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NEWS RELEASE · 16th October 2011
Stacey Tyers
I realize most of the questions I've been asked have shown my being against them. So here is what I think are important.

-Addressing addictions in our community.

-Youth involvment, engagment and priority.

-Stronger partnerships with the First Nations community.

-Four Pillar of Sustainability (Economic Health, Social Equity, Environmental Responsibility, Cultural Vitality)

-Recycling, that goes beyond simply picking up your paper cardboard and cans.

-Promoting Terrace as a responsible and sustainable community.

-Working with BC transit to work towards a more viable public transit.

-More hands on involvement in the community.

-A stronger, more accountable city council

-Social Equity

-More partnerships

-Balancing decisions making

-Ensuring all voices are heard

-Safe and Community driven public events on public spaces. (IE Terrace Medley Night Market)

-Bridging the gaps

-Better relationship with Not For profits and Social Services

-Utilizing the expertise in our community.

-More citizen involvement

-Official City Plan

-Food Security

Overall a more collaberative approach. The citizens in this election will speak to their priorities with their votes. We have a great selection of people with varying view points, varying beliefs and varying priorities. It is important that the puiblic is properly represented and that will happen by who is elected.

I think there is room at the table for all four pillars. We can create as many jobs as we can, but without the services, housing and resources to attract people to those jobs or keep people in this community, then those jobs will simply be empty or time limited.

We can create jobs, but if they are not sustainable or worse cause destruction to our pristine environment then we are not presenting a future for our children, grandchildren and the many generations to follow.

We can work closer and better with our MLA and our MP and the other municipalities in our region to ensure not only Terrace but the Northwest is receiving the proper attention.

We can better promote ourselves by hiring and contracting to people within our community. Who knows this city better than those that live in it.

A stronger relationship and greater understanding of the diversity in Terrace can only benefit us. Lets promote our positives, lets work hard to improve the things that need work and lets support projects, programs, busineses and industry that represent our core values as a whole.

Coming from the Not for Profit sector, there is one thing that rings true everytime. If you reach out to this community, ask for their support they step up, step forward and bring it all together. We just need a strong direction and faith in the people who live here.

Each person has a unique contribution to this city, we need to utilize it, foster it and build on.