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NEWS RELEASE · 3rd October 2011
BC Conservative Party
This "candyfloss" throne speech is a missed opportunity

John Cummins reacted to Premier Clark's Throne Speech describing it as without vision and meaningful content.

"This throne speech is like candyfloss - it looks big and impressive but it has no substance," said Cummins. "Most of the big news was announced by the Premier in the last few weeks - the only difference is that this time the Lieutenant-Governor read the announcements not the Premier."

"We set out a challenge to the government to get serious about getting spending under control and take serious steps on fixing the justice system. Instead we have a "Jobs and Investments Board" which is simply a re-incarnation of Gordon Campbell's "Progress Board," and a promise to let a few judges work a few extra days - not rehiring the prosecutors and sheriffs cut by the Liberals."

"There is no promise to tackle the debt and only a vague indication of some sort of a review of crown corporations operations - no plan to get their borrowing under control."

"While Vancouver waits for a single rioter to be charged - the government bizarrely promises to let cameras into the court rooms, rather than give police back the power to lay charges, or hire enough prosecutors to deal with the cases quickly."

"But the most underwhelming aspect of this speech from the throne is the lack of vision. BC has a weakening economy and the world is on a brink of another recession. Where is the plan from this supposedly "free-enterprise" government to weather the storm? Where is the vision to be the strongest economy in Canada - not have the worst unemployment west of Quebec?"

British Columbia's Conservatives are committed to making BC's economy the strongest in Canada and building a prosperous province for all citizens.