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COMMENTARY · 12th October 2011
Merv Ritchie
Conspiracy Theory #72

Who, just who, among us is about to believe the Iranian Government hired an idiotic guy, to hire a Mexican, to plan a bombing, to kill a Saudi diplomat, on USA soil. If you listen to the USA major news and the puppy dog Canadian news, they feel apparently most of us are.

There are far too many national and international events happening, economic and militarily, to expect everyone to follow along. Most of us are just too damn busy earning a living, attempting to pay the bills and feed our families. So what the hell is going on?

Why are all the media (not so all of a sudden) prepared to accept this new plot story without question? Did Saddam Hussein have weapons of mass destruction? No. Was he even remotely connected to Osama bin Laden? No. Did that matter to the USA? Again No. Are we expected to accept the same lies all over again? Well the answer should be again, No. But apparently it is yes.

What is going on that requires more war? An Economic Crisis? Yes. A damning report on the anthrax attacks? Yes. A gathering angry population? Again Yes. Will Canada refuse to play along? Well the answer should be again, yes. But apparently it is, no.

The Anthrax attacks, the letters sent to the two Senators and the two media organizations that freaked out the western world, those letters that CNN just spent the last week repeatedly playing an feature story on the guilt of a lone suspect was about to be exposed as an FBI and intelligence error. Only three days ago an expose’ by WHO (World Health Organization) experts, due to be published in the peer reviewed Journal of Bioterrorism & Biodefense, was released by the New York Times.

“three scientists argue that distinctive chemicals found in the dried anthrax spores — including the unexpected presence of tin — point to a high degree of manufacturing skill, contrary to federal reassurances that the attack germs were unsophisticated.” reports the New York Times. Read this report here.

Why would any person be expected to believe that this expose` might cause the American administration to take such a drastic measure as to fabricate an entirely new international incident? The answer might be that the exposure of the Anthrax as an inside American operation, one with the sophistication only the highest levels of American Military operational intelligence could handle, would expose the entire 911 event as being an inside job.

An international financial crisis, a crisis of civilians gathering in the streets with questions being asked of every action has been haunting the American government. Now the USA administration is facing an impending expose' on the anthrax nonsense that saw over a dozen of the worlds most senior scientists trained in the intricacies of these substances die by mysterious circumstances in 2001. Read more here. And this happened right after questions were raised about the anthrax when the letters were distributed. This couldn’t have anything to do with this new Iranian Incident or could it. Naw, it is all just a conspiracy theory, a tin foil hat thought.

The only way bullies can succeed is when the crowd around them are so scared they are afraid to stand up and be singled out by the bully. So everyone just plays along because when the bully singles out one person, (the classic play to maintain the intimidation control), he or she gets the others to ridicule the one standing out in opposition to the crowd. (calling them conspiracy therorists or a tin foil hat people).

Today almost all western people are so frightened to stand against the crowd, the masses are fully prepared to blindly believe the entire western media machine, nervously laughing at those who question it.

The USA is now planning to start an entirely new conflict against Iran to counter this Anthrax exposure, the Wall Street protests and the economic crisis. What could be better? After 10 years of world war massacres, a few decades of remembrance days, a period of peace, everyone will have forgotten and our grandchildren will get to do it all over again.

This thanks to all those who cower, those who believe the bull shit spewed by the main media, the politicians without a backbone to question, your brothers and sisters who refuse to take a moment to think independently, with reason and logic.

And as a footnote: Those of you who still believe your sacred CBC is not playing ball with the bullies, just watch this recent interview with Kevin O'leary on the Lang and O'leary exchange and the Dragons Den. Click here to watch it, only 7 minutes long but extremely enlightening

Funny how we just recently wrote about him and his social destroying idiocy Click here.
Canadian Studpidity
Comment by Mel on 13th October 2011
What a great time for the US to throw up a new smoke screen. With all the OCCUPY WALL STREET stuff going on and now coming to Canada (Toronto, Vancouver) and wherever the US has to do something to get peoples minds off the circus that is going on in the US Govt