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CONTRIBUTION · 8th October 2011
Roy Harding
So there I was, at the Copperside’s across Davis Street from George Little Park – purchasing a few sundry items. This is in Terrace, so naturally – it was raining outside. As I awaited my turn at the till, what greeted my heretofore uninterested eye, but sprinklers, going full blast in the park.

Now strictly speaking, I’m not a resident of Terrace – and therefore wouldn’t usually have a vested interest in how Terrace sprays treated water across already soaked ground – however – after a referendum a couple of years ago (which I voted AGAINST), I am forced to be a fiscal supporter of the Terrace water system – despite the fact that I am not hooked up to it. I pay my over $1K a year for expansion of the Terrace water system, don’t use it, and AS I FEARED AT THE TIME OF THE REFERENDUM, have absolutely NO voice regarding how said water system is wasting money.

Please, residents of the city of Terrace – get a grip on your water department. Like you – I pay for it, unlike you – I have no voice regarding how the City squanders the money I’m forced to pay to it.

Regardless my personal inability to have a say in how my tax money is spent, I’m SHOCKED that somebody who resides in “The Great Bear Rain Forest” thought it was a good idea to have hidden sprinklers installed in public parks in the city. Surely to Gawd, those sprinklers can be turned OFF – thus saving the cost of spraying yet more TREATED water on vegetation which most assuredly doesn’t need the attention.

For those interested – copies of this have been forwarded to both the City of Terrace, and the Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine (of which I am a resident).
Mr Harding
Comment by James Ippel on 12th October 2011
I doubt very much that you contribute $1,000 a year of your taxes to pay for the water system. You may pay this in total, but if you look closely it is broken down for various things such as Library, Cemetary, School Board, and a host of others.

Last Sunday I saw a pick up with a large air compressor parked on the Millenium Line, and I am only assuming that is was cleansing the sprinkler system. It was also raining off and on.

These systems have been installed at various times, by different administrations, and are all necessary if you to keep parks green. There are times when it rains a lot, but," THIS IS NOT THE GREAT BEAR RAINFOREST." I have lived here for more that 45 years, and we have needed sprinklers lots in that time frame. It can get very hot here for extended periods of time.
I don't vote in Terrace elections either, but do enjoy the use of the Library, The Swiming Pool, The Arenas, and when I die, I get to be planted in the City Cemetary.................

Have a nice day.
are you sure Murray?
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 11th October 2011
Were they actually cleaning out the lines for winter or is that your guess? I assume u would use compressed air to flush out the lines, Why doesn't someone who actually know reply?
Paying For Terrace Water
Comment by Roy Harding on 11th October 2011
Depending upon where you live - (Braun's Island and other rural areas), RDSK contracted with the City to expand the City utility out to the rural areas.

I pay well over $1000.00 a year (added to my property taxes) for this expansion. You may well not be included in the affected area.

Those who are in the same position as me vis a vis the Terrace water utility are therefore paying money to a government over which they have no power - I cannot vote in Terrace civic elections, I am not a resident and therefore my opinion carries no weight at City Hall.

Never mind flushing the lines - I'm shocked that here in the Great Bear Rain Forest, it was deemed necessary to install underground sprinklers at ALL. I realize that the decision to install them predates the present city administration, but the point remains. I've lived here six years and have NEVER watered my lawn - and aside from short periods here and there when it started to brown for a couple of days (summer of '10 comes to mind) it has not suffered. Indeed - like most folks, my problem is not keeping the lawn healthy, but attempting to keep up with its' growth.

ED Note: The decision to connect Brauns Island, Dutch Valley and parts of the North Terrace area of the RDKS was approved by referendum during the last Municipal election (2008).
Mr Harding
Comment by James Ippel on 10th October 2011
Would you be so kind as to explain to all of us
how you pay for the Terrace water system? I live in a rural area, and I don't recall seeing anything on my tax notice pertaining to the Terrace water system.
When do you want the City to flush their water lines??? Wait till it quits raining, or when the sun is shining? Lots of luck. I have no problem, as I am sure the taxpayers of Terrace have no problem with the City flushing their lines when it is convenient. If they wait for dry weather, the system could freeze, and to repair that would cost a lot more.
You and I don't pay for the system, so DO NOT CRITISIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most of You are Missing The Point
Comment by Roy Harding on 10th October 2011
The point being - I am FORCED to pay for this municipal service, and yet I do NOT have a means of addressing stupidity such as that illustrated by this example.

I was FORCED to pay for Terrace Municipal Water, even though I'm not hooked up to it, and when I see waste such as this - I have NO MEANS of effectively complaining about it. I am NOT a Terrace Municipal taxpayer.

For those of you who provided civic complaint procedures - thank you; and I'm sure they are useful for civic residents. Unfortunately, I am NOT a Terrace civic resident - I reside out in in Rural District, and I could not find a similar service.

On the Pro side of the ledger, however - I did receive a response from our MLA (the only ELECTED representative to whom I have access) - Robin Austin, which I will be following up.

"Taxation without Representation" - how much anger that breeds.
Comment by RT on 9th October 2011
Yes, they were clearing the lines of water to ready them for winter. They had a big compressor being towed behind a city of terrace truck plumbed in to the sprinkler system.
No worries...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 8th October 2011
No worries, Janice.

Yeah...I know all too well how near death knocks at one's door (speaking from personal experience here).

I don't know you, Janice, but I feel connected with you already. Thank you for connecting with me.

We woman tend to be the ones that hold this world together. I would like to applaud you for all your efforts in aiding people in the interim. THANK YOU for your efforts in this regard....especially with your support towards the suicidal tendancies in our NW area. THANK YOU for continuing to step up to the plate to assist as you are able to. You are a gr8 example to the rest of us...and frankly...without people like you, we are doomed!

Continue to strive to be the Warrior that you are...and thank you for the example that you are towards our Community.
cleaning out the water lines
Comment by MurrayS on 8th October 2011
sprinklers in the Rain?? This is October. Has no one thought about how the city works department every year will clean all the water out of the sprinklers with air tanks so the water will not freeze. This will shoot water into the air as if the sprinklers are on. That is quite likely what the writer saw happening. While we like to bash our city employees I really do not think they would be watering the grass either in October or in the rain. Please a bit of common sense people.
I apologize for offending you, "MaggieJo."
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 8th October 2011
I have just recovered from a near-fatal assault to my physical self, and am just now able to get back to my duties. Not that you would understand, but I am expected to perform my duties, without pay. I do work sometimes, when conditions allow. I have been doing this for quite awhile and I assure you, it is not a priority of mine to offend. But, it happens, and I must pause to apologize for hurting you.

To be a Hereditary Chief Matriarch, in our house, I am expected to be a warrior. Why wah! That is what I am, and these are the tools and weapons I have brought. I am also a teacher, in the "real world."

I am standing here, with other wounded warriors. Everybody else, get to school! Have fun! Together! Don't drink or smoke. Help your friends who do. Always tell someone where you're going/who with. Don't let colour be your guide. If you think someone wants to kill themselves, continue to bring them to a sober someone who cares. If someone disrespects your body, call the police. EMBRACE LIFE.

You'll have to continue supporting/protecting eachother as you go.

Leave the rest to us. "MaggieJo," I cannot quit. I am fighting for my life. You do not understand. You think I relished throwing my life way out there for all to mock and judge?! I am just building up steam, have nothing to lose, and air to breath!

They made me a warrior, and I thought I could quit at age 55, or when weighing in at less than 115 lbs. Apparently not.

Whii Nea ach.

Well said
Comment by Searle on 8th October 2011
A very well put statement Maggie Jo!
Just back away...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 8th October 2011 sound like an old heater - like you've thrown in the towel.

Kindly QUIT then and leave the rest of us to try to plug along in the Community without your negativity hampering our spirits; while we still have life left in us to "help out" as best as we are able - WHILE we are still able.
I rest my case.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 8th October 2011
Get involved? You all are asking us to get involved? Again? And, you got the nerve to make some citizens of this beautiful town feel powerless and needy. Read the writing on the walls! I should run for council, and come on down there, and knock a couple of heads together. Be grateful I see, at least, some evolution on city council. I'm too busy to sit around, debating the finer points of installing rainforest-proof sprinkers, who's going to paint the fire hydrants this year, etc. while bullies counsel me into buying co-ops.

Schools asked for our support and participation in the early 2000's. We all jumped in, with both feet. It was successful. The school students we served were having just a little bit too much fun, and learning their ABC's to boot..... Native and non-Native. School District #82 paid us non-union necessities respectfully. They/we were on a mission, during a crucial time of youth suicide contagions (present or threatening) throughout the region. I remain solidly on my J.O.B. re: youth suicide prevention, and look forward to School Distict #82's input on this matter again.

Those of us who heeded the call for help were used up, and eventually all disrespected by union faithful. We just left you all to your union bickering. So many others appreciate our help, and we can hardly keep up with the invitations.

S.O.S. again, School District # 82. Your decisions have the potential to hurt and maim.

How much did the sprinklers cost?
Watch this. Whenever you get involved, it hurts.
for "T"
Comment by Steve Smyth on 8th October 2011
quote One examples of this is the second rink. I have never even set foot in there and neither have alot of people. Just one other example of one or two peoples great idea.

Maybe you should set foot in it, maybe youd enjoy seeing our youth happily occupied having fun and enjoying exercise. Maybe you'd enjoy seeing the dance classes or art groups upstairs in the new meeting rooms. Maybe youd enjoy watching fathers, mothers and children at public skating together. Maybe you should drop in Wed nights and watch the old men getting together for fun and fitness, or watch the girls finally get a chance to play the great Canadian game on their own ice time.
Maybe you'd find out it was more than 1 or 2 peoples idea.
Notices and Sprinklers in the Rain
Comment by Maggie Jo on 8th October 2011
RE: School Notices
Last year I signed up for emailed school notices which proved extremely informatively helpful. As soon as I rec'd those emails I promptly put all notable dates on my calendar. I also emailed the notice along to friends/family/Colleagues to keep them informed as well. Most extra-curricular sheets ask for parents to provide contact #'s including emails. That is .. IF the child brings the note home in the first place - HA HA! But, one can simply contact the school to enquire if the school has an email list...and then simply sign up for it.

RE: Sprinklers in the Rain
A # of years ago during a summer hot spell (hard to believe we actually HAD sun in Terrace at one time) the usual notices were sent around town advising residents of water sprinkling rules which were to be enforced. Sooooooo...I'd get up even earlier (I start work at the crack of dawn when the rest of town is still sleeping) to water my flowers/garden before work and then scoot away to work. During the mid hot summer days I witnessed the City's sprinklers going off all over town. WT?!!

I simply called the City's Comment line enquiring that perhaps they could serve as example in water conservation after just sending out notices of the "water sprinkling" rules to residents. They complied immediately.

Perhaps this time 'round, the sprinklers may have been turned on during this rainy marshland soaked terrain season to flush out the sprinklers before winter sets in? Who knows.

In any event, the City Comment Line is 250 638 4778. Simply leave a voice message. Email is cityhall,,,

I recall a # of years ago I almost hit a pedestrian in a very dimly lit intersection. I called the comment line..."AAAAAHHH! I almost just hit a pedestrian on a crosswalk with my vehicle! I almost just KILLED someone!" I requested additional lighting for that area and VOILA. Done.

In my experience the City Staff are prudent in responding to enquiries/complaints/suggestions. So, get involved in your Community to make this a better place for you and yours and the rest of us. We can all work together to present problems/solutions together to proudly call this place our home.
School notes backup
Comment by c. sandecki on 8th October 2011
With so may parents having email access today, you'd think the school district would automatically send emails notices to all parents as back-up to notes the kids are entrusted with.
Common Sense Should Prevail
Comment by T on 8th October 2011
I agree, over and over again "the many" end up paying for stupid decisions and poor choices of a "noisy few". Now here I am every day turning off the tap when I am brushing my teeth and conserving water in all my daily activities because I am told "I" am a waster of water.....only to see this kind of thing going on repeatedly.

I have noticed in this town that no matter how many people are against something (masses) a noisy few "busy bodies" will push stuff through and often it is only used or supported by a narrow select group. One examples of this is the second rink. I have never even set foot in there and neither have alot of people. Just one other example of one or two peoples great idea.

Another example of this is the change of the 4-5 day school week where they everyone who didn't get notified about where to vote that their kids must have lost the notices. In fact they were never handed out and then they blamed the kids. (I have talked to many kids and parents about this) and now they are going to do it again with recess.