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REPORTING · 11th October 2011
Merv Ritchie
In Terrace supreme Court this afternoon, Tyler Eli stood before the Judge and was charged with second Degree Murder, Aggravated Assault and Break and Enter as a result of a violent home invasion this past weekend

Teresa Praticante Rego succumbed to the injuries she suffered and her husband Gualter sustained serious injuries but was able to fight off his attacker enough to survive.

The Rego's' were residents of Terrace and moved to Kitimat to better meet their work situation.

No one has been able to explain this senseless act.

Family members have stated they know of no reason and no connection either through work or children.

Gualter remains in hospital recovering from his wounds. It has been reported to us he, an Alcan employee, described the attack as fierce and it took everything he had to fight off Eli.

Initial story on this crime Here.

RCMP release on the incident and passing of Mrs. Rego Here

Tyler was a NESS graduate this year.
Kitimat faced an equally terible crime years ago
Comment by Terrace Daily News on 17th October 2011
We covered it with even more detail.
Terrace Daily Responds to Accusations - Comments Closed
Comment by Terrace Daily News on 12th October 2011
Since 2007 we have always published the names and pictures of accused and charged. From drug dealers to murders, those who harm society have no expectation to privacy. All pictures on social media are public property. We publish the names of high society wrong doers and low life wrong doers. We do not ever discriminate.

In this case we feel for all the families involved. No one escapes this hardship. Everyone in all of the communities, including those who never knew any of the people involved. It is a sad day for the Sacred Circle.

This type of incident is the most difficult to report on. We wish we didn't have to.

Comments are now closed. The community needs to heal.
a lot of assumptions
Comment by norwester on 12th October 2011
Is it too late to remind people that this young man has not been tried and has not been convicted of any crime? People are assuming he is guilty and assuming also that they know why he did it, what kind of person he is, what his family is like, etc.
Do you have a lot of information that I don't?
Prayers for the Family
Comment by Saddened on 12th October 2011
My heart and prayers go out to the family. I am truly sorry for your loss. I pray God will give you the strength and courage to continue on with your life.
I hope all the wonderful memories of your loved one passes on to your children.
? (disagree)
Comment by arlene on 12th October 2011
I new I was going to get this kind of response, and for you to say I am clueless, get a grip. and for the one who say's it doesn't matter what color, huh? we see and hear just as well as you. the truth hurts when you are been given the truth about the reality of such an act. I feel for the loss of the family but it's the reality of how quick one makes a judgement.
Comment by WTF on 12th October 2011
he forgot the part where the kid burst into tears and didn't look at his family that was there when the judge read out his charges. He probably wants to curl up and die for what he has done. You guys are lowlifes to, picking on a person when they are at their lowest! totally immature.
remember the real victims
Comment by seriously on 12th October 2011
I am reading comments from people, stating lets not judge him or lets not use his photos. This young man lost any right to any kind of privacy. There are two young people who no longer have their mom, a husband without his wife, and parents without their daughter........ these are the true victims. These are the people that deserve our sympathy.
Comment by TM on 12th October 2011
UNBELIEVEABLE! Now its racist? What a load of crap! Kitimat has had more than its fair share of heinous crimes, and as a small comunity who's loved one was taken senslessly away, yet again, they have every right to be feeling those feelings.
Mental illness, sounds like a cop out. Too high or too drunk are not valid excuses. Breaking the law is breaking the law regardless of color or creed. Going into someone'else's house, walking up the stairs to their bedroom and repeatedly stabbing and slicing them is BREAKING THE LAW!
Being Aboriginal has nothing to do with it, those comments that are being made have nothing to do with racism. They come out of:
All stages of grief that no-one would be feeling if this sensless act had not happened in the first place!
Regardless of the color of anyone's skin, Murder is Murder!
Do we need to remember all the press that was given to Kevin Vermette in hopes of finding that sicko? No-one was calling anything said about him racist. Was it because he is white? Was it because he was high or inebriated? Was it because he had a mental ilness? All of these questions and more were all over the media!
The town of Kitimat was just starting to feel safe yet again, and now this? If you lived there, how do you think you would feel everynight tucking in your loved ones with a terrified and heavy heart. Sleeping soundly is just not something that the town of Kitimat will feel until justice is served.
It sickens me to know that the sleepy little town I grew up in, has to deal with such a great loss, once gain. My thoughts and prayers to all involved.

And also don't forget the Kitimat father who killed his daughter in 2007, Stephanie Joy Donnelly, because some god voices told him too.
Arlene? Huh?!
Comment by Annabella on 12th October 2011
It doesn't matter if this kid was white, brown, purple or blue! The fact of the matter is HE brutally attacked an innocent family for no apparent reason, HOW on earth can you possibly think he wouldn't have a mental problem? This was a downright disgusting thing to do to a living human being! Who gives a crap what color he is? He did what he did- end of story!
Comment by Troy on 12th October 2011
Last year a non aboriginal boy killed his bestfriend. Was he head hunted? Did people stalk his facebook page and write angry messages? Did people make comments on how proud his mother must be? Did people put his pictures and family name out there? No. Did we say he was mentally ill? Did we call his parents out on allowing a minor to drink? No.
What about the adult who allowed the party? He was viewed in a more positive light because he tried to save the child that he allowed to consume alcohol in his house.
Also, a non aboriginal man stabbed another in thornhill and there was no witch hunt or conclusions that he must be mentally ill.
We need to stop trying to be our childrens best friend. Attacking this mans page or family does not help the situation. They did not do it, it was not their actions. Let them feel their shame in peace. Put yourself in their shoes. I'm not asking you to pity the accused, think of everyone else involved.
For some of these leading the witchhunt on facebook, I notice you have family pictures on your profile, but have your profile locked. How convienant.
My heart and prayers go out to this family that has lost their mother, sister, wife, friend. Your loss is unimanageable.
Comment by unreal on 12th October 2011
Unreal that there is any concern about the kid at all at this point. A family is broken apart, a woman is dead, a husband is going to be emotionally damaged for a long time and you guys are concerned about the kid having a stereotype because he is native? This has nothing to do with sterotypes. People are not upset because he is aboriginal, they are upset because of what he did. Use your melon. Lock the little punk up for life and throw away the key. Even if he has a mental illness that causes him to be violent, that is more of a reason to keep him locked up since he is obviously unstable to live in a community. Who gives a sh*% about anything except for the family greiving the loss of a loved one. He is going to end up where he belongs and waste a lot of taxpayers money.
And Arlene, you are clueless. I bet if your husband or mother was murdered in their sleep you would be like "whoa, hold the bus guys. Lets not over react with sterotypes! Give the kid a chance" NO- You would want instant justice. Put yourself in the right shoes.
Also, if it turns out that he was under the influence of drugs then the way I see it his sentence should double. You start by breaking the law by getting high and making yourself potetially unstable and volatile, then you compound it with murder. Dont reduce it, double it.
Comment by Arlene on 12th October 2011
I totally disagree with comments made about the mentality of this young guy. Is it because he is Aboriginal, far from what has happened, this kind of act has been going on by mostly non-aboriginals and right away the law has put a label as mentally disturbed or to that similarity. How can one make a judgement so quick, there is a reason behind everything. I am not siding what he did but it is disturbing to hear how quick he is judged. How many incidents have happened in Kitimaat and from a non-aboriginal. Hmmm, you all have to be ashamed of yourselves for the way your going on about something like this not ever happening.
very sad
Comment by WTF on 12th October 2011
i feel for both sides. i will not judge the young man. Its not right to judge at all. I bet they didn't even ask to use these pictures of him on here that is very disrespectful. thats invasion of privacy for his family. I don't see you putting up pictures of the victims. Please stop judging. Let the Judge do the Judging.
your 2 cents don't help at all.
What if he was part of your family...
Comment by Nancy on 12th October 2011
My heart goes out to both families. I am stricken by the hatred that tragedies bring out in people. What if it the families were switched around? It is still a tragic loss on both sides.

Tyler just recently graduated and was currently in college. The fact is we don't know why these things happen. To speculate and spew hatred is just wrong.

With the world crumbling in so many ways, we can only expect more anarchy. Just watch the news.
brave man
Comment by LK on 12th October 2011
Gualter is a brave man and my hope is that one day he can accept that he survived but his wife did not - had he not made it out of the bedroom to call the police, he would have died also and the murderer would have been able to leave the house and either continue his murderous spree in a house that may have had children or someone just passing on the street - who knows how long it would have taken to stop this murderer before he came down. There are no words to understand this senseless act.
Get out of Jail Card
Comment by EB on 12th October 2011
I am really getting tired of people committing violent crimes and using either the "mental illness" trump card or the "I was high on drugs or too drunk to know what I was doing or poor me I had a bad childhood, my parents were alcholics, I was abused" or better yet the ethic card. You were taught right from wrong. You know the difference. Regardless of your past or present situation no one has the right to take a life and if they do they should never see the light of day again. My family and I have lost a dear friend, who always had a smile for everyone. She will be missed terribly.
mental illness
Comment by Dave on 11th October 2011
In response to Maggie Jo, he likely won't make plea for years until his lawyer takes a look at what the Cops present to Crown and the investigation is complete and they see how strong a case the Police have. Seeing as how this killing appears to be random from the article, this guy is likely not mentally all there (since people who kill normally have a motive). If he is unstable mentally we will be looking at shipping him off to the mental hospital for a few years where he will then be released and we can all enjoy the feeling of having a knife wielding maniac who stabs random people in our community again. After all mental illness is easy to cure....until they stop taking their medication. You can not cure these people, please keep them locked up. It doesn't matter if they were not mentally responsible to have the intent to commit the crime, they will always have the potential to do it again.
Scared in my own house....
Comment by T on 11th October 2011
I have noticed that these things go in waves and it seems to be related to drugs. Every so often there are stabbings and knife related crimes all the way up the Province and it always seems to finish off in our little township of Kitimat.

It also seems to coincide with seeing alot of cracked or methed out people around town all skinnied out and shakey.

If it is drugs, and someone is brining this crap up her or adding something to what is already unfortunately around - what a bad lot of trouble that is going to continue to turn into.

We need to get a handle on all this violence in our communities and now homes.

My heart goes out to all the families who are affected by this.

Something very wrong
Comment by LG 73 on 11th October 2011
May this be a wake-up call to parents of young people, who believe, "not my child". Wake up to the fact young people are doing heavy drugs. Obviously, this kid was doing drugs. I'm not a drug user, but a citizen who feels for both the victims and the accused in this very sad story.
Comment by steve howerchuck on 11th October 2011
i cant understand why a person would commit such an act.
And how did he plea?
Comment by Maggie Jo on 11th October 2011
How did the suspect plea before the judge:

"Not Guilty?"