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REPORTING · 11th October 2011
Merv Ritchie
While no one other than the current Mayor of Terrace has submitted their papers for the job, Council tonight will be discussing and likely approving an increase in the pay.

The recommendation is an increase if 6%, 5% and 5% over the next three years.

There has been numerous discussions and debate over the position of Mayor being a full time job. The Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce has been pushing this effort making numerous presentations and even conducting a poll on the issue.

Anyone who holds this job however can work at it as many hours as they wish. According to administration staff, some who are successful in achieving this position put in many more hours than a regular full time slate of 40 hours per week. The amount of time an individual decides to put into the role of Councillor and Mayor is entirely up to that person. The only issue is whether or not the present compensation is enough to meet the needs of the elected member. Some might be independently wealthy while others may need all the extra money they can get.

Today the rate of pay for this position is minimal, barely getting over the poverty line. According to generally accepted standards for a single person living in the lower mainland area, the poverty line for 2011 was determined to be $23,067. The pay for the elected mayor of Terrace is currently 28,334/year. With the proposed increase of 6% this will just break $30,000/year.

Our current Mayor, David Pernarowski has held a number of employment positions over the past years to supplement this income.

Councillors’ currently get paid $11,790/year each.

As of 10:30 am this morning, Monday October 11, only three people have put their names forward for the seven positions available.

David Pernarowski (Mayor)
Brian Downie (Councillor)
Mike Ross (Councillor)

Terrace City Council begins at 7:30 pm, tonight. If one wishes to see the formal function of the role of a Councillor or Mayor, this will be the last opportunity before the nomination period closes on Friday, October 14 at 4:00 pm.
Results Based
Comment by David on 11th October 2011
Perhaps a results based bonus is in order rather than a pay raise. Sell the co-op for a profit - bonus; locate a business in the industrial lands - bonus. Negative results could require a donation to charity.
Mayor's salary
Comment by Karen on 11th October 2011
On top of the Mayor's salary what did Jack Talstra make through his firm? How much is Dave Pernarowski's income at the Provincial Networking Group? This salary is NOT intended to support a f/t Mayor therefore suggesting that the present salary for Mayor is comparable to the poverty level is ridiculous! I do however support a modest raise for our elected officials.