 7000 tonnes produced. The question is obvious. Where is all the opium going? It is called Opiate Latex.

There are over 312 million people in the USA. Most are addicted to some form of pain killer be it T3’s (Tylenol) or some other drug. America is a pill happy nation and they need to have a supply. The Opiate Latex is required to make codeine, morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone, thebaine and many other legal prescription drugs. The hard question is where is the source for the legally produced opiate latex? There are legal poppy fields but has anyone done an accurate and verifiable study on the amount required to manufacture all the supply required for the drugged out pill popping western populations? Almost every store in the western world sells some form of legal opium. Is this just like money laundering at a Casino? Buy chips with dirty money, play with it for a while and then cash out and get clean money?

Some claim (ex CIA operatives) the Lockerbie plane crash was a deliberate operation as men with evidence of the USA importation/trafficing of the Opiate by other operatives, were on that plane on their way to expose the corrupt game.

Read details here.

Libya was simply convenient to blame. There is no way to determine how much arrives in America, in the labs of the drug companies, but when over 7000 tonnes of opium is produced and under 1 and a half tonnes is used by opium abusers, something is wrong. Someone is not looking or maybe everyone is pretending.

Ahmadinejad’s Country seizes close to 90% of the entire Opium product seized in the world. You might think he could provide us all with a little bit of context and insight.

The entire charade of games being played out, the walking out of the Western Leaders from the General Assembly, the refusal of the media to address the reality; all of it, is a damning report on our society. Why and how can we hold our heads up high when we are complicit in these crimes against humanity?

If you wish to watch the entire speech we have attached it below.

All he asks for is an honest and open public discussion of facts. It seems however, that just as the United States refused to allow the public to see the document produced for the United Nations by Saddam Hussein on all the details of his weapons (where he got them, what they were and where they went); just like the 9/11 commission report refusing to discuss building 7 and the real issues around the event, just like the killing of bin Laden and the disposal of his body in the Ocean, the USA does not want the truth about anything made public.

One also might be interested to learn more about NAM and Group 77 and Group 15. It would appear these are counterparts to NATO the G8 and G20.
Re: Merv Richie
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 24th September 2011
The responce to this article by Mike is typical of either a Zionist or some one who watches too much CNN.

Iran wont be the cause of a world war; Isreal will be.

Isreal has attacked many nato forces in the past and continues to kill Palestinian woman and children civilians. Palestine doesn't even have an army, but rather an ill funded "security force" that pails in comparison with Isreals nuclear stockpile.

In a nutshell, Iran should be the last of our worries as far as a world war goes. In comparison to Isreal, Iran is quite peaceful.
Merv responds
Comment by Merv Ritchie on 23rd September 2011
We were not so much defending him as defending his right to be heard. Just like you are given your right to be heard, even if you are misguided.

Where oh where do get the idea that Iran would start any war? Iran did not attack Iraq, Iraq attacked Iran at the behest of America. America always interfered, remember the Shah? The Ayatollah Khomeini was originally intended as another American plant until he turned on America and their interventionist policies. If any world war was to begin it would likely be due to the country that has started many wars, America.

If you would simply take the time to do some independent research, follow some of the links provided, stop listening to the single source of western media CNN, CBC, CTV, FOX, Global etc you might experience an enlightening.

(Then again you could just golf with your buddies who believe all the same lies most of the western world believe, at a place that hosts many who complain about the poor on welfare, while they gladly accepting a property tax exemption for the golf course.)

Did you even think about how Iran seizes 90 percent of all the opium seized in the world? Did you even consider why the opium production is up from 165 tons under the Taliban to now 6900 tons under the USA controlled government? And this under the eyes of the most advanced military force and intense satellite surveillance in the world? Remember they were searching everywhere for the CIA trained Osama bin Laden.

That is about a 4200 percent increase in production. Are you considering this small detail. Consider it with all the historical drug sales, remember Oliver North and Manuel Noriega; the Coke and Gun running scam of the Americans through Columbia and Panama to Nicaragua?

And about our media. Today the Israeli and the Palestinian leaders were both afforded full TV coverage on all stations, their entire presentations. On all news channels, BBC CTV, CBC, FOX, CNN, they didn’t cut them off. But I guess they get to decide for us what we need to hear and what we don’t need to hear. That so people like you can form opinions just the way they want you to. Dictatorships of the past had a difficult time fooling people. Today the masses just listen to what they are told and accept it verbatim.

The point of the news/blog site (Blews?), affectionately referred to by your buddies as “The Terrace Trash”, is to get you to talk and think. Glad it is working.

You might consider listening to his entire speech and then form your own opinion, not just take on the opinion Global wants you to have. You might be doing our children a favour. Most westerners suffer from an extreme case of cognitive dissonance when it comes to our western democracies. We have way too much invested in our faith in them to question them. We at the Terrace Daily keep challenging the status quo. That used to be the job of all media. Today they are simply there to placate and entertain you, hence our refusal to accept the term journalist in the present day usage.

Merv Ritchie
Comment by Mike on 23rd September 2011
So the other day I was at the golf course listening to a couple of guys talk about this guy Merv on the terrace daily and his blogs.

They didn't have anything good to say and even challenged why he was employed. Today I went on the site and low and behold there is a blog about the UN conference today and he seems to be defending the president of Iran who will likely be the reason for World War 3 if it ever happens.

I don't care much for politics but i know this idiot president of Iran has stated that the holocaust was a hoax, and that if he had his was he would bomb Palestine off the map.

Ahmadinejad is a dictator of the eastern world who has never said anything good about a single western world country, yet, Merv defends him.

This ignorance isn't worth blogging about and I don't see why you continue to have him on your staff. Maybe I’m the ignorant one writing this because he may actually be a partner with this small site or something.