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NEWS RELEASE · 19th October 2011
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace
- a vehicle pulling out of Tim Horton’s on Lakelse was struck by a bicycle. BC Ambulance attended. The 34 year old rider of the bicycle suffered a minor injury to her knee. There was minor damage to the bicycle and to the front passenger fender of the vehicle.

- police are investigating a prescription alteration at the Shopper’s Drug Mart on Lakelse

- a group of youth ages 11 to 14 were attempting to burn down a garage on Lakelse Ave. Police attended and found the suspect youths at Mr. Mike’s. A 13 year old female was caught in the act of spray painting a wall. She was arrested for mischief. She was also in breach from another incident of failing to abide by a curfew. She was held for Justice of the Peace hearing. Another 13 yr old youth was recognized as having been reported as missing on Oct. 18. He was arrested for mischief. A broken steak knife was found concealed in his sweater sleeve. He was then arrested for carrying a concealed weapon as well. Charges are being forwarded for both youth in this matter.

- a male was arrested for public intoxication at Safeway. En route to the detachment this male threatened to kill the police officer and his entire family. Charges are being forwarded. He will appear in court in the morning.

- theft of Listerine at the Husky. The male was located sitting outside of the store with the Listerine. He was arrested for theft. Charges are being forwarded. He will appear in court this morning.

- two garbage cans and a bunch of milk crates were stolen from McDonald’s at 12:55 AM. The suspect vehicle is grey pick up truck with two males in it.

Elsewhere Terrace
- verbal dispute in the Mills Memorial Hospital Parking lot

- a suspicious person in a black hoodie rang a doorbell at a residence on Medeek Ave at 2:12 PM. When the person inside of the house made noise, the person ran away.

- a female was arrested for shoplifting by the Loss Prevention Officer at Walmart. Police attended and arrested the female. Charges are being forwarded. She is on conditions not to go to Walmart.

- a bear in the compound at Adult Probation on Eby St. It was shot.

- a female reported that she was having a dispute with another female at the Rainbow Inn. Police attended. The complainant was very intoxicated and did not want to speak with police. The other female had left.

- an intoxicated male was knocking at a residence on Little Ave and refused to stop. He eventually left on his own accord.

- police investigated a report of a female being held against her will

- two people performing indecent acts on Pear St in public. Police attended but the two have moved on.

- a sixteen yr old female was reported missing from her foster home

- police were called to a domestic dispute on Park Ave. A male was arrested for 3 counts of breaching his conditions. He is held for court this morning.

- a 16 yr old male was arrested for public intoxication in the halls of Birchwood Apartments on Little Ave

- police were requested by Conservation to attend to Thornhill Elementary School for a report of a bear. Police made patrols to ensure the safety of the children. The bear was not located.

- a 13 yr old female was assaulted in the face with a pot by her mother at a residence on Larch Ave. The youth suffered heavy bruising to her face.

- a blue 1998 Dodge Dakota pickup, BC LP# CM0684 was stolen sometime between 6 AM and 6:45 PM on Oct. 18. It was parked near the four way stop sign at Hwy 37 and Hwy 16.

Kitsumkalum, Kulspai, Gitaus
nothing to report

nothing to report

People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222-TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Agreement with Leanne
Comment by Maggie Jo on 20th October 2011
Of course this has been going on in Terrace for ages. I agree with Leanne's comment that it simply wasn't common knowledge.

Perhaps next time we see a crew of Officers sitting at Timmy's to get a well-deserved break for a change (while they're still on call to deal with our residents' sillyness), we can buy them a coffee instead of judging them.
Comment by Leanne on 19th October 2011
It is normal for Terrace, it just wasn't common knowledge.
This is not normal for Terrace.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 19th October 2011
This is Tsimshian territory, and we need you to know that shaming oneself in public is unacceptable to us too. We all have done it, but never with our crests flying. Those who put our regalia on do not drink, and we try our darndest not to bring shame to our families.

Terrace does have a wild reputation. I like it. I think newcomers, and there's been many, mistakenly assume we are not law abiding here. It's not a native/non-native thing. We're just a little crazy.....not a colour thing.

There is no excuse for public drunkeness. The drinkers who use the "damp" shelter should only be allowed to drink on shelter property. Period.

There's a real loud horn attached to firehall. A ten o'clock curfew for people up to grade twelve age (16) during the school year.

When it comes to evening babysitting duties and mental health crises.....if everybody fulfilled their mandates and mission statements, then the RCMP can get back to theirs.
A pot? A POT?!
Comment by Maggie Jo on 19th October 2011
A mother hit her daughter in the face with a pot? A POT?!?!!! HOLY CRAP!

Perhaps she's been watching too many episodes of Bugs Bunny and Wylie Coyote.

And what's with people pulling indecent acts in public. For heaven's sake...get a room!

Eiy yi yiiiiii....