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NEWS RELEASE · 18th October 2011
Stacey Tyers
Here is some information on the background on this question posed by Chris A.

I think we need to have consultation with residents in regards to the best location. The debate I know has been down by kenney, or Connecting S. Kalum back to the downtown.

I think we need to have community dialouge on the best location for residents and traffice flow. I do support that council needs to start moving forward on this and make this a priority. I would be willing to move this issue back up the priority list.

Having moved here from the lower mainland, I understand the frustration of traffic and how those things can affect your whole schedule. The southside is just as much residents as the horseshoe or the benches.

I would pledge to holding community dialogue around this, to get the ball rolling.
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Comment by Karen on 18th October 2011
I could be wrong but didn't someone purchase the old TLO log yard (lot on the west side of Kenney) to construct a pellet plant? As nothing has happened on this land I wonder if the purchaser is anticipating the city buying it back, of course at an inflated cost, to build an overpass. If this land has been sold could this be an oversight on city council's part in selling it in the first place knowing that it may have been the best location for such a development?