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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd October 2011
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace
- domestic dispute on Lazelle Ave. Still under investigation
- business false alarm
- a male was arrested for criminal harassment and invitation to sexual touching of a person under 16 years of age
- a female pan handler was transported to the Seven Sisters Facility and warned to desist her behavior
- complaint received of an intoxicated male on Davis St
- police checked on the well being of a male who had left the hospital
- a group of youth were attempting to cause mischief to a building on Park Ave and Market St.
- a small amount of drugs were seized during a vehicle stop on Keith Ave
- false 911

Elsewhere in Terrace
- a female is making harrassing phone calls to another female
- during the night of Sept 29/30 a red Ford van parked on Soucie Ave was left unlocked and a thief went thru the vehicle and stole an amount of money.
- two males was arrested for public intoxication, Eby St and Keith Ave
- a bear was eating garbage on Pear St. Conservation attended. The bear was put down.
- false panic alarm at a local business
- a female was arrested at Walmart for shoplifting
- noise complaint on Pheasant St
- a female who was panhandling on Lakelse Ave was transported to the Seven Sisters Facility
- Mills Memorial Hospital reported a male youth missing. He returned on his own.
- a phone was stolen but quickly recovered at an address on Park Ave
- suicidal male on the trail near Davis Ave
- police investigated a scream heard on Kalum St
- a key was stolen from an unlocked residence on Temple St and then jammed into a vehicleís ignition
- complaint of a person doing drugs at a residence on Haugland. Ongoing issue.
- assist ambulance with a female who couldnít get up on Hall St
- a male youth was reported missing. He was located by police.
- a male youth was unlawfully in a dwelling house. He was warned not to go back.
- erratic driver on Hall St
- false 911
- break and enter with theft at an address on Sparks St between 9:30 PM and midnight on Sept 30. Taken were a small safe containing a wallet with various cards, 2 silver chains with pendants with First Nationís design
- two males were given a ride to the menís shelter
- domestic dispute at an address on Haugland Ave. A male was arrested.
- noise complaint at Clarence Michael School. Three youth were told to move on.
- a driver was observed attempting to avoid a road block on Keith Ave. The driver was pulled over and issued a 90 day IRP and the vehicle was impounded for 30 days.
- male was reported missing from the Seven Sisters Facility
- domestic dispute at an address on Little Ave. Still under investigation
- a vehicle was checked on Eby St. The driver was issued a 90 day IRP and her vehicle was impounded. An amount of drugs was seized.
- police received a call from Mill Memorial hospital of an intoxicated person causing problems. The
male was located at his residence.
- police are investigating a debt issue at an address on Straume Ave
- police attended to an address on Graham to check on the well being of a female
- domestic dispute on Kalum St. A male was arrested for assault.
- police attended to an address on Scott Ave. A female was arrested for public intoxication. She assaulted the arresting police officer by kicking him in the leg, chest, and neck. The occupant of the
residence assisted the police officer in getting control of the arrested female. Thru investigation, it was learnt that the female had provided a false name and had breached eight probation orders.
- report of an uninsured vehicle on Kalum St.
- domestic dispute on Mcconnel Ave
- suspicious person kicking a house door on Kalum St
- a cab driver had to kick two occupants out of his cab while en route from Terrace to New Aiyansh due to their behavior. Police found the male and female. The male was on conditions not to possess or consume alcohol. The male was arrested for failing to comply. The male threatened to spit on the police officers. A spit hood was used on the male for officer safety. The female was provided a ride back into town.
- a male youth was reported missing. He returned to his home on his own later.
- domestic dispute at an address on Haugland. A female and male were arrested on outstanding warrants. The female was also arrested for assault causing bodily harm. The male was released and transported to Mills Memorial Hospital by BC Ambulance for treatment of injuries received.
- four people drinking in public on Little Ave
- fight on Little Ave
- female yelling on Kalum St
- two females breaking into vehicles on Pear St. A male was arrested for breach of a curfew and possession of stolen property, the other male and female were arrested for possession of stolen property.
- a female youth was reported missing. She was located in the morning.
- police attended to a report of a suicidal male on Skeena St. A marihuana plant and drug paraphernalia were seized.

- on Clark St, a driver was served a driving prohibition and the vehicle he was driving was impounded for seven days.
- suicidal female at an address on King Ave. She accepted a ride to Mills Memorial Hospital.
- fight at an address on Clark St. A male was transported to Mills Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries
- police attended to an address on Queensway. Ongoing issue of loud parties and underage drinking. A male was arrested for public intoxication. Police were called back to this residence for a
second time. The person responsible for the house, a fifteen year old male, was arrested for causing a disturbance. A seventeen year old male was arrested for public intoxication. The rest of the partygoers left.
- three false 911
- abandoned vehicle in ditch of Hwy 37
- erratic driver on Substation Rd
- missing dog from an address on Old Lakelse Rd
- false business alarm
- suspicious person in the RCMP parking lot
- police attended to a report of a male and female yelling at each other

- police investigated an uttering threats complaint

- police investigated an uttering threats complaint

- police investigated suspicious marks on a person
- a vehicle was pulled over for failing to slow down and move over for a stopped emergency vehicle. The driver was found to have no driverís licence. He was served a prohibition notice and his vehicle
was impounded.
- vehicle rollover on Dover Rd. Driver lost control on a corner. The truck was totaled. The driver and three passengers were treated for minor injuries. The 17 yr old driver was driving contrary to passenger restrictions.
- police are investigating a complaint of harassment on a 16 yr old female by a 17 yr old female
- shots fired in a gravel pit on Beam Station Rd

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Bear Shot
Comment by Concerned on 3rd October 2011
At about 14:30 Hours a Black Bear was shot behind the Skeena mall. The bear was located betweeen the trash compactor and brick wall,located behind SAVE ON foods.
Could n't help but notice the rotting fruit on the ground right beside the unit, which may of led to the bear following its nose to doom.
You may want to post something in regards to people having fruit trees that are not being attended to.
My belif is that due to the poor summer we had, the fruit barring trees and shrubs in the forrest was poor and thus the bears are moving to more easier pickings.
I took a photographic shot of a bear on Soucie in August. Never seen a bear in our area that early in the year before.