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NEWS RELEASE · 24th September 2011
Hazelton RCMP
On Thursday, 2011-09-22 at 23:30 hours RCMP received an inquiry from an associate of two persons [a 46 year old female and a 56 year old male who has medical issues] from New Hazelton that were believed to have gone off mushroom picking at 1325 hours on 2011-09-22 in the area and had not returned. The exact location where these persons went mushroom picking was unknown.

Police immediately began conducting inquiries for these persons. Police Dog Service and Search & Rescue were called upon to address this occurrence.

Late Friday afternoon, the female walked out of the bush onto a forest service road approximately 60 km north of Hazelton. Subsequently, she encountered a motorist and was later transported to hospital by ambulance. The female appeared to have severe hypothermia and was admitted to hospital in Hazelton where she is currently recovering. The general location where these mushroom pickers had been was determined. This was of assistance to emergency services in directing their efforts. At 2015 hours approximately active search was concluded due to darkness.

At first light this morning an active search resumed for the 56 year old male in a remote area north of Hazelton.

At approximately noon the missing male was located deceased in the bush 60 km north of Hazelton by Bulkey Valley Search and Rescue and Members of the New Hazelton RCMP Detachment

Notification of next of kin has been conducted, name of deceased is not being released at this time.

Matter has been turned over to the Coroner Service.
missing pickers
Comment by very concerned on 28th September 2013
Curious how this story made the site, but nothing on the 2 missing pickers from Terrace last seen at Lorne Creek Sept 22 and the massive search underway
Very good point, Denise.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 25th September 2011
Thank you for bringing that to our attention, Denise. That is a very good point and I appreciate you taking the time to comment in this regard.

In any event, for future NON-experienced trekkers, please do carry survival gear/compass - everything. Terrace Search and Rescue has a list of items to carry when out and about in our Northern Wilderness. Here's their link to "The Outdoor 10 Essentials":
Comment by Denise M on 25th September 2011
Lets not all assume that these pickers went out unprepared..they were experienced mushroom pickers ( most likely had a compass).. We dont know what happened out there, for all we know the gentleman could have had a heartattack, fallen, or a many other issues could have occured. And this woman being brave enough to walk out and get help. so lets not assume if they/didnt they have a compass
Northern Survival
Comment by Noel Braucher on 25th September 2011
It's also fundamental to recommend that ANYTIME you leave the beaten path, ALWAYS carry a survival kit. This can even be the smallest thing such as a mint can loaded with matches, hook/line/sinker, and compass. If people had at least the smallest means of starting a fire, it's the absolute difference between life and death in our unforgiving northern country.

If you go in the bush be prepared!...

Comment by Maggie Jo on 24th September 2011
Names were initially released by the RCMP in proper form as the couple was deemed "missing" and the RCMP at that time were seeking the public's assistance in locating them.

'Might be a gr8 idea for the local College to offer an affordable Survival in the Northern Wilderness program. A compass would come in handy as well - only if one knows how to use it. You gotta hand it to the young Boy Scouts who are well versed in this practice, heh?

I can't begin to imagine how this couple suffered when they became lost. Let's show some respect. We're going on with our lives while someone is planning an unexpected family funeral. My sympathies to all involved in this tragedy.
Carry a compass
Comment by Dave on 24th September 2011
This is a tragedy that someone died going on a seemingly harmless mushroom pick. When your in the forest you can be come quite disoriented and it is easy to lose your way without a trail to follow. If your going in the bush bring a compass and if you get lost, then walk in the direction you know where civilization or the closest road is. For those who get lost in the Terrace Airport mushroom picking bermuda triangle you would be able to find your way out with a simple compass.
Comment by ed schwartz on 24th September 2011
u released the name in yesterdays story - genius

Ed Note: Yes, it is true, the RCMP did refer to the names in their first 'Urgent"' news release on this tragedy. Lets not ridicule their efforts and cause the family anymore grief eh?