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NEWS RELEASE · 27th September 2011
Terrace RCMP
Crime Reduction Unit and the Terrace Traffic Section put a project together for the first two weeks of this new school year.

The goal: first week to educate and remind people of all the school speed zones in effect with school back in session, and the second week to enforce the speed zones.

First Week 11 written warnings were issued in total for 2 days

Second Week 24 tickets were issued in total for 2 days, 2 non speed related violations were issued, and 1 W arrant executed. Several MVA warnings were also issued.

Skeena Junior had the most speed violations, with Uplands School coming in at a close second.

Most “school zones” in Terrace are also “playground zones” and therefore the speed of 30km is in effect 7 days a week from dawn until dusk.
Without Due Care and Attention
Comment by Maggie Jo on 28th September 2011
The Motor Vehicle Act prohibits the act of careless driving (ie; without due care and attention or reasonable consideration for others) the point of Criminal Charges being laid towards an Offender of the Act.

You all got that? Criminal Charges. Yeah...that could mean jail time. So, if you continue to drive without due care and attention...make sure you have a harmonica to keep you company in da' 'pen in the event you are found guilty in a Criminal Case.

It's not just texting/cell phoning while driving that contribute to accidents which can result in MVA's and subsequent Criminal charges. I remember in my younger years when I would actually "drive the car" with my knees on the steering wheel while putting on makeup or eating with both hands. A big "no no". Thankfully, no accidents resulted from my careless, immature behaviour, or I may be writing this article today from a prison while serving my well-deserved jail term.

Ten & 2 on the wheel is much safer - one extra "life skill tool" to learn which aides drivers in remaining more alert; resulting in being more safety conscious of their own surroundings and those of other drivers/pedestrians nearby.

PS - To Chris A: When I see someone pull over on the side of the road to talk on their cell....I always slow down and give them a fond "thumb's up". When it's a Co Vehicle who pulled over to use the cell, I call the Company to report that gr8 behaviour I just witnessed. But, when I see drivers using phones while driving...I honk and give them a firm "MOM" scowl while wagging my "disappointed hand gesture" towards them; indicating they are very naughty drivers.
Cell / Txt refresher needed too!
Comment by Chris A. on 28th September 2011
I agree with Stuart about needing more than just two weeks a year of getting people's attention re: school zones.

I also really think this city's drivers need a serious tune up regarding talking on cell phones and texting while driving. I'm seeing it constantly again. I've been thinking about just starting to lay on my horn every time I see someone talking on their cell or texting while driving. I wonder if that would get anyone's attention?
"L" and "N" drivers in school zones or not.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 27th September 2011
To all motorists in a hurry...kindly remember that vehicles hosting the "L" and "N" signs are novices in driving experience (that being said we parents need to vigilantly remove the stickers off when WE are driving; while remembering to plunk the stickers back onto the back of vehicles when the "student" drivers are using our vehicle).

In any event, 'had a nice run in recently with another driver at a local shopping parking lot. The other driver was getting very impatient with my student driver backing outta a parking slot (he didn't realize it was a student driver utlilizing the vehicle). Let's just student driver was annoyingly very saaaaaaah-LOW!! I sensed the other driver's "anx" while waiting for my student driver to reverse without dinging another vehicle, so I promptly exited the car and gently signalled to the impatient driver of the other vehicle....pointing towards the "L" on the back of the vehicle, and gave a most fond gratifying wave towards him in the interim.

The other driver suddenly "got it" and immediately most cheerfully signalled back for me/student to take our time backing out. VERY nice guy:)
Comment by Stuart Horner on 27th September 2011
I was wondering why people one day were going slower down Walsh than I have ever seen. I got out and looked down the street, sure enough there was a police officer talking to someone in a white van.

While I think the effort was great for the first 2 weeks, am not sure if 2 actual days of enforcement is enough to get through to Terrace drivers. As soon as the RCMP are not there babysitting grown adults (that should know better) it is back to the norm.

Comment by brian grant on 27th September 2011
Happy to See the RCMP along walsh, Skeena JR....drivers along there mostly at night 6pm til like hooligans. Likes seeing the Speeders getting ticketed..

I, had one driver pass me the other week ,as i was doing 30 in the school zone...i will be vigilant next time and get his Number Down......warning!!