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CONTRIBUTION · 15th October 2011
Stacey Tyers
In response to Byron's question on opinions on smart meters.

I am opposed to smart meters. Not because there might be too much radiation and not because criminals might have access to our patterns of living. I am opposed because it is another question of transparency and honesty in government.

It is clear the intention is to move towards that of Ontario and other jurisdictions to have pay steps. To charge more for peak hour usages. I think the general public, is "smart" enough to realize this is what is coming.

With the privatization of BC Hydro, we have seen our rates go up significantly.

I believe government needs to stop telling us what we want to hear. Then doing exactly the opposite once elected. It is time now that we stop allowing elected or campaigning people to openly lie to us and not hold them to account.

Intent should be up front and honest and allow the people to speak to the truth. Hear them out. In the end, I feel smart meters are going in as an increased revenue. You do not spend that kind of investment for simple accuracy. You invest that kind of dollars to see a larger return.

I do not accept that "all politicians lie". They lie because we allow them to. Lets stop allowing them to and lets prove that point again with the smart meters.