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REPORTING · 30th September 2011
Merv Ritchie
The Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) and Terrace are completely out of sync. On Enbridge and Smart Meters, Terrace bucks the tide.

Today at the UBCM conference in Vancouver the gathered delegates, mayors, Councillors and Regional District representatives voted against Smart Meters, for a moratorium. The Provincial Government however has bluntly stated they do not care what these people think. The City of Terrace stands out like an Ostrich with its head in the sand as they complimented BC Hydro on their Smart Meter presentation to the Chamber of Commerce and the City at a Committee of the Whole is summer. Read report on this by clicking here. This was similar to last years UBCM conference when Terrace voted against the motion put forward by Haida Gwaii (The Village of Queen Charlottes) to ban tanker traffic and oppose Enbridge. Read an extensive report on this and the NCLGA meeting in Prince Rupert this year by clicking here

The vote today was apparently 55 to 45 but according to the BC Government and Liberal Minister of Energy Rich Coleman ‘no one will be exempt from wireless smart meters under any circumstances and that the only choice for people who don't want to be part of the program is to go 'OFF GRID'.

According to many commentators, the attitude of the BC government regarding Smart Meters is similar to the BC Rail deception, the BC Hydro sell off along with unreasonable IPP contracts and the HST fiasco. Listening to the population, or even simply consulting, is not in this governments field of vision.
Meters made by Itron
Comment by Karen on 2nd October 2011
The meters BC Hydro wants to install on our homes are the OpenWay made by Itron, a Washington-based company.
To Darcy
Comment by barryeng on 1st October 2011
I could not find out who is manufacturing this version of the meters, there are apparently several possible choices. What is easy to find though is the owners of Corix ( the company installing them), and their connections to the BC Liberals.

The Tyee had an article by Will McMartin, entitled "First To Profiit From 1 Billion Dollar Smart Meter Program:Liberal Insiders". This was dated March 7, 2011.

Another article on the meters from the Tyee was by Bill Tielman dated August 9, 2011, entitled "A Skeptics Guide to BC Smart Meters"'.

Both article infer quite openly that it is Liberal ibsiders that benefit from the program, not BC Hydro or the consumers.
civic ellection
Comment by Bryon Heighington on 1st October 2011
Maybe the question to the people running for council and mayor should be, would you have your meter changed to a smart meter.
For the people that think you don't have a choice. You do just say no and put a sign on your meter saying do not change my meter. I did and it worked. Corex came and left and told me they will not change my meter and that BC Hydro will be in contact to sell me the program.
hello MLA?
Comment by mb weston on 30th September 2011
Where is Robin Austin in this discussion?

Robin, please jump in and tell the government we DO NOT want Smart Meters.

Thank you.
Smart Meters made by?
Comment by Darcy Metz on 30th September 2011
Hey, do you know who manufactures the smart meters that will be used or are there several different ones? Would it be a surprise if any of these manufacturers were financial supporters of the BC Liberal party?