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CONTRIBUTION · 19th October 2011
C. Sandecki
Since both Terrace and Kitimat City Council meetings are broadcast for the 'at-home' public to observe, where do these candidates come down on extending the same public scrutiny to the Regional District meetings?

I'm asking all candidates, since at least two Terrace councillors at a time will take a turn sitting as Terrace representatives on the Regional District board.

Would they be in favour of public broadcasting of meetings? Would they argue for funding to make it happen? Are they aware of the reasons no broadcasts have been set up as yet? Is cost the only factor? What might the cost be? If cost is not the main reason for stalling, what other factors are blocking this bit of democratization?
Comment by les watmough on 22nd October 2011
Again, since the TS never came and never informed any, the RD has looked at a TV presence many times. The local station showed interest, but decided it would be a money loser, so they never came.Outside groups wanted an arm and a leg, but because Terrace council had dibs, we declined. Les watmough this is fun.
the short answer...
Comment by Dave Pernarowski on 21st October 2011
Yes, the RD should broadcast their meetings.
Lights! Camera! ACTION!
Comment by Mike Ross on 20th October 2011
I like the idea because I think it would give people greater access and get people more interested and involved on the current issues.
People are more likely to "tune in" than to show up for meetings.
Less apathy equals a stronger Democracy.
I certainly would attach a higher priority to funding for this project than what it has been given thus far.
Thanks for your question.
Comment by Marylin Davies on 20th October 2011
I'm for any form of open communication.
When I was on RD Kitimat Stikine, special seating was arranged for reporters (although not always used) and I can see no reason why each meeting should not be broadcast except short in camera portions dealing with personel and financial issues as dictated by the act.
Broadcasting also allows for a regional prospective as the RD does cover Kitimat Village to Iskut, Telegraph Creek and Dease Lake.
My Opinion
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 19th October 2011
I would be in favour of it. I'm not sure the reasons they are not, but I would definitely look into funding for it. It increases access and awareness. It keeps people educated and up to date.

Anything that can draw more people into caring and being a part of their city, anything that increases people's access to this information, increases accountability and transparency and increases public trust is a definite plus in my books.