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NEWS RELEASE · 7th October 2011
BC Conservative Party
Today on the Bill Good Show, Premier Clark stated that if Mr. Cummins wants to challenge the BC Liberals, he should run for the NDP.

"This is ridiculous coming from Premier Clark whose policy book looks more and more like it is written by the NDP," said Mr. Cummins. "Perhaps she needs to take a good hard look at her own record this year, and see if perhaps she is in the wrong party."

It's been harder and harder to see the difference between Premier Clark's government and the NDP. They agree on all of the following:

The carbon tax - increased in July, and jacking it up again next year

The gas tax - imposing a new two cent a litre gas tax in the Lower Mainland

Raising the minimum wage, without consultation

Putting special interest groups ahead of those of the majority of British Columbians

Creating a larger and more expensive bureaucracy

Ignoring Senate Reform

Soft on crime

Cutting the number of prosecutors and sheriffs

Funding their parties through special interest donations

Implementing a tax structure that sees the average BC family pay more taxes than any other province west of Quebec

Implementing economic policies that cause more people to leave BC for other provinces than are moving here

Delivering deficit budgets

Putting the interests of the teacher's union ahead of those of parents

Unnecessary to develop strategies to safe guard BC from the economic crisis hitting the world

"Every British Columbian deserves a real choice in the next provincial election. As you can see, Premier Clark and the NDP share the same vision for British Columbia. I am here with the new BC Conservatives to provide a common sense, mainstream choice, for all British Columbians."
It is a release from...
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 7th October 2011
...The BC Conservative Party. It is just below the headline.
Who wrote this
Comment by James Ippel on 7th October 2011
By all indications in the heading the NDP wrote this article, yet the last paragraph states: "I am here with the new BC Conservatives........."

Either way, may I suggest you get your facts straight.

Oops! Thanks for pointing out that editing error!