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CONTRIBUTION · 26th September 2011
Terrace Daily
Sometime before 8:40 am this morning, September 26, a truck flipped onto its side into the shoulder 15 km east of the Kitwanga junction. Markings on the road show a heavy application of the brakes but there is no word on the cause.

Jack Cook from the Copper Mountain String Band sent in these pictures. He notes the lights on the truck were still on when he passed the truck at approximatelt 8:40 am.

Flagpersons are on the scene directing single lane traffic.
As tragic as this sounds, it almost appears as if the truck toppled onto something.
As tragic as this sounds, it almost appears as if the truck toppled onto something.
Stopped at accident at 6:30
Comment by Glen- on 26th September 2011
When I pulled up at 6:30 AM, nobody was there but a white pilot truck and a couple guys throwing things in the back of the pick up. When I stopped an put on my hazards they sped of towards Hazelton. It was dark I checked the semi, the cab was not crushed and it appeared that the driver got out safely, Ithought he may have been in the pilot pick up that sped off, so I drove the 3km up to Kitwanga Petro Canada and reported it to the young flagger there. He went and called it in.
To Angry Mother
Comment by James Ippel on 26th September 2011
What is it you want-to keep these trucks off the road so you can have all to yourself?
The vast " majority" of truckers are more than courteous, and extremely safety concious, as are most of private vehicle drivers. As an ex trucker, and a person who still spends a lot of time on the highways, I would much rather deal with truckers than a great number of inconsiderate idiot private vehicle operators.
Do not place blame on all truckers just because of one accident, and as you were told in a previous post, don't pass judgement till you know the facts.
Are you one of the inconsiderate drivers I have encountered in my travels?
Re: This bugs me
Comment by Another Angry Mom on 26th September 2011
You have no idea what lead up to this accident. Until all the details have been investigated you should reserve judgement. In fact you should after the details become clear. The Trucker is someones child and may not come home to his/her family tonight. I lost a child in an accident involving a transport truck. Accidents happen as sad as that is, no-one goes out in the morning with a plan to hurt someone. Everyone that drives, at one point will make a mistake driving. Most of us are lucky and we make it home alive. I hope that everyone involved in this makes it home to thier loved ones!