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CONTRIBUTION · 29th September 2011
David Eby

20 of the 21 organizations that are non-government and who have been granted standing in the Missing Women Inquiry, along with 17 of the 18 families granted standing, have signed a letter asking the Premier to intervene and fix the troubled Commission.

The letter says very clearly that these groups want to save this inquiry, and they want it to work. Will the Premier step in to fix the Commission?

Read More from David Eby Here

Copy of letter here.

This Is What Our Premier Had to Say
Everything possible
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 30th September 2011
Except honour the families and offer them fair representation to legal counsel?

My point is the families are now the victim and are as much entitled to legal counsel as government staff.

I too, have lost friends and family to drug use, prostitution etc... The closest and dearest having been turned out on the street by her own father. Her drug use was a way to cope, not she went into prostitution because of her drug use.

There are many stories of tragedy, my biggest point there, is these are now the voices of the victims, let them speak. Let them have the representation they want... it's the LEAST we can do.

I think we should go for coffee one day James, I think we'd have excellent debates!
Please re-read
Comment by James Ippel on 30th September 2011
In no way am I being dismissive of what has happened to a lot of women.
"We must do everything possible.................'
Does this sound like I don't care? A good friend lost a daughter to the Missing Women, and one to drugs. I spent many days working on the first, and a lot of time working on others missing in this area.
We must get rid of drug dealers, and pimps. This goes hand in hand. Read the newspapers, listen to the news, day after day soft Judges release this scum back into society on some obscure technicality.
The poor bugger that shoplifts food to feed his family has more of a chance of going to jail than does the drug dealer. Why?
And I apoligize for singling out only left-wing polititians for not getting off their collective assses. The right wing polititians are no bloody better, as they currently appoint the judges. I must in all honesty point out though, the judges appointed in the last few years seem to have some balls, but only in the minor cases, the heavy stuff is still being handled with soft glove approach.
Never accuse me of being un-sympathetic. In my lifetime I have seen to much of what effect drugs can have on people, and what it leads to.
I can accept be accused of being a realist.
Comment by Terrace Anti-Poverty Group on 30th September 2011
Is it possible they got themselves addicted to drugs as a way to deal with having to live on the streets as opposed to the other way around?

Youngsters are abused, EVERY, single day. Peopl suffer from afflicitions they have no control over. MAYBE we need to tell our RIGHT wing government in control to get off THEIR collective asses since they have all the power and starting putting money BACK into social services where these youngsters can turn to get the help they need and require before their lives get to this. OR if their life has gotten to this... where they have the opportunity to turn it around before it gets worse.

That privatizing everything DID not work. That cutting services and increasing jail sentences also won't work because it does not address the root cause, nor offer long term permanent solutions for change.

Instead we continue to put our youth at risk, our citizens with vulnerabilities at risk and continue to put them in positions where they have NO where to turn for what they need.
No Name Calling
Comment by Terrace Anti-Poverty Group on 30th September 2011
Fighting hate with hate never gets anyone anywhere.

These families and organizations are asking for the right to proper legal representation and the right to properly cross examine.

They are not asking what happened to these women, they are asking WHY what was happening to these women was allowed to carry on for so long.

The families have a right to answers and they are the victims now. Oppal himself said if they do not have proper representation it skews the inquiry. If they are going to do an inquiry they should at least do it properly. Fairly.

I get so frustrated by the clear one sided approach in these comments ALL the time. I want to be fair and diplomatic and am consistently forced to point out the opposite side to ensure both sides are present.

I could legitimately argue both sides of this, however, here we are. The inquiry is IN place, it has already been decided, so instead of wasting tax payer dollars on a USELESS inquiry, with no faith, no credibility etc... why don't you offer up the little bit extra to ensure it IS fair and it IS credible.

We are already in. May as well go all in and make it right. I would 100% rather pay for these families and organizations to have proper legal representation over paying the legal representation of Vasi-Birk trials.

I am 100% okay with people having their own opinions and offering it, but when you are so blinded by one side that you fail to ever acknowledge the other or give even slightly, we are left in constant stale mate. The only way to hold people accountable sometimes is through inquiries, and they MUST be fair and just. Let these families have that. This isn't about you or I, about left or right, it's about morally allow them this.

I don't want to assume you are being so dismissive Mr. Ippel because of the lives these ladies led, So please, be more empathetic and sympathetic to those who have lost their families and may read this.
To Marcus
Comment by James Ippel on 29th September 2011
What makes you sick to your stomach? Is it the fact that the Gov't does'nt hand out money willy nilly to every person/organization that comes alone, or do you as an individual have an interest in the findings of this commission, and have not been given any free money?????
At the risk of being called all kinds of unsavoury names, I personnally think this inquiry is a waste of time. We know that Willy Picton is the guilty party, and we have an idea on how to prevent this from happening in the future.
We must do everything possible to assist the vulnerable women at risk, and to remove them from the environment that places them at risk.
The first step we must as a society take, is to get rid of the Drug Dealers. This seems to be the root problem of placing women in danger. We must enforce the laws that are in place today and get rid of these dealers. Why should they be allowed back on the street on Bail, even with overwhelming evidence against them that they are guilty? It is time that society takes a stand and tell our elected left wing MLA's to get off their collective ass's and support the law, instead of whining about how this person was abused as a youngster, and is now acting out!!
There is overwhelming evidence that the majority of women working the sex trade are one way or another addicted to drugs.
A secondary attack would be on the Pimps. Take them into an alley and have a heart to heart talk with them, and point out to then the error of their ways. If you want a volunteer to have a heart to heart with these scum bags, call on me. I walk silently and carry a big stick.
PS: Frankly, it is going to cost money, but if the money is properly spent, we will save policing costs in investigating missing women. The one will offset the other.

Comment by Marcus on 29th September 2011
It makes me so sick to my stomach that I can't even comprehend. How can she live with herself? Christy Crunch for sure.