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CONTRIBUTION · 15th October 2011
James Cordeiro
I have lived in Terrace since 2004, when my wife was hired as a pharmacist with Northern Drugs. Prior to arriving in Terrace I spent most my life living in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. I attended Trinity Western University where I majored in Business Administration while working in restaurants on and off from high school. I always wanted to have my own restaurant, a dream that seem to be out of reach until I came to Terrace. I am grateful that Terrace has afforded me the opportunity.

Owning a local business in Terrace continues to be a rewarding and challenging career. This experience has given me a unique perspective on many local issues and I feel these experiences will allow me to make a meaningful contribution to city council.

In 2008, I was part of a successful petition drive in the downtown core asking council to reinstate downtown police patrols. I have also served a term as the 2nd vice president of the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce and I am currently serving my second term as a director of the Terrace Library Board.
Over the next few years Terrace is poised to enter phase of growth and it is my hope that we will see a long awaited and deserved period of prosperity. Signs of that are evident with increased traffic through our airport as well as major projects such as the Northwest Transmission Line. It is important that Terrace position itself to manage this growth and sustain it rather than simply repeating a boom and prolonged bust cycle.

Over the next few weeks I will have the opportunity of discuss where I stand on specific issues and to hear your concerns. For now in brief I will outline where I stand on some current issues:

• Co-op demolition and sale to a developer with a plan that fits the needs of the Downtown and provides property tax revenue
• Release of all in-camera documents related to the purchase of the Co-op
• Downtown Improvement Area
• Increased accessibility to public facilities (parks/rec., library, etc.)
• Community strategy for dealing with chronic alcoholism in the public sphere
• An accountability audit of taxpayer funded agencies Building consensus across Terrace’s diverse groups
• Downtown Revitalization Tax Exemption
• City recycling program that doesn’t require burdensome tax increases and has REAL environmental benefit
• More accountability from city departments and from council

• A factionalized council of one interest group against another
• Public funding of Shame’s Mountain
• Full time Mayor
• Increased salaries for Mayor and Council
• Reduction of industry tax rates at the expense of residential tax payers

Regarding Enbridge
My position on the Enbridge pipeline is council needs to stay above the fray until the Joint Review Panel has been completed. At that time, as a city councilor, I will vote after considering the will of the electorate as well as the findings in the JRP and ultimately my vote will be for what is in Terrace’s best long term interest based on a rational examination of the risk and benefit. At present my position is the project does not yet offer enough substantial long term benefit to Terrace to offset the potential risk. I understand other communities may have an interest in seeing the project through to completion; however, the first responsibility of council is to protect the interests of Terrace.