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Stacy Tyers at a Christmas fundraiser for the Terrace Anti Poverty Group held by the Royal Canadian Legion in 2008
REPORTING · 12th October 2011
Merv Ritchie
Update - Lynne Christiansen has also filed for Councillor

Yesterday, Tuesday, October 11, Stacy Tyers filed her nomination papers with the elections office at Terrace City Hall. She will run for a seat on Terrace City Council. If all those who have expressed their plans for the future hold true Tyers is only one of four who intend to run. To date only Brian Downie and Dr. Bruce Bidgood from the former Council have stated they intend to run again. Mike Ross is the only new candidate along with Tyers to declare their intention to run.

Tyers has been a community social activist for over a decade. She was formerly the Executive Director of the Terrace Anti Poverty Group and is currently working with the Terrace and District Community Services Society.
Mike Ross also filed his nomination papers
Mike Ross also filed his nomination papers
Comment by Brad Pollard on 23rd October 2011
Way to go Stacey! I know you will made an great have my support.
Live in Terrace...who cares???
Comment by Dave on 17th October 2011
What difference does it make if they don't live in the city of Terrace, as long as they live in the region and know about the issues then who cares? They have the right to live wherever they want. I don't think it makes sense to vote for a less qualified candidate because they have a postal code that meets your criteria.

If they are living near Terrace then likely would do their shopping and spend their money here. Mr Peters, if the counselor you voted for decided to move to Lakelse Lake half way into their term would you suddenly take that as a slap in the face as if they were no longer qualified? What if you didn't know where a candidate lived who was running, do you not vote for them because you don't know if they live in the city of Terrace or laughable.
Two great choices!
Comment by Karen on 13th October 2011
I know both Stacey and Mike and know that both their intents are 100% towards ensuring Terrace maximizes it's potential in every capacity, whether it be socially, economically, or environmentally. Both understand the importance of a viable and vibrant business sector while making sure that the social and democratic aspects are not ignored.

Stacey is a strong advocate for people's rights and cultural diversity while Mike's platform is centered around participatory democracy and public safety. Electing both to council would go a long way to ensuring fewer voices are left unrepresented.
Comment by Karen on 13th October 2011
Listen to yourself! If you think your comments are going to influence another's vote, you would be right...but, not in a way I assume you would want. Lol
Comment by Mr. Peters on 13th October 2011
You or for that matter any other candidate, if you do not reside within the city of Terrace I will not even consider voting for you. You could be the second coming of christ for all I care, but if this town is not good enough for you to live in then neither are you good enough to be one of its councilors.
Comment by toots500 on 12th October 2011
Good news, Stacy!
Mr. Peters
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 12th October 2011
You are right, I don't live in Terrace. But I work in Terrace, I volunteer in Terrace and I spend my money in Terrace.

Janice I can't speak to any of that I am an employee there. Not management.
Please give my regards to T.D.C.S.S.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 12th October 2011
Lynn P. and I worked our butts off for T.D.C.S.S. over at the Alcohol & Drug office from 1983 - 1988. Average length of time on the caseload per client: 3 months. Size of our caseload: always 99 cherished clients. Never more than 99, for me. Never less. Lynn is the best receptionist in the world, and facilitated our great successes at both the Terrace and Rupert offices.

In 1988, I accepted a fine Eagle carving, a letter of profound thanks and reference, and a signed promise from Lorna Morrison (then Executive Director/administrator of T.D.C.S.S.) for re-employment after my teaching/learning sabbatical.

When I came back, Jeanette said she could not make a decision about my employment, because she was just a board member who was temporarily fulfilling A & D supervising duties. Curiously, the supervisor who worked in the office next to me all those years said, "I don't remember working with you." I faithfully paid union dues to the B.C.G.E.U. all those years. Jeanette just smiled at me, whenever she seen me.....but never called.

Lorna thankfully remembered me. Out of necessity, I thrive unionless. This does not make me anti-union. Unions don't seem to want me.

I want my union dues back! Every penny. I cannot be the only one encountering this confusion, and maybe all politics in this town may be connected. I do not share this information as entertainment for myself, or to maim. Truth helps.

Politics belongs in City Hall, and in Band Council chambers. Get it out of our health-related entities! Get it out of our Health Departments! Politics kills healing. Healing and politics will never mix.

Warmest regards, to all our beloved, sober, happy, healthy, broke or fat clients.....from way back when.

Lynne Christiansen
Comment by Mr. Peters on 12th October 2011
Here is another one trick pony, who because she lives outside of Terrace cannot even vote for a Councillor but yet she wants to be one. Is that just nuts or what?
Comment by Chris A. on 12th October 2011
Great news. You would be an excellent addition to council!
Good for you, Stacey
Comment by Maggie Jo on 12th October 2011
Thx for allowing your name to stand in election form as you continue in your mandate to serve this Community with your wealth of experience and personal drive.