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CONTRIBUTION · 9th October 2011
David Ealing
Hooray for the students of Terrace and students elsewhere who are becoming active in issues that are and will continue to affect their lives. I encourage you all to continue.

You will find that the reasons given you by school boards and governments for their inability to offer you the best possible education will be the lack of money. The lack of money to fund smaller classrooms, more teachers etc. What you need to do is find out why there is a lack of money.

To do that I would recommend that your homework start with the reading of a short story written by Louis Evan in the 1930's. It's entitled The Money Myth Exploded and can be found at After reading these eight pages you will know more about how money is created in Canada than your parents, teacher or school boards.

I would also recommend that you spend some time browsing From this you will learn how our present Debt Money System works,, and how a Public Credit Money System works, You will also learn that our provincial government has at its disposal the ability to create its own money to fund all provincial monetary needs,

Our present educational system neglects to inform you of this information. Your parents also never found this information in any text book they ever studied. Ask yourselves why.

If you want to listen to an award winning teacher explain your education listen to John Taylor Gatto,, and, or read his books, Dumbing us down and Weapons of Mass Instruction.

Today school boards and governments your master telling you how things will be. In reality these entities were set up as your servants. The servants now control the castle. You need to become the rightful sovereign and exercise your control. You cannot do this if you fail to understand the system as it now controls you. Once you've learned these things you can become the educators of your parents, teachers, school boards and governments.

I applaud all your efforts in accomplishing this task. Use every social medium to spread this information. You have my thanks for what you have done so far. Maintain this courage in all your future endeavours.

Within Canadian federal prisons:
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 11th October 2011
While working within that arena, I came across (repeat) offenders with various levels of education, from various sources. The grade level (up to college level) was not necessarily indicative of academic prowess. If a person told us he/she went to "grade nine," we could never assume a grade nine socio-scholastic anything level.

Ironically, an individual whose school records indicated that he was pushed along until grade six, kicking, screaming, with/without ritalin, until banished from school, was almost as good as me in the art of writing. I asked him how/where he learned spelling and grammar: "Reading motorcycle repair manuals."

I have had many, many teachers in my life. I am an expert student, and remember almost every teacher I have ever had......for something (be it good, bad or ugly). I have forgotten the names of the ones unworthy. Teachers want to, and will be, remembered by our students for something.
Re: Why aren't we
Comment by Concerned Parent on 11th October 2011
The data presented at is alarming to say the least. One note of particular interest is how many students are below expectations in the FSA tests at the grade 4 and grade 7 level. Although not the sole reason, perhaps one contributing factor to these results is the social promotion policy this school board has. Whether or not a child is academically ready to go to the next level, they get pushed on through the system. That is until they get to grade 8 where they need to begin to be accountable for their work.
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Comment by disappointed in cmsd82 on 10th October 2011

The education results we are not getting and where the money is being spent - and more importantly, how other districts are doing more with less.

Why aren't we?