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CONTRIBUTION · 3rd October 2011
Update: Students confirmed it will take place at 11:11 am Tuesday

Retrieved direct from Facebook

03 October ˇ 11:00 - 15:30
Location- Terrace, British Columbia

This a walk out to protest the school districts decision on give us students in Terrace B.C no break.

NO rioting or destroying stuff though because then they will just look down on us. We need to prove that we will not be pushed around in the teachers fight. We need everyone's support if this is gonna work. So invite everyone in who goes to school in Terrace. Also i know some kids don't have Facebook, so let them know too. If we all work together we will get our break back!
Good for you ben.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 4th October 2011
Good for you Ben. You do have your rights and you should be heard. My only comment was to understand this ISN'T the teachers decision and to ensure the finger pointing, is pointed where it belongs.

I would just love to see signs that say support our teachers, supporting us. Take your message to administration and government where it belongs.

Stand up, speak up, be heard. Get involved, I think it's awesome.
Oops; you're mistaken
Comment by concerned on 4th October 2011
metisman; it wasn't teachers who cancelled recess - it was Nancy Wells and the district staff who said that they couldn't do their jobs adequately because supervision was too time consuming and difficult - funny thing is, those teachers your comments bashes have always done 'supervision' - every day, for all those years you refer to - it's only been this past month that the LRB ruled non-essential service of performing recess/break supervision was passed onto the board officials tasks. And, as I said, it wasn't teachers who cancelled recess! They are just the ones on the front lines fighting for the students education!
Comment by Ben on 3rd October 2011
For the condescension. These kids are my age, and are standing up for what they think is important. They aren't trying to be a pain in the ass, they're simply trying to be heard. I'm sick of people not giving kids respects when they want to voice an opinion. We have our Constitutional Right to Peacefully Assemble, and I'm sorry if that cheeses anybody off. Because it will be peaceful, and it will be heard.
back in the day...
Comment by metisman on 3rd October 2011
Back in the day most teachers actually cared about their students and didn't go out of their way to punish the children during their work to rule campaigns.

Starting the classes late to justify removing their recesses - sorry but the kids are entitled to breaks as well.

Back in the late 70's, early 80's the students walked out of Skeena Junior high in support of the principal who was unjustly fired from his position. The students walked to the school board office. It was done in a mature manner; as I expect tomorrow's walk-out will be handled by the students.

Never be afraid to stand up for your rights - there is strength in numbers. Kudos to all of you provided you handle this walk-out as I said, in a clear mature manner.

Oh and as a side note to Mrs Sandecki. That's part of the issue - a lack of proper teaching. 1/2 the kids in this town can't add without a calculator or a computer. I suspect it's like that everywhere.

There was a time when one became a teacher to teach and a nurse became a nurse to care for their patients and so on and so on.....

Too many people do their jobs for their pay cheque rather than because they actually care about their students or their customers or.....
Long ago....................
Comment by James Ippel on 3rd October 2011
In my day, many, many (eons) years ago, the teachers supervised recess. Not the same teacher each day, they rotated the duty, and it did'nt take but a few to do the job because we respected those who taught us, both in and out of the classroom.
Oh well, seeing the teachers will have no one in the classroom, maybe the can brush up on their Ping Pong skills.
who is really to blame here?
Comment by Maggie Braun on 3rd October 2011
We have serious problems in this country. This issue, is one of many that could be resolved if the government did what is in the best Public and National interest.

Point One:
They say, "There is no money", but guess what, there is money! Section 18 of the bank act: the government can create money using the Bank of Canada, but instead they create money and give it to private banks, then borrow it back at high interest causing a perpetual cycle of debt. A family would be insane to do this on a smaller level, let alone our dear country and its so-called wise leaders.

Point two:
With the (interest-attached) stimulus the Harper government has and will pump into the economy, inflation is skyrocketing. Teachers should be given raises to match inflation rates, or accept that they are getting a pay decrease.

I think the Teachers, government and union workers should be very aware of these point next election; and should support the use of the bank of Canada. This once great Nation was built with very little debt using the Bank of Canada.

Point 3:
Good for the kids who stand up when they sense that something is wrong and there human rights are being taken away. I suggest you get used to protesting and informing yourselves about your rights and freedoms. Corruption behind the government, namely the bankers and the corporations are robbing us blind! If your parents won`t stand up for anything, you will simply be forced to or live a world with no freedoms.
You so called "kids" will be without anything, a life debt slavery, very high taxes, NO SOCIAL SEVICES, infasturture or jobs, force to stand by and watch your earth destroyed.

That said, you may want to consider, forgoing college plans for a trade if your plan is to get a student loan. Aq 1 2

This could be the most important video you ever watch when it comes to becoming financially successful.

Honest words from the,
Canadian Action Party Candidate
Maggie Braun.

This is a board decision
Comment by Sandy on 3rd October 2011
Remember, Nancy Wells made this decision, not the teachers. SALARY paid administrators cannot find the time in the day to supervise the students during breaks.
Get informed kids!
Comment by Karen on 3rd October 2011
Before you start whinning about your recess break you should start learning about what this strike is really about. What is more important, a few missed recesses or a decent education system being upheld by those that teach you and care about what kind of adults you will become?

Support your teachers and you will probably get your cherished breaks back sooner as well as doing your part to keep your schools uncrowded, clean, warm as well as maintaining the high morale of the teaching staff.

In other words, if you are going to participate in the democratic process by protesting do it in a mature and well informed manner, not from a childish, self-involved view of grabbing instant gratification at the expense of yours and future students' education standards.
Good for the kids!
Comment by John on 3rd October 2011
Jeff if you don't say anything nothing will change...Look what happened in Egypt when the people let the Government know how they felt. Nothing can change if you just sit back and take whatever is brought down on you...Learn to use your voice....your opinions matter...especially when you are being affected by decisions others make.

Be respectful, no breaking things like the notice said...Let the teachers and School board know how you feel...

Good luck!
The teachers fight IS your fight.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 3rd October 2011
The teachers are fighting to give you the best possible education. Walk out in support of them. In support of all the volunteer hours they give, then you have my respects.

You SHOULD be involved, it is your education after all. Just be sure you're pointing your fingers at the right people.
Students need more English classes
Comment by c. sandecki on 3rd October 2011
The first paragraph here shows a clear need for more English to be taught and learned in our schools.
To all fellow students:
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 3rd October 2011
I had to learn how to be a good student, before I became a traditional Tsimshian teacher....which I am.

I am also the Grade Eight Student Council Representative, at Skeena.....1966/67. I had perfect attendance that year. I never missed a council meeting either. Danny Sheridan (Grade twelve) was the head kahuna of the Students' Council, and I had to give him "the hairy eyeball" for trying to entice our vote with freaking suckers (candy). Like you, we earned the respect of the Grade twelves........just like I see you earning the respect of your teachers.

Good luck. We are watching.

Comment by J on 3rd October 2011
I heard it was tomorrow (tuesday)
Sounds dumb. They won't listen. We're kids.
Comment by Jeff on 3rd October 2011