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P.S.A.'S · 15th October 2011
Terrace Daily
Electoral Area 1: Kitimat

Mr. Barry Pankhurst Wins by acclamation
Mr. Raymond Raj Wins by acclamation

Trustee Electoral Area 2: Terrace
Two to be selected by vote November 19

Mr. Art Erasmus
Ms. Charlotte Guno
Mr. Ian Hayes
Mr. Roger Leclerc
Mr. Hal Stedham

Electoral Area 3: Thornhill
One to be selected by vote November 19

Ms. Lorrie Gowen
Mr. Gary Turner

Electoral Area 4: Stewart

Ms. Shannon McFee Wins by acclamation

Electoral Area 5: Hazelton
Ms. Lynn Newbery Wins by acclamation
"Why no more commenting on school issues?"
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 16th October 2011
Answer: Because the legacy of the outgoing school board leaves me speechless. I believe the birthplace of our crisis can be found there. I am only guessing. School District # 82 School Board members, who are voted out, should take their physical chairs home with them too.

We used to be proud of our schools......whether Riverside, Parkside, Skeena, leaky trailers, or Caledonia, etc......we competed with eachother, and then met up at Skeena......and, the jousting was on. The Skeena High School yearbook was called "Tsimshian," and John Harris was the esteemed editor. He later went on the radio at a Vancouver FM station. Did you also know that Jim Vallance (percussion, Skeena Secondary High School Band, 1968-69) played drums and produced for Bryan Adams?? I went to prison.

We were already a success before all this started! Whatever "this" is.

There is a youth suicide contagion knocking at the door and/or in progress...and the only responders I see are the RCMP and the Nisga'a. On and off reserves. Did you all know that??

Okay, here goes.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 15th October 2011
Like many, I have been on a couple of "boards."

A friendship centre, regional alcohol & drug advisory board, national addictions-related board, etc.
Basically, boards are advisory only, and they look good on a person.

When you have the public purse, a user-demand for adjustment, a crisis, a union and an election.....well, there is little that a "board" can do.
If there was, I imagine this board would have done it already.

Other than that, I have nothing further to add about school boards.
Crucial to get out and vote
Comment by AP on 14th October 2011
So sad to see people get in by acclamation.

I really hope people take the time in Terrace and Thornhill to find out what the issues really are and ake a good hard look at the candidates available. School board is so essential. We have had such a rough go in education the past decade - we need to ensure the people we elect are there for the right reasons. SD#82 is the keystone to all educational issues in the province. we are proof that the funding formula does not work for a rural district with high special needs ratio. We must ensure a board who gets in is willing to stand up to the provincial government and give a proper needs based budget, even at the cost of their own elected positions. Nothing will ever change if we do not make that change happen. It takes guts and it takes no fear. Do these people have that? Can we finally find the right mix that will work together for the needs of all the children of the Northwest?

If you want to see what the trustees of the past have done - please go through the old board minutes - it is amazing to see some of the decisions that have been made, not usually in a good way.

Please - ask the candidates questions, find out the answers and make sure you vote based on quality of candidate not just whose name you have seen around the media. These trustees will be hiring the district staff that will decide what education looks like for our children. let's ensure they know what they are doing.

You have to love democracy in action. It is uplifting and gives everyone hope for the future!