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NEWS RELEASE · 25th September 2011
ITCCS - Brussels
Follow Up Evictions and Occupations Being Planned around the World:

Youtube video here of ITCCS Banishment Order, with over 9000 viewings.

An Exclusive Report from ITCCS International, Brussels

At protests over the past week in Canada, the USA, Ireland and England, a Public Banishment Order against the church corporations responsible for crimes against humanity was delivered to more than thirty church cathedrals belonging to the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada.

At several locations in Canada, including on a remote Indian reservation in Saskatchewan, ITCCS members occupied churches during regular services and demanded that the clergy depart.

In Ennis and Dublin, Ireland, ITCCS members Gerry O'Donovan, John Deegan and others announced the Proclamation and posted it on church doors in the face of police harassment, threats of arrest, and physical attacks from church officials.

ITCCS Banishment Order posted and read at Ennis Cathedral in County Clare, Ireland, click here.

A copy of the Banishment was also translated into Italian and posted on a doorway of the Vatican in Rome.

The Banishment Order was reported in many media outlets across Europe and North America, including on the popular program Democracy Now to millions of listeners in the USA.

"This is just phase one of our reclamation movement" said Elder Jeremiah Jourdain today from Winnipeg.

"We have told these murderers publicly to leave. Whether they do or not doesn't matter, because we are now calling on our people to move into these churches, seize the property and its wealth, and use it to feed and help all the people harmed by the church. That's what we call a practical apology, on our terms."

Jourdain and the other members of the ITCCS Council of Nine Elders, who issued the Banishment Proclamation on September 18, are now organizing action groups of ten or more people in many communities to begin the non-violent seizure of church properties, and the eviction of its clergy and officials.

To assist this project, and spread the church reclamation movement, contact the ITCCS at this email or at 250-591-4573 in Canada. And follow our progress at , where you can download a copy of the Banishment Proclamation.

Spread the Proclamation! Evict the Murderous Churches from our Nations!

See poster attached below. Print to obtain your own copy for posting.

For more details on the Genocide practice by the government and churches go to
Comment by Maggie Jo on 25th September 2011
Crimes against humanity are serious. Those who participate(d) in such need to be
deemed accountable for their actions.

For the rest of us, Canadian Law deems that Freedom of Religion allows people the freedom to assemble and worship without limitation or interference.

For the ITCCS to threaten banishment by waltzing into churches to disrupt a religous ceremony in progress is outrageous and frankly, illegal. Even more ludicrous is Convenor Jourdain's mandate to seize church property to supposedly buy food and help! flag here people. Sounds like this group is a Cult in itself.

So, let me get this straight. After Sept 18/11, if clergy/officials still frequent the Church buildings...according to the ITCCS they are in
a state of criminal trespass and public mischief and will be subject to immediate arrest by the ITCCS peace officers?! They will be tried in January 2012?! Where? And which jail will they be put in? Under which Law does Convenor Jeremiah Jourdain think he rules from - Planet Pluto?!

Gotta go. I have to get my camera ready to bring to church with me today to collect photographic evidence in the event the threat is commissioned to the City of Terrace.