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NEWS RELEASE · 6th October 2011
Terrace RCMP
From 9 am, October 4, to 9 am October 5, these are some of the events Terrace RCMP responded to:

Downtown Terrace
- intoxicated female staggering around on Lazelle Ave

- youth being unsafe on the Sande Overpass

- male was arrested for public intoxication at an address on Greig. He was later transported to Mills Memorial Hospital by BC Ambulance

- found purse, the owner is being located

- female was arrested for public intoxication on Greig Ave

- 3 youth on the train tracks on Hwy 16 near Kalum St

Elsewhere Terrace
- shots heard, possibly a bear banger near Kalum St. It was a bear banger.

- group of youth punching each other for fun near Caledonia school

- bear bothering a resident of Olson Ave

- a found wallet was returned to its owner

- school fight between two ten year old boys on Cassie Hall school ground. A knife was introduced in the fight, but not used.

- male arrested for public intoxication on Park Ave

- male and female were heard yelling at an address on Haugland. Investigation revealed that a person had been locked out of their residence and was trying to get attention to be let in.

- a youth was reported missing from a group home on Sparks St when she failed to show up for her curfew

- two females were reported missing from Seven Sisters Facility. One female was located on Greig and transported back to the facility. The other female was found on Lakelse Ave and transported back. She left again. She was found on Greig Ave and transported back.

- school false alarm

- a male was reported missing from an address on Little Ave

nothing to report

Kitsumkalum and Kulspai
nothing to report

- break and enter of an address on Gitsaex St. Entry was thru an upstairs bedroom window that was unlocked. A ladder was used to gain access to the roof of the house, and then the window. Happened between 1 and 3 AM. Nothing was taken.

- a .22 revolver was turned in to be destroyed

9 am October 5, to 9 am October 6,:

Downtown Terrace
- false business alarm

- police are investigating a domestic dispute on Kalum St

- female arrested for public intoxication on Lakelse Ave

- neighborhood dispute on Park Ave

- police are investigating an alteration of a medical prescription

- vehicles parked illegally at a business on Lazelle Ave

- male arrested for public intoxication on Lakelse Ave

- verbal domestic dispute at the Bear Country Inn

Elsewhere Terrace
- vandals entered Centennial Christian School sometime during the night and deployed four fire extinguishers

- a female patient at Mills Memorial Hospital attempted to steal various items. The items were returned to the hospital and the female was transported to her residence

- an 11 year old youth threatened to shoot another 11 year old youth with a .22 gun.

- police assisted a male in retrieving an item from a residence on Kalum St

- attempts were made to enter a semi trailer parked in the Mall parking lot across from the police station. The padlock was cut, but entry was not gained.

- police are investigating verbal threats at an address on Sparks St

- a traffic stop was conducted on Kalum St. The passenger was found to have an outstanding warrant. When he was searched incident to arrest, an amount of drugs was found to be on his person.

- a male was arrested for shoplifting at Walmart

- abandoned truck on Lazelle Ave/Munro St

- verbal domestic dispute on Pear St

- verbal domestic dispute at an address on Sparks St

- disturbance on Davis St.

- 14 year old female reported missing by Ministry of Children and Families.

- alarm at an address on Larch Ave. The front door was ajar. The residence was checked by police.

- break and enter at an address on Hemlock St sometime between 8:30 AM and 5 PM. The back door was pried open to gain entry. An amount of change, a Canon Rebel camera in a black Kata camera bag, and a vehicle key were taken.

- loud music at an address on Larch Ave

- police did checks in the area for a missing mushroom picker out of New Hazelton.

- 2 males and their dog were able to swim to shore when their inflatable boat sank on Lakelse Lake. Police were called out at 9:10 PM when people were heard calling for help. BC Ambulance and Search and Rescue also attended. The two males were transported to Mills Memorial Hospital for treatment of mild hypothermia.

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
RCMP encounters
Comment by Maggie Jo on 6th October 2011
When I have experienced encounters with the RCMP, they are respectfully courteous and efficient. After all...I did deserve that ticket. Why fight it?

I think the "sin of pride" causes us to clash with authority figures. Too bad. Sure, there's always a few rotten apples in da bunch, but the vast majority of RCMP members are simply doing their job as they are called to perform in upholding the Law; while maintaining their respectful mandate in "Community Officer" style in keeping us all safe in preventative measures. They perform their job descriptions like the rest of us working peeps have to do in our own employment situations...and when we exhibit unjustified indignation towards them when we are "busted"... it only adds to the "unjustified anx". of my galpals told me her husband was busted for not wearing a seatbelt. She admitted he was indeed not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the pullover, but she proudly announced he tried to "get outta it" anyway while he profusely verbally drilled the RCMP Officer to no end; adding he would challenge it in court - hoping the RCMP Officer wouldn't show up on his day off on that Court date. this who we have become?

This week a visiting Colleague shared with me today about his experiences with the RCMP vs Vancouver City Police. He went on at great length about the VCP truly lacking in respective form; while the RCMP have treated him extremely respectfully all these years. Nice to hear!

I'm proud to have Canadian Mounties in our Community...even though that darn ticket cost me a fortune where I had to thin out the milk to pay for it!
Comment by Linda on 6th October 2011
Does anyone else see a problem here with 10 and 11 yr old children trying to kill each other with guns and knives?? Come on parents, time to start controlling these kids, they will only get older and gain access to bigger knives and more powerful guns!! Absolutely ridiculous!