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COMMENTARY · 9th October 2011
Merv Ritchie
Movies and cinema today reflects a failure in our educational environment. Those who watch TV and especially the dramatic movies full of chase scenes and murder mysteries may have had a total collapse of their reasoning faculties.

Reasoning out a problem, considering the logic of an event or situation, is a necessary skill for survival. It can be as simple as breathing in and out as a logical requirement for living. Same goes for eating and sleeping. These however are instinctual behaviours and the capacity for reason is not required. It is the logic required for social behaviours that is now being threatened and the 24/7 production and consumption of action movies may just be the main culprit.

Arnold Schwarzenegger played a great role in a movie called “Last Action Hero” which demonstrated a unique perspective on this problem. As he leapt off the ‘silver screen’ into the real world he encountered his first doses of reality. When he punched someone he screamed in anguish as his wrist and arm hurt. When he shot at a car it didn’t blow up. These are some very basic issues our children are being exposed too but the real problem of the unreality is the logical sequence of events.

In previous days, a movie, a murder mystery would have to flow from the start to the end with a plot line of logical events. A movie couldn’t jump to a conclusion, a resolution, without all the pieces fitting together like a completed puzzle picture. Today this is how most movies are produced, lots of action and excitement but no logic. The beginning scenario and the following scenes conclude without any possible connection. And today the general population accept this.

The exploding cars, chase scenes, people narrowly escaping from certain exposure, only to find at the end they were part of a completely different plot line. In many movies nothing ties the sequence of events together. It is this training of illogical patterns that has allowed the masses to accept everyday events and news stories as totally acceptable.

Take for example the most dramatic example of the past decade, the twin towers of the World Trade Centers completely disintegrating. This was then followed by World Trade Center number 7 collapsing. The other two planes, one apparently crashing into the ground and another into the Pentagon, had no wreckage. No wings, body parts, nothing. Yet this is all acceptable to the American, basically all western peoples.

Every plane crash has wreckage; every single one, on land, the mountains, the oceans, everywhere but the two on 911 at the Pentagon and Pennsylvania. And no steel and concrete high rise building has ever collapsed, in the history of construction, due to a fire; even a fire burning for days. Building seven wasn’t even hit by a plane and the small fire inside wasn’t more than office furniture burning.

It appears from a cursory look at our western population’s fixation on the unreality of the movies and TV shows we have been consuming since almost birth, logic and reason have been the casualty.

It used to be a joke when someone stated “I know it is true because I saw it on TV” or alternatively “I read it in the paper”. Now our fellow man and women accept anything almost anyone says if they saw it on TV. Fox News and their affiliated stations are clearly the worst as their idiocy is as extreme as a person of reasoned thought could imagine, yet the rest, including CTV, CNN, CBC and especially BC’s own Global TV dish out foolishness at such a high rate it is ‘no wonder’ attempting to impart wisdom becomes an almost impossible task.

In the 1970’s when Idi Amin took over in Uganda he rounded up all the teachers and professors and had them jailed or shot. As a Western leader today he would be the mascot. The threat to his regime wasn’t anything but an educated population.

Today our western governments are reaping the results of four decades of cuts to education programs. Since the 1970’s all types of training and education programs have been cut and the curriculum modified in such a way those who come out of our schools have no concept of how our governments even function. Most cannot explain what the difference is between a Premier and a Prime Minister let alone a Riding and a Constituency. The movie industry has been at the foundation of mental corruption since the 50's.

I search out for citizens to discuss serious issues with; those who can follow a subject from the beginning to the end and not interject concepts unrelated to the issue at hand. This is becoming more and more difficult. Only the narrowest frame of discussion seems to be successful.

In respect of the proposed pipelines with the associated jobs and revenue the discussion cannot seem to expand to consider any other topic. Including the environmental standards of the Chinese refineries, the tanker traffic and tanker construction standards, the potential for a far great number of jobs and even the potential immigration of workers to support the industry here, simply leaves the majority with a headache, unable to comprehend anything so complicated.

It is easier to just accept the jobs promised and believe the minimal risk claims. It must be true, I read it in the Standard News, heard it on Broadcast Radio and watched that pretty woman and attractive man on the Telly sweetly tell me it was so. It must be true.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 9th October 2011
When I went to school, according to my kids dinosaurs still roamed the earth, we had classes in logic and critical thinking. In this class we would take the newspapers of the day and examine there lead story and try to determine what the bias of the writer was.

In your example of the trade center buildings, jet fuel burns at 800 to 1500F, not enough to melt steel 2750F. 1517F is the maximum temperature of hydrocarbon fires burning in the atmosphere without pressurization or preheating (premixed fuel and air - blue flame). Diffuse flames burn far cooler. Oxygen-straved diffused flames are cooler yet. The fires in the towers were diffuse - well below 1500F. The dark smoke showed they were oxygen-straved, particularly in the South Tower.

Logic is a beautiful thing, unfortunately most people are incapable of it.