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CONTRIBUTION · 18th October 2011
Mike Ross
Hello Chris..
I couldn't agree with you more on the need for a second overpass. Perhaps, by now, you will have read in my initial post here the importance that I attach to it with a "safety perspective". If the anticipated growth is achieved in the coming years, in Prince Rupert, here and Kitimat, then we can expect congestion only to worsen. Then, in addition to the points you have raised, what of the person in the back of an ambulance on the north side having to make it to the hospital on the south side being "bottle-necked" at the Sande overpass when every second may count?
I have traveled extensively and I can tell you that Terrace motorists are some of the safest and most courteous that I have seen. (I know this may be hard to believe some mornings). But, all it takes is one impatient driver "taking a chance" to cause a catastrophe that can't be undone. An alternate route will be essential sooner rather than later. In terms of safety, we must also consider a pedestrian/bicycle causeway, either separately or included.
The role of CN will certainly be included in examining the "funding options" that I mentioned.
I trust this answers your question, at least as far as my opinion is concerned, and I will say that, I too, will be interested in hearing the responses from my fellow candidates.
overpasses needed
Comment by cmmadmomma on 25th October 2011
I believe Terrace would benefit more if there were two additional overpasses. One where there used to be a through road on Kalum St. and one at the end of Braun St.
Putting in the Sande overpass created a hardship for pedestrians living on the south side. They had a much longer walk when the through road on Kalum St was removed.
Comment by Karen on 18th October 2011
This will be a very important issue for the city in the near future. With the imminent expansion of the container port in Prince Rupert and the resulting increase in train traffic Terrace will need to be prepared ahead of time or be looking at some serious increases in traffic flow problems and safety on the esisting crossings.

A pedestrian bridge is also badly needed. While working on the George Little House project I witnessed a large number of youth crossing the tracks. At the time I publicly suggested that CN construct a fence to block the short-cut but it was never built and the city never pursued it. I also suggested an overpass but that also was not taken seriously probably due to the cost. I believe that it is imparative that city council re-examin such a project.

Building both overpasses would most definitely save lives in the future.