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NEWS RELEASE · 12th October 2011
Stacey Tyers
I am pleased to announce my run for Terrace City Council. I have always said if you are going to complain or you want to see something done differently, then get out there and do it.

I am a single mom of a spectacular 16 year old daughter. Have lived in this beautiful city for 8 years and invested as much time as I have available into it. A Poverty Law Advocate at Terrace and District Community Services Society, community volunteer and I sit on a few city committees.

I believe in educating, awareness, communicating and working together. We must always be willing to open our minds to grow and learn.
I am outspoken, opinionated, diplomatic and willing to ask the difficult questions of not only others, but myself too. I believe asking the difficult questions is what leads to the best answers.

I am happy to discuss my position on any subject and have no problem saying I don't know, when I don't know. I am willing to look it up and educate myself though.

I have an enormous amount of respect for elected officials who represent their cities, ridings and constituencies. Respect for those who are willing to put their names forward and stand for what they believe in, even if I don't agree.

We as a community have incredible potential to grow, be progressive and move forward. I want to ensure balance in the decision making. Business and economy have always had strong presence on council, as they should. Environment has been represented somewhat, but social equity and cultural vitality often seem at a loss. If we as a community can embrace these four cornerstones, start bridging the gaps and working together we will be able to accomplish so much more.

Jobs are necessary, however not at any cost. We can promote economy and jobs until the ends of the earth, but people don't want to move where people are sleeping on the streets.

We have an incredible opportunity to ensure space at the table for economy, environment, social and cultural. Lets work together, with the whole community and not just a small well represented portion.

I want to address what this city has to offer youth, where and how are the youth feeling included, engaged and proud of their community, lets build on that.

Ensuring all voices are heard has always been my personal point of reference. We can not make everyone happy, all of the time. We can, however ensure that everyone is heard all of the time. That their concerns, appreciations and suggestions are always taken into consideration.

I believe we have the ability, control and the political will to move forward in a more progressive, balanced and inclusive way.

Lets gather people together, whenever we can, wherever we can and allow them to contribute. Lets educate ourselves and each other on the individual contributions each member of our society offers to our community. Lets reach out to our neighbours.

I think the city of Terrace is fantastic, we can come together and make it even better with a more balanced decision making, a broader understanding of our community at large and representing the whole of the population, even those who can not or choose not to vote.

I am happy to hear from anybody with concerns, suggestions or just wanting to chat.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Ghandi
Comment by Karen on 13th October 2011
Terrace would be lucky to have such a hard working, dedicated, and knowledgable representative as Stacey on city council.

It is common knowledge how much Stacey has done, mostly without compensation, for the city of Terrace and it's residents. And to those who are mainly concerned with where their tax dollars are going and how much it will benefit them, by electing Stacey you can be sure that you will be getting your monies worth.

She has my vote.
To Merv
Comment by barryeng on 13th October 2011
Merv, you really have to figure out a "like-dilike" type button system for comments on stories. I was disgusted by Mr. Peters' rant, and very impressed with at least one comment refuting his statements.

There should be some way of showing my agreement and/or displeasure.
Administrative Law.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 12th October 2011
My job deal with administrative law, legislations and policies. I just assisted Ministry of Social Development on the creation of policy guidelines.

I think my work in administrative law, policies and legislation is hugely beneficial to council and also requires diplomacy. It requires looking at law and legislation and following it, explaining it in plain english for others to understand.
Currently, Mr. Peters
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 12th October 2011
Just so you have a broader understanding, I am not government funded for my position. i realize and respect that not everyone would like me or want to vote for me.

Currently however, I do both tenant rights and responsibility and landlord rights and responsibility workshops, for free for both groups.

-Chair of The City's Housing Action Committee
-Member of the city's Measuring Up Terrace Committee
-Member of Moving Forward Steering Committee with the Ministry of Social Development.
-Co-Chair Health Benefits - Ministry of Social Development
-Co-Chair Region 5 Quality Service - Ministry of Social Devlopment
-Member - Board of Directors for Community Legal Assitance Society of BC
-Chair Provincial poverty Action Committee
-Member at large - Board of Directors PovNet
-One of the Organizers for the Terrace Medley night Markets
Volunteer with Skeena Diversity Society

There's actually much more this is the last year.

I work on a much larger level than simply trying to 'suck' more out of government. I actually work amazingly well with all Ministries I deal with and all levels of government. I educate, I prefer a frame work of a hand up not a hand out. People being low income, on welfare, disability or pensions doesn't make them lazy nor does it make them unwilling to do things for themselves.

I have no problem sitting down with you and allowing you to take the time to learn who I am, even if you've already cast your judgements on me. I've met with many people in our community and I say ours because I am as invested in it as you are.

I would be happy to meet you for coffee. Anytime outside of my work schedule.
"Mr. Peters" comment
Comment by Sam Flynn on 12th October 2011
I fully support Stacey running and she has my vote.

From what I know of her, she has been a tireless advocate for the poor, working poor and otherwise marginalized people in Terrace and beyond.

She's doesn't make profit for anyone directly and it probably does cost government money to keep her doing it, but this doesn't mean it isn't money well spent.

Maintenance workers in a factory don't make money for a plant, but they keep the plant running. Uninformed bean counters would fire as many of them as they can to save money thinking maintenance are a drain on their bottom since they don't produce anything. When such workers are treated with contempt and are driven away, fired, laid off, etc... , when things break factories close, contractors are brought in to do the same work at a much higher cost. Sometimes the contractors are the maintenance workers they laid off. Sometimes these firms have to recreate positions they eliminated and have to pay much more than they did, because the labour pool is no longer there.

Anyway, without people like Stacey giving a crap about the poor among us, people like you would have to spend your money on private security guards and live in gated communities. You would also have to make a personal choice to ignore any family and friends who fell on hard times and live with those decisions. Because of people like Stacey, you can continue kicking at people who are down without worrying too much about getting kicked back. I'm glad not everyone in this town is as shortsighted as you.

Congrats and Best Wishes
Comment by Dr. Bruce Bidgood on 12th October 2011
Congratulations on your candidacy. I wish you success in your campaign.

Comment by Mr. Peters on 12th October 2011
Just what we need, another one trick pony on city council. Just out of curiosity, what real work experience do you bring with you, and just for clarification trying to suck more money out of the government for people who have no interest in helping themselves is not real work.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 12th October 2011
I think the four pillars Economic health, Cultural Vitality, Social Equity and Environmental Responsibility cover all aspects. Health is affected by all. Youth are affected by all. Etc... Using the four pillars as corner stones of decision making expresses and requires a broader picture of sustainability beyond simple jobs jobs jobs. It addresses that a community requires more...

I agree that health is important, and I think it falls into all 4.
Let the competitions begin!
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 12th October 2011
Welcome to politics, in the beautiful B.C. rainforest. A hearty welcome, also, to Tsimshian Territory. Terrace is ground zero. Every one of us here counts... whether we're drunk, or scraping our out-of-joint noses on the ceilings, as we walk.

As everybody can feel, surrounding First Nations are also walking through a traumatic rise in collective consciousness. We were shocked to find ourselves on the brink of a catastrophe to end all catastrophes. All of us, with every ounce of integrity, influence and abilities we may have left.. is engaged. The rest are still standing around, with their pockets open.

How proud I am of all the wounded, First Nations and non-First Nations, warriors of the Sacred Circle.....who stand. Peace and justice has been declared.

I would also declare that, "Culture is Health!" But, I went to a Northern Health conference, at Prince Rupert a few years ago. They invited me there....and gave me some nice gifts for showing up; an umbrella, a blue vest, a case to pack a laptop that I didn't have, some pens, a pin, business cards up the ying-yang of young, disinterested bureaucrats. All these trinkets declared, "Northern Health: Culture is Health!"

I was proud of the speech I gave, and I was real famous for five minutes. I came home, and had the audacity to wear the vest to work. An anonymous, Northern Health employee reported me for, "illegally misrepresenting the actions, motives or authority of any professional organization." Everybody knows that I am very professionally astute, and would bring no shame to my family. I still have the vest, but haven't worn it since.

If this issue were cleared up, I would be in the competition too! Good luck!

Whii Nea ach.
Huge Thanks
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 12th October 2011
Huge thanks to all those who support me and also kept my secret while I was wrapping up the last of my projects. :)