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REPORTING · 30th September 2011
Merv Ritchie
Video of announcement attached below!
After introducing his wife and children, describing the Northwest of BC, his Riding; after explaining how and why Canadian politics must change, Nathan Cullen announced he will seek the leadership of the NDP Party of Canada.

Watch the video attached below. As the video begins, just after Cullen presented and introduced his family, one of the twins waved to the gathered guests.

This was a moment clearly reflective of the president of the United States in the early 1960's, Jack Kennedy (JFK), with his lovely wife and young children. Similarly it was like Canada's 15th Prime Minister of the late 60's through the 70's, Pierre Trudeau, with his lovely wife and adorable children.

Watching these young families lead these two great countries ignited passion in almost everyone. During the sixties and seventies these nations prospered; the people were proud and they had something to be proud of. JFK's assassination was a tragedy which affected all peoples on both sides of the border. We were all fascinated with this youth, honesty, passion and dignity.

From all appearances, Cullen will ignite the same passion as Trudeau and Kennedy did of the past. He has two very young children and an equally photogenic wife. It is back to a past we have all been longing for; a time when honesty meant telling the truth not spinning it so the population is confused and infighting.

Watching Cullenís honest smile, his characteristic shy grin, as he does what he knows is right but wonders at the challenge, was humorous. You cannot fake this look as if you had a secret agenda. He looked shocked by the cheers and humbled by his own presence.

His boy, who turned towards the crowd and waved, looked more confident of his dad to do the job for Canada than his dad was.

click Here for Nathan's Web Page
so proud
Comment by methinks on 30th September 2011
I am bursting with pride Nathan. Your interview with Don Martin and your announcement from SFU made for great TV today. I wish you all the best.
Thank you Merv for such a warm news story.
Go Cullen go!!
Comment by Northwestern on 30th September 2011
My title speaks for
Itself! :)
this guy gives you audience
Comment by blocky bear on 30th September 2011
He has heard me out a number times what a refreshing experience!
Nathan Cullen
Comment by blocky bear on 30th September 2011
Yahoo Tell me what to do d.b.
A Great Man
Comment by blocky bear on 30th September 2011
I am speechless! d.b.