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NEWS RELEASE · 7th October 2011
Bruce Bidgood
Several months ago I expressed an interest in running for the position of Mayor of the City of Terrace in the November, 2011 election.

I have spent much of the interim evaluating the responsibilities and demands of the position which I sought including consulting other Mayors in Northern B.C. about the amount of time they spend fulfilling the role; estimates for part-time Mayors range from 20 to 40 hours per week.

I am a full-time professor and while I believe that I could meet this demand during optimal circumstances there are episodic periods throughout the academic year which require more of my attention and would leave me taxed to perform both roles. Add to this the recent call by the Chamber of Commerce to increase the position to a full-time Mayor ostensibly to be available daily to meet with prospective investors.

When I said that I would like to run, it was to serve as Mayor and I was not looking for a full-time job; in some ways, I am the first casualty of the full-time Mayor debate.

While at the annual conference of the Union of B.C. Municipalities, I consulted extensively with my colleagues about the election and the future of our City Council. With two members of Council already declared to run for the position of Mayor and two members announcing that they will not seek re-election, this leaves the number of experienced councilors available for re-election at three; this would reduce to two, if I were to run for the Mayor’s job.

Each one of my fellow members of Council have petitioned me over the last few months to refrain, at least for now, running for Mayor so that my experience and leadership will be available to the future Council. I am very honoured by the confidence which my fellow elected colleagues have in me.

I wish to announce that I will put on hold my Mayoral aspirations and run for the position of councillor in the upcoming November, 2011 election. I will be very pleased to serve another term on Council should I receive a mandate from the residents in the upcoming election. A good councilor recognizes that their own goals and passions must be tempered by the needs and will of Council and the community.

Thank you to all those who have encouraged and supported me as a potential Mayoral candidate. Next time.
To Dude,
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th October 2011
It is highly unlikely that he would endorse another candidate publicly. If he did, he might alienate some support from those he did not endorse. Any gains in doing so would be offset by the losses at the least and there is no way to predict it would even be a wash. There is just no value in it. Municipal politics is not like internal party politics and that is probably just as well.
re: Mayor race
Comment by agree on 7th October 2011
I agree with you ENUF, he is in it for the community, there are some candidates who are in it for what the community can do for them and i feel their running is quite selfish. the thought of "oh well i'm mayor so i can make this happen" is a complete and utter joke. Bidgood actually wants to see good things come of this community, however having said that, I can respect his decision to put his candidacy for mayor on hold, until he is more ready to take on the time that the mayoral candidate needs to have. Hopefully there will be some newer candidates involved who will want to better the community as a whole and not just one part of it :)
Mayor race
Comment by ENUF on 7th October 2011
It is too bad Dr.Bidgood has decided not to run for mayor. In my opinion he was the best candidate for the mayor position. Dr Bidgood is the only one who I feel has a genuine interest in the good of our community. He would have been a great mayoral representative for our community. He is in it for our community and not what the community can do FOR HIM.
Mayor`s Race
Comment by Dude on 7th October 2011
Who will Mr. Bidgood endorse? His say-so may carry some weight!
Now about that poll.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th October 2011
Maybe you should start a new one without his name.