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Nancy Wells (Administrative Officer) talking with the students.
CONTRIBUTION · 4th October 2011
A proud parent
Watch the Students practicing democracy in action on the video link below the story.

I am so proud of our youth. I wanted to show them the respect they deserve. I videotaped their concerns as they tried to talk some sense into the School District administration.

They are practicing their right for free speech and democracy. They have had enough. They want to support their teachers and don’t think anyone should be bullied into silence. They are feeling the brunt of the actions of the administration and their decisions that they make in their offices, behind their desk.

The students were a little disorganized, but even after the condescending attitude from the school board, they held their own. They wanted to get their point across and they did, in fact I would give them an A+, some adults could have not done a better job.

They were most concerned with the Teacher’s not being able to protest themselves, which they couldn’t quite understand, so they did it for them. They also have concerns with the poverty rate, budget cuts and unemployment. (Once again, so proud).

The students are smart, aware, untouched by corporate greed and unfair legislation. They will learn one way or another.

Taking away their breaks was the last straw. They love their teachers, (even though most would not admit it), they feel sorry for them when they hear how much “volunteer” time they have to put in just to do what they love – TEACH.

They understand that it doesn’t stop at the administration level, that it is a provincial and federal situation. All they want is a fair education. Not to be squeezed into oversized classes (because of school closures), locked up for hours with no fresh air (because of budget cuts), no report cards (because of the after hours work overload on the Teachers considered “volunteer time”)?

All they want is to have a say in their future. They are worried about the welfare of the people teaching them so that they can have a HOPE of a future. It sounds reasonable to me, how about you?

Note: After I shut the camera off Dave told me he did not want to see this video on Facebook and asked me who I worked for, another member of the administration informed me that it was illegal to tape the demonstration.
The reporter from the Standard was standing right beside me and asked Dave if he wanted to add anything else to their interview earlier. I was puzzled to why she was allowed to photo and record and I wasn't?

Terrace Student Delivers a Lecture to the School Board

“We are students of British Columbia. Our right of free speech matters. We will not be silenced any longer. We demand that our educational funding be increased.

“Everyday we realize our accomplishments and our potential. We realize that BC high schools are detrimentally under privileged in comparison to higher percentages of funding in other Provinces.

“The fact of the matter is students are outraged that our intellectual capabilities go unrecognized on account of false and undue expectations.

“We know that the rate of unemployment in our Province has increased greatly leading to a higher amount of homeless. This all works against education.

“By no means are we distressed by our teachers and their strike. We see what is going on around us. We know that we are already limited by our Provincail and Federal governments.

“We are young adults in a world that is changing. We are people. We have a right and a freedom to have our opinions and our education to be considered first.

“We are mature enough to know what is wrong and what is right.

“How come the Government and the School Board have the right to limit the freedoms of youth who are supposed to lead our nation into the future?

“The simple answer is they cannot!

“They may have the power to restrict us from what we deserve, but we will not stand for it!

“We are people not pawns!

“We cannot be used against or for anyone!

“Isn’t that a main principle that all Canadians try to prove top the world?

“We think the establishment has a few things to think about.”

Read The Details of The Strike Here
Not all School Districts are like this
Comment by disappointed in cmsd82 on 10th October 2011
Congratulations to the students for voicing their concerns.

Shame on the School Board office and Superintendent for turning professional negotiations into a conversation about blame.

Not all school districts are as unprofessional as CMSD 82. Other Schools boards are handling the job action without interrupting quality of student service. It is the role of administrators to ensure that the 'buck stops with them'. The leaders of CMSD 82 have all proven that they incapable of answering their e-mail within office hours and looking after the welfare of children. One would think that their salary, similar to a teachers, called for 'getting the job done'; and working beyond 9-4. Since when is an administration job more important than educating out youth?

Take a page from another district that handles the exact same job action in a professional manner:
I wish I could do the same
Comment by James on 5th October 2011
I am a student teacher in BC, and I am horrified to see the politicization of education. I do not agree with any one side in the current situation, I agree with these kids! It may sound idealistic and naive, but I wish that all the people involved in making decisions about education in BC could sit down and make realistic, forward thinking decisions that are based students' needs and not political or greedy reasons.
Way to go!
Comment by Karen on 5th October 2011
This awesome! Great to see that these kids aren't going to take the erosion of their future sitting down!
RE: No Report Cards
Comment by Proud Teacher on 5th October 2011
Just to be clear - teachers are, as always, more than willing to share their students progress, triumphs, and challenges with parents and students! We see this as essential to the learning process for our students! Teachers highly value their relationships with students and parents and encourage all parents and students to discuss progress at any time! To be clear: teachers WILL be reporting progress to the parents and students! However, what you will find is that you will not necessarily see the standard school board issued style of report card.
Thank You ...
Comment by Roy Harding on 5th October 2011
for the link - I missed that article on 5 Sep.

Story on strike details by CMSD 82 ie: report cards
Comment by Terrace Daily News on 4th October 2011

You can also find this by typing the words school strike into our search engine.
Public display
Comment by Sandy on 4th October 2011
I don't think that Dave or any other administrator can dictate where this video goes or who see's it. This was a public demonstration that you recorded. What are they afraid of? That more people will get behind the students?
No Report Cards?
Comment by Roy Harding on 4th October 2011
I don't have kids in the system - so I'm not up to date with current practice.

Did I read this article correctly? There are no Report Cards anymore?