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CONTRIBUTION · 12th October 2011
Merv Ritchie
These are some of the events Terrace RCMP responded to between
October 11th & October 12th, 2011

Downtown Terrace:
- report from a downtown business of a counterfeit $5 bill

- a vehicle was located after a report of two men drinking & driving. A roadside screening test confirmed the driver was sober.

- police attended to a report of youth fighting at George Little Park. One youth was taken into custody then handed over to family and Children Services while the other youth was handed over to his grandmother at the scene.

- false business alarm

- injured woman taken to hospital

- report of a suspicious intoxicated male in the lobby of a downtown hotel, subject was gone upon police arrival

Elsewhere in Terrace:
- a women reported either losing or having her medication stolen

- report of a women in Terrace contrary to conditions of an ‘Undertaking’

- report of a women assaulted by her sister while visiting their mother at Terraceview Lodge.

- report of a theft of power tools from a garage on Lowrie Avenue

- a Haugland Avenue man reported items missing from his residence

- report of an erratic driver on Lakelse and old Bridge

- false alarm at a church on McConnell Avenue

- police attended to a report of an intoxicated male causing problems at his mother’s residence. The male fled prior to police arriving.

- false residential alarm

- false business alarm

- report of a bear eating garbage on McConnell Avenue, the bear then ran into the woods.

- nothing to report

Kitsumkalum, Kulspai, Gitaus:
- a family dispute reported in the event it escalated into criminal behaviour

- nothing to report

Anyone with information about a crime is asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477), or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Can you say UNION?
Comment by Joe Taxpayer on 13th October 2011
The title should say it all. The members are fine and easy to deal with, its the other staff memebers that are questionable.
"Phone call" vs "In Person"
Comment by Maggie Jo on 12th October 2011
You think talking on the phone is bad? You should try going in PERSON to the Detachment.

The Officers are always extremely professional and courteous, but a few of the front end reception staff hired by the City? OUCH!

Their job description notes they are to have the skills to treat everyone with respect when they arrive at the Detachment - including those they believe to be less desirable. So, why so brash? I was simply turning in a found wallet or reporting something; yet after repeated horrible receptions I walk away feeling like I was the one who had committed a crime, and figure next time I shouldn't even bother.

Not gettin' it. And don't give me the excuse about working in a stressful environment. I work in a highly stressful/at times volatile enviornment and in all my years working there I have never ever been rude or treated someone disrespectfully.
I absolutely love these reports!
Comment by T on 12th October 2011
Just some feedback - I love these reports. This is a great way for me to keep aware of what is going on in my neighborhood.

While I am stunned at the behavior of the "ladies" in town in regards to alcohol; I am much more aware of what the police actually are doing around here.

Now I just wonder why, when I call about something going on - the lady on the phone had gotten really rude and argued with me about whether it was a reportable incident or not when there are tonnes of similar incidents listed in these reports that were responded to. And I am not talking about 911 either. Just the regular number in the middle of the week, in the middle of the day. Big time asian drug dealing related stuff right in front of my eyes. You would think they would welcome reports about that kind of stuff.

IThen Istopped phoning stuff in about two years ago because of the aggressive rudeness of one particular woman who was particulary brazen. Go figure I wonder what that was all about???
Comment by Linda on 12th October 2011
Looks like the bears AND the drunks are getting quick on their get aways! :)