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COMMENTARY · 9th October 2011
Merv Ritchie
Alberta’s new premier spoke about the Tar sands, the pipelines and a refinery during one of her first post election interviews on CBC’s national morning radio show last week. The statements were interesting and reflected a position of carelessness seldom seen by a leader.

Some of the statements Alison Redford made seemed reasonable but when thought out are revealed to be quite ludicrous.

She addressed both the XL pipeline south to the USA and the Northern Gateway pipeline to Kitimat. Both projects, in her opinion, were great plans and the pipeline to Kitimat was even more important. She referred to the potential of a secondary market, other than the USA, much like statements many other promoters of the Enbridge Northern Gateway plan proclaim.

The most ludicrous statement was when she was asked “What about building a refinery in Alberta?”

This brand new Premier stated they didn’t have a shortage of work for people. She suggested they didn’t need more employment, that there was plenty of work for people in Alberta already.

In this day and age, when there are employment shortages almost everywhere you turn, a statement such as this should raise some eyebrows.

There may in fact be jobs available to be filled however this is not the entire picture.

This new Premier of Alberta, in other words, is boldly claiming the Provincial coffers have enough revenue coming in. They apparently do not need more revenues from employment or processing facilities.

In any other day, in any other community, a leader making such a statement would be drummed out of office. Effigies would be hanging in flames from street lamps.

Most leaders would avoid the question, make an excuse such as no one is prepared to invest or something to distract the listener, but to state boldly, “we do not need any more employment” is akin to treason.

A new refinery would create 12,000 full time jobs alone. The revenue from the construction and from the sales of the refined products would be exponential. The money made by the workers would be spent primarily in Alberta as well. Source Here.

Imagine 12,000 full time workers making in the order of $50,000/yr. This is a relatively low wage. This is well over half a billion in wages to be spent in and around Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan, the three Provinces the workers will most likely come from.

Then of course there is the various distribution systems required to market the highly refined products and the new industries which will spring up to utilize the products and service the new facilities.

One could easily quadruple the potential number to $2 billion of increased revenue for the common working person to spend in our communities.

The tax and royalty revenues for the provincial and federal governments would go on indefinitely.

One must consider the insanity of this Premier and all the others who are prepared to sacrifice the environment these pipelines will cross, eventually spilling their contents and at the same time sacrifice the revenues for themselves and the populations they swear an oath to wok on behalf of, at least that is what we believe their oath is all about.

Obviously this is not true. If the Provincial Government leaders were working for the best interests of their people and their Province these ridiculous statement would not be uttered.

It is this idiocy that has people rising up in the streets all across North America. Our leaders are working for something else, certainly not for their citizenry.

Listen to the interview by clicking here.
Who says
Comment by Apocalypse Now on 17th October 2011
Did you people know she was born in kitimat?Who says small communities don't produce famous people.
Lots of Jobs
Comment by Larry Thompson on 10th October 2011
I never listened to the statements but I glanced over your summary and have to say that Alberta has lots of jobs. For her to say that Alberta doesn't need more jobs seems odd but I think that she means that Alberta is generating the bulk of the jobs in CANADA! This is thanks to the oilsands....yes....the scary oilsands that I work at! Most of your readers will grit their teeth, grip their tinfoil hats and then start banging at their keyboards in disgust. The fact is that Canada's economy (BC especially) would be in way worse trouble if we didn't have the employment in Alberta.