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COMMENTARY · 4th December 2013
Merv Ritchie
Originally published September 24, 2011
Republished to emphasize the "new revelation of Canada spying on citizens"

Is Nothing New

One has to wonder how the Canadian Parliaments Bill C-10 along with Bills C-50, 51 and 52, will be promoted. The Harper Government is planning to make the illicit drug market more profitable by the same method Seagram’s, Hiram Walker and BC Distilleries became hugely profitable, prohibition. Story here There is no denying the truth behind the huge profits made by those prepared to risk their freedom (jail) to supply a prohibited product. With the imposition of these new drug laws organizations such as the Hells Angels will be, like the Mafioso of the 1920’s and 30’s, the ones in charge of the now much more profitable marihuana production and distribution system. Smoking this product is as commonplace as drinking coffee and alcohol. In truth it is likely more common. Even Doctors are frequently encouraging pot over other substances. It is not going to stop it is just going to get more expensive.

The worst part of this new proposed package of “Crime and Punishment” laws is not the new mandatory jail terms for drug offences, it is the new right to spy on Canadians electronic and communication devices without a cause. Smart phones, computers, emails; almost everything a Canadian does will now be subjected to monitoring without the RCMP, CSIS or any other “Authorized Agent” being required to go before a judge to get a warrant to do so. This is the one chapter of this "package" of laws the Main Media has been ignoring. They talk virtually exclusively about the new growing pot jail terms as if that is all there is to concern the public with.

The Privacy Commissioners of Canada and the Provinces (13 in total) had this to say,

We are concerned that clause 16 of Bill C-52 would give authorities access to a wide scope of personal information without a warrant; for example, unlisted numbers, email account data and IP addresses. The Government itself took the view that this information was sensitive enough to make trafficking in such 'identity information' a Criminal Code offence. Many Canadians consider this information sensitive and worthy of protection, which does not fit with the proposed self-authorized access model. framed the discussion this way;

The Conservative government is putting the finishing touches on a set of bills that will force every phone and Internet provider to surrender Canadians’ personal information to "authorities," without a warrant. In a recent survey, 8 out of 10 Canadians were opposed to the legislation.

“Where does it end? Are we going to let authorities look at our emails, our Facebook conversations, our phone discussions?” said Executive Director Steve Anderson.

The more ominous and offensive tone to the proposed legislation is making a dope smoker, a cannabis toker, the farmer growing the product to meet the demand, more despised by our legislators than someone who abducts and sexually assaults a child. The proposed minimum and necessary jail terms for someone growing this hemp plant, the plant with proven medicinal and health properties, will be handed immediate compulsory jail terms longer than a sex offender.

Who writes this stuff?

And that brings us to the most insidious and malicious part of our society, the government, judicial and the legal complicity in child trafficking, sex abuse and drug running.

There are numerous studies on all these despised activities being, if not sanctioned, then covered up and ignored. Police, Judges, Government officials and the churches have all participated in these activities.

If Harper was really interested in reducing crime and drug trafficking he would only need to look in his own bureaucracy. When in 1999 an RCMP officer in Edmonton claimed his drug investigation on the Hells Angels was being interfered with, that the HA were being tipped off, he was sent for a psych evaluation. This became a charde of twists and turns and cover ups on who was tipping off and protecting the Angels and their drug trade. He was suspended after he was told he failed his psych evaluation. Then it was discovered he passed with flying colours. The RCMP Brass lied to him. Then he was charged for speaking out.

When an RCMP Ports Police in Vancouver attempted to expose the same kind of thing at the Ports in Vancouver virtually the same happened. When CBC exposed this the Prime Minister at the time, Jean Cretien, decided in March 1997 to shut down the whole Ports Police detachment and left the monitoring in the hands of the Vancouver City Police. Listen to a CBC Audio report on this here.

And then there was the Pickton murders of the Missing women from Vancouvers downtown eastside. The Vancouver City Police, the RCMP, City councillors and Mayors were alleged to be hanging out with the Hells Angels at Piggy’s Palace, the notorious party pad at the Pickton Farm. Read more here This during the time period when claims were made about the missing women from Vancouver ending up and disappearing there. During the trial all of this was hushed up and the witnesses back peddled. Read more here and here.

It was immediately after a high profile bust of the Angels when a shockingly huge arsenal of weapons along with drugs and money was discovered; in early February 2002, that the whole house of cards came down for Piggy’s Palace. The next day the RCMP served a search warrant on the Picktons.

The prosecution of the Hells Angels, their drugs and guns, was suddenly gone from the news broadcasts, charges were never forwarded and the Pickton Farm's 'Willie', became the “Lee Harvey Oswald” of the missing and murdered downtown east side women of Vancouver. It all happened by a lone gun man. Everyone else got a walk.

Read the attached document. The claims from the women of the downtown eastside.

Some wonder and question what happens to those in the legal profession who attempt to expose these crimes, the child prostitution, the corruption of our governments and the law? They get taken away, disbarred and even drugged against their will. Take the cases of Jack Cram and Bruce Clark. Read about them here. Don’t cross the political and money masters. Exposing their drug dealing and child abusing activities will “get ya hurt real bad.”

If the Canadian Prime Minister really wanted to change things he would have to stop being friends with all the other drug runners and criminals and become a leader, not a happy go lucky follower.

However if we take a look at his real record we discover an oxymoron. He was a co-founder of the Reform Party who wanted to ditch the senate and become an independent country from Britain. The entire Reform Party movement was to change the way Canada was run. To restore family values and true democracy, to remove the corruption from the government offices.

Today he has ordered all his ministers to hang a picture of the Queen in their offices, he has ordered almost everything he could in his power to be called “Royal” and is using the appointments to the Senate like all the previous Canadian dictatorial regimes. It seems the corruption of the British Parliamentary drug dealing democracy will continue in Canada unabated by their chained puppet Lord Harper.

One might think Stevie boy got a wee bit of a talking too right there at the beginning.

We do not know what was up when the previous Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin, had his ship raided, Canadian Shipping Lines (CSL) 'The Sheila Anne' (the one named after his wife) when it arrived in Nova Scotia in July 2004 Read about it here. But you can be sure he got the message loud and clear. The 84 kilograms of Cocaine were simply seized and nothing more was said about it.

So immediately after Mr. Harper won his clear majority he brings in his first legislative act, to spy on Canadians, Jail Canadians, and a slap on the wrist for child abusers. It is not out of the ordinary though. As soon as he was in office, even with a minority, he asked Indian affairs to spy on and find Indians who would spy for on them for him. Read more here. and now CSIS is looking for native language speakers, possibly so they can understand the now monitored electronic communications with the passage of Bill C-50, 51 and 52. Read about this Here.

The abuses of the 'Native' population of Canada is all too well documented. Read an extensive expose' here.

These Bills will get a pass (he has a majority government) and Canadians will lose just a little bit more dignity and independence. Just like the Americans and the Patriot Act. The internet and all electronic communications will become government property. Drugs will flow, commoners will serve time in dungeons and the truth will remain a mystery.

Welcome to the history of the Brits, nothing has changed. And the call it the "Commonwealth". ROTFLMAO!

What a place.

Bill C-10 - click here.

Links to more and humorous videos here.

Re: You have me confussed.
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 26th September 2011

The fact still remains, you are sick. There's something wrong with you if you think its cool to murder and torture people.

To kill one slowly for pleasure is simply psychotic.

I don't think anything more needs to be said.

You have me confussed.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 26th September 2011
Although on an intellectual level I agree with this persons blog, not mine by the way. On an emotional level a totally different ball game.

Sheldon you really should do your homework a little bit better. According to the BC health act, a Denturist is not allowed to be in possession of or prescribe any medication, legal or otherwise. I really had grown to expect more for you.

Now it is true that I do love to stir the pot, and some times simply for the sake of seeing what comes up. But it is equally true that I would not loose a second of sleep over a drug pusher having to endure several days of mind numbing pain before he/she died.
Re: Mr. Peters
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 26th September 2011
Your blog says you are a Denturist. Is this accurate?

If so, that would mean you already are in possession and are responsible for the administration of scheduled drugs.

a quote from rudi peters blog on forgivness
Comment by ed on 26th September 2011
Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Father, Forgive them. Luke 23:34

Luke 23:34 Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

After being whipped, beaten, crowned with thorns, repeatedly mocked, spit upon, sneered at, and pierced with spikes through his wrists and ankles, while slowly suffocating as he hung on the cross, and as he was experiencing the nightmarish weight of the sin of the world upon him, Jesus assumes his tormentors are ignorant and prays for their forgiveness on this basis!When I recall that the one praying this is also the Creator of the universe, I am led to the conclusion that this is the single most shocking and single most beautiful sentence ever spoken in all of history.In addition, it reveals the single most beautiful character and single most beautiful image of God in all of history.

We are repeatedly commanded in Scripture to follow the example of Jesus in all things (e.g. Jn 13:35; Eph 5:1-2; 1 Tim 1:16; 1 Pet 2:21, cf. 1 Cor. 11:1).We are commanded to “have the same attitude of mind Christ Jesus had” (Phil 2:5, cf. 1 Cor. 2:16).But this means that the attitude Jesus revealed toward his enemies, which includes us, is the attitude we are to have toward our enemies, as well as to all other people.However heinous or threatening a person’s behaviour may be, we are to assume that “they do not know what they are doing.”In addition, we are to petition God for their forgiveness on this basis.Nothing could possibly run more counter to the attitude that comes most natural to us in our fallen condition than the attitude Jesus reflected in his prayer.

We are commanded to imitate Jesus, including the attitude he reflected toward his enemies on the cross.However heinous a person’s behaviour may be, and however threatening a person’s behaviour may be, we are to refrain from judgment, assume their ignorance and hope and plead for their forgiveness.This is perhaps the most difficult act of discipleship we could ever engage in.

Yet, this is a key to unlocking the beauty of the kingdom in our life.Though it always gives the demonic illusion of empowerment, there is in reality nothing more life-negating than our judging impulse.As we by God’s grace learn to refrain from judgment, instead hope, and believe the best in others (1 Cor. 13:7) while praying for their forgiveness, the love of Christ is unleashed in our hearts.The beauty of Jesus’ prayer then begins to become a beautiful reality in our life.We experience a depth of joy and freedom that we otherwise would not experience.I encourage us to cultivate the shockingly beautiful attitude of Christ on the cross.Even toward the terrorists and soldiers who kill our sons and daughters as well as the predators who harm our children; for all those who do harm to us and our loved ones; let us strive to follow the beautiful example of Jesus and pray:

“Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing.”

In Christ

Infringing on my rights is NOT justice.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 26th September 2011
Tapping into my computer useage, my phone calls etc... is not justice. In fact it is quite the opposite of justice. It goes against my very charter rights. A Charter which makes this country free and democratic. A law like these simply wastes tax payer dollars, because there will be charter challenges ALL over the place.

Now for true justice put the proper funding back into the justice system. Hire enough judges to do the jobs in a timely manner, hire enough lawyers and refund legal aid to ensure proper representation and pay more police to ensure proper investigations. THIS is how you handle crime in a country where crime is DECREASING.

I refuse to give up my rights in a free and JUST society, because there's a few bad apples out there.
results of drugs
Comment by bill braam on 26th September 2011
There are many people in our own community who have had to go through the extreme torture of seeing their loved ones using drugs. Torture comes in many forms, being forced to helplessly watch a child's torture is one of the most extreme. Being in a civilized country we pursue justice not vigilanty. Thank you Mr Harper for bringing hope to those who want justice. Thank you
nothing to hide.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 26th September 2011
I have nothing to hide, I do not participate in illegal activities. However, my privacy is a RIGHT not a priveledge in a free and democratic soceity. I have the right to expect privacy. I have nothing to hide, I am not partaking in illegal activity and therefor there is NO reason anyone should have free access to my privacy.

We can not stand by and allow governments to fear monger. These are basic charter rights, it is imperative that everyday people stand up and say I don't think so.

The number of good, just, legal people outweigh the number of criminals. If the governments would put more money into legal aid and the justice system, as opposed to jails and turning people into criminals this would not be such an issue.

So what makes a criminal out of a refugee who's claim was not processed fast enough? Did you know he will now be arrested and put in jail. What happened to making the system MORE effecient so their claims ARE processed fast enough? This is craziness at it's finest. We MUST stop this kind of fear mongering and the crushing of our civil liberties.
re: Sheldon Davidson
Comment by Mr. Peters on 25th September 2011
I am referring to the use of illegal drugs. If that is genocide so be it, but I really do not think that most Canadians are dope heads.

And yes, if a pusher of illegal drugs got their hooks into one of my kids, after I got my hooks into them they would beg me to simply kill them. The pleasure is that when you bring them to that point, you then deny it. When they would get to hell, it would feel like heaven.

I may be crazy, but I like it.
Re: Me thinks thou protest to much.
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 25th September 2011
This is in response to Rudi Peters comments.

I would just like to point out what Mr Peters suggests is genocide as most Canadians use drugs of some sort.

Mr Peters also seams to enjoy thinking about the torture of people.

I'm no doctor, but I would suggest you go see one.

Me thinks thou protest to much.
Comment by Rudi Peters on 25th September 2011
While I abhor those who molest children I abhor drug dealers even more. A child molester is capable of harming only one child at a time, whereas a drug dealer can harm hundreds at a time.

The war on illegal drugs can be won if people would just have the balls to do that which is necessary. If you find someone in possession of illegal drugs, place sidearm to side of head and pull trigger. If you find someone who is a pusher, place said sidearm to knee of choice, after which take a box cutter and make a transecting incision from one hip to the other. You then allow the pusher to circum to his injuries, with any luck over several days.

I have two children approaching that age when they are most likely to be prayed upon. I have done everything that I know of to keep them above this filth. If they were to be somehow sucked into this filth, this would be but a warm up to the hell I would unleash on this scum. I remember my instructor from 2 commando, he always said that the amount of pain that could be inflicted on any person was limited to two things; firstly your imagination, and secondly your ability to keep the person conscious. There is no punitive or entertainment value in inflicting pain on a person who is not conscious to experience it. And, I could keep someone conscious for a very long time.

Editor note: While we find this comment offensive in the extreme, we post it to provide, to common person, an idea regarding the mentality of the people Harper is fueling.
Excellent Article
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 24th September 2011
Keep up the good work.

Cocaine is often brushed to the side and covered up by those who are in power because they already control the flow of the product. Marijuana is often more harshly punished because those who are in power cannot profit off of it like they can profit off of cocaine. You can grow a few plants in your house and it costs you pennies for the electrical bill, but you cant grow a field of poppies or coca in your house.

Back to the real issue: Your privacy.

some one of some importance once said:

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."