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P.S.A.'S · 15th October 2011
Terrace Daily

This is the final list the citizens of Terrace will be selecting from. Of the five running for Mayor, only one will be selected. Of the thirteen running for Council only six will be chosen.

Running for the high post of Mayor are;

David Pernarowski

Bruce Martindale

Jennifer Lewis

Don Dunster

Merv Ritchie

Running for the six available Council seats are;


Lynne Christiansen

Brian Downie

Bruce Bidgood

And Former Councillor

Marylin Davies


Mike Ross

Stacey Tyers

James Cordeiro

Dan LeFrancois

Martin Holzbauer

MaryAnn Freeman

Chris Gee

Tamara Susan Ainscow

Tyson Donald Lloyd Hull

Comment by Ian on 15th October 2011
i can't remeber when we had so many candidates to run for muncipal elections.
This speaks alot to me.
1] people want change and are tired of the same old direction that we have been in for sometime.
2] This is where democracy shines and gives opportunity to those that care for this community.
3] The more the merrier as opinions and knowledge come together and the people decide who they want to be in the position of change.
4] Being elected is not about self interests nor reflecting of secular groups. This is about all of us.
5] Politics is full of backroom deals and presentation of promise and exposure to the public can be the opposite.
6] Good Luck to all.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 14th October 2011
I am so impressed with the turn out. So proud of everyone who has put their name forward, way to go Merv.

Can Maryann run twice though? :) Ed Note: Thanks for pointing that error out, the repeat of her name is now removed.

This will be an awesome campaign, I look forward to getting to know the other candidates that I don't already know.
Awesome turnout
Comment by Karen on 14th October 2011
This is gearing up to be a very exciting election given the interesting options we Terracites will be voting on next month.

I am interested in hearing what the newcomers have to say.
Amazing turnout
Comment by K Derksen 250 6152150 on 14th October 2011
I am in awe that so many people have taken the plunge for both the mayors position and the council seats. I have been here for over 45 years and can't remember a race this full! Good to see that there are those who care so much about what is to come for our region that they are willing to subject themselves to such scrutiny. Good luck all!
SchoolBoard Election
Comment by AP on 14th October 2011
Can we please have some coverage of our local school board election. Looks like we have race for Thornhill and Terrace.

It is crucial that all of us - not just parents of children get out and listen to what the candidates have to say. This next school board could be a turning point for education in the northwest
Councillor Lynne Christiansen:
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 14th October 2011
Post-election, when your new, municipal cohorts take their places beside you...... I would like to stand before council, and put forth a recommendation: That council meet, from time to time, at Terraceview...(is there another senior's home here?)

I had the honour of getting to know people like Helen Booth, who lived up there. Her, and Mr. Dubeau, who both ran Terrace Drugs (Greig/Kalum) for years! Mom met a guy there she originally met on a wharf in Prince Rupert, when they were young and strong. Then, a guy moved in who had previously been loaned $$ to hang on to a Harley....from that same guy! Crazy. Wow, what a pleasant shock to re-meet some old ones! I wondered where they went. Everybody acknowledges that one, in passing, "Sah srika." He taught me that. I was a little slow to know. I sure shared some good times with them, and learned a ton of Terrace history. I kid you not! They're all connected up there, us. When Mom successfully completed her Earthly journey, I thought I had to stop visiting my new friends there.

I also believe band councils should conduct our business in public, too... and transport all Elders who want to all meetings. This includes Elders, who may reside in our villages, from other First Nations. Bring in the finest food and beverage (okay, nothing too fancy). Buy real creamo! Treat them like precious tea cups.

You will love it.