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NEWS RELEASE · 20th October 2011
Terrace RCMP
Downtown Terrace
- the manager of Safeway caught a male attempting to steal an amount of groceries. Police attended and arrested the male for breach of conditions by being intoxicated and theft. The male was just released in the morning from court with conditions of not to consume alcohol outside of his residence. He will be held for court this morning again.

Elsewhere Terrace
- complaint of speeding driver in school zone of Munroe / Walsh. Company was spoken with about its driverís actions.

- a goup of patients were using drugs outside of Seven Sisters Facility. Police attended and located the group. An amount of what police suspect to be marihuana was seized.

- Suliwaaks school reported that a small bag of what police suspect is cocaine was found by a parent in the school lobby. Still under investigation.

- domestic dispute on Scott Ave

- police attended a 911 call on Pear St. A male was arrested for breaching a no contact order. He is held for court in the morning.

- a male was arrested for public intoxication at the corner of Sparks St and Soucie Ave

- an 11 yr old male was reported as missing by his foster parent when he failed to show up for his curfew. This is the 11th time he has been reported missing when failing to show up for curfew since Oct. 1, 2011.

- bear in garbage on Kalum St. Bear was not located.

- vehicle check near the old bridge. The driver did not have a driverís licence, no insurance, and was using a false plate. The vehicle he was driving was impounded. He was also issued a driving prohibition.

- sometime between 2 AM and 7 AM someone broke into a car parked on Kulspai Cr. Stolen were loose change.

Kitsumkalum and Gitaus
nothing to report

- missing person. While police were gathering info person called back to say a mistake was made, person was at work entire time.

**People with information on crime are asked to contact the Terrace RCMP at (250)638-7400 or anonymously through Crime Stoppers by telephone at 1-800-222 TIPS. Or a Tip can be left anonymously online at
Oh dear red herring......sigh..
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 24th October 2011
Tis not a "race argument."
You, oh anonymous one, are the first.

Agree on one hand......and slap with the other.
Don't mater how "OMG's" you may utter, I am sure the RCMP got that one covered. No doubt, everybody else is minding their business too.

Now, if we could only find that telephone number for mental health........and/or.......addictions.

Quick everybody! Time yourselves to see how long it takes for sober old find their telephone numbers, find them, acquire an appointment and get some help.

Other than that, we keep putting our blessed children on the bus.......eight o'clock Monday to Friday. I can see one bus stop from here. They all appear happy to go, and happier to get back.

red herring
Comment by Terrace resident on 24th October 2011
OMG, seriously, the bigger issue here is that there is still obvious racism running rampant in our community and arguments like this are contributing factors! Let's quit this race against race argument and get down to the real issue, seriously, cocaine at a school OMG, this issue is disgusting, seriously, the person that dropped it out is so addicted that they carry it around with them and accidentally drop it out? Addictions, racism, ignorance....the list goes on...our town is getting worse. Crime, addictions, hate, racism...all the makings of a completely dysfunctional society!!! Let's talk about these kinds of issues instead of beginning a race argument
Okay, I get it!
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 23rd October 2011
I will respect Tyler Clark.
I will not misspell Tyler Clark.
I will respond to Tyler Clark.
I will no longer ignore Tyler Clark.

No one here fights or argues with you, Grasshopper.
Sit down. You will be okay. We come in peace.

The name of the school is CLARENCE MICHIEL.
We all agree with that. Yes, you can call it whatever you want.

Yes to your "illuminati" scud also. We are a class-based society.
Whenever others treat us like third class citizens, we continue to behave as first class citizens.

Now, I will respectfully close off with you.....
Illuminati in Terrace?
Comment by Tyler Clarke on 23rd October 2011
Again I must ask that if someone is going to reply to my comment, please have the decency to spell my name properly. I blame myself for not making this part clear because I only highlighted that my name is Tyler. Perhaps I should've made it clear after correcting earlier misspellings that I should have shown how to spell both my first and last name.

Also it appears I have misled some to believe there is a "secret, local name-changing committee" this is untrue, to my knowledge, but i rather refered "they" as the locals of Terrace and more importantly, those who voted on the name change. I, myself did NOT vote for or against this name change, and therefore I have no basis for any arguement on the name. I'm merely stating that making a fuss over this name change is not going to help any cause, what is done is done.

I'm not trying to re-write history, I'm merely encouraging others to embrace change if it has already happened. Arguing about the name change of a school isn't helping anyone.

I'd also like to thank you for pointing out that you "Thank God I am not a member of Waap Gitxon" under the basis that I assume, for disagreeing with your view. But last time I checked, everyone is allowed to express their views, and I will express myself to the most politically appropriate way I see fit.

Tyler Clarke
Mr. Clark:
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 23rd October 2011
It sounds as if you speak of a secret, local name-changing committee. "They."

Let us know who "they" are, so we can throw shoes at them.

Who has all this time to proceed with something so frivilous, while the rest of us work desperately for the present happiness of Terrace's youth!? Today! we speak........for you see us here? Why do we care about what you are teaching and doing? They changed the name of the hotsprings from "Lach Gels," and see what happened? Stop running around, trying to re-write history. Terracites won't put up with it.
Our youth already respect us, and we intend to keep it that way...and, we intend to earn the respect of youth who are here from out-laying territories as well.

Thank God you are not a member of Waap Gitxon, or we'd be looking at the huge undertaking of making things right with the Michiel family.

Why wah! As the Michiel family turns the other cheek, we think they might make good Tsimshians.
Encourage change if it is already in place
Comment by Tyler Clarke on 23rd October 2011
Maggie Jo, I had no hand in changing the name of the school, I did not vote on any change, therefore I have no platform to complain about it. As for renaming Mills Memorial Hospital or R.E.M. Theatre, again I will not participate in changing the name, and I will stand by my decision by not complaining about any new name they decide.
That being said, as I previously said, Suwilaawks is a new school, it is now a community school and not the former elementary school. Names change from time to time, we should encourage change if it is already in process, because it is a new beginning, the name Clarence Michiel is still on the building so if it comforts you to continue calling it by its former name, than do so. But as we all know, children look up to older generations as leaders, or they atleast should, but how good of an example are you setting by making a fuss about a name change. I'm not denying that Mr. Michiel has brought unsurmountable progress and leadership to the areas education, but I am saying that change should be encouraged if it is already in place.

Oh and by the way, my name is Tyler, not Terry. If you are going to reply to my comments, please have my name right, it's very clearly stated, thanks.
i also
Comment by Steve on 22nd October 2011
I also know the Michiel family and altho they are too polite to say anything, I can tell you they were pretty upset about taking away what was quite an honour for a deserving man. Old "Mike" was quite a guy in his later years, i'm pretty sure he'd be unimpressed and would tell you so
To the family of Clarence Michiel:
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 22nd October 2011
On behalf of myself, I apologize for not previously learning how to spell your last name right. I have no excuse for that, and pledge to remember.

I am the speaker for the Esteemed Tsimshian Eagle House of Gitxon, at Kitsumkalum, B.C. Our family has an established history of participation with School District # ways too numerous to mention. We were not invited to any meetings, regarding the removal of Clarence Michiel's name from the school, nor any of the other changes enforced in the name of culture.

If the name was removed without proper protocols and respect..... a grave insult has occurred in the name of my culture.

In this day and age, appropriate Tsimshian from the appropriate clan (Simoighets, Sigdmhana'as)need to be consulted about the important cultural things. Just like in days of yore. Or not.

Whii Nea ach.
Waap Gitxon (Eagle)
Kitsumkalum, B.C.

Actually, the Michiel family was disgusted.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 22nd October 2011
I personally know the Michiel family and they were utterly taken aback with the stripping of their name in this regard. So, no Terry. They were not excited about the name change in the very least. Even Mr. Michiel's grandson wrote an article in the paper about it at the time.

Clarence was recognized for his outstanding contribution to education as a teacher/principal from 1929-1941. In this day/age, we really need hero's to look up to and model ourselves after. I guess that doesn't matter anymore in your world.
Name change.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 22nd October 2011
Tyler. Do you REALLY think a name change is going to encourage the children to be more committed to "learning"? Seriously.


Don't forget to petition to rename Mills Memorial Hospital and the REM LEE Theatre too. See you at the polls.
Suwilaawks Community School
Comment by Tyler Clarke on 21st October 2011
Has anyone who has previously commented on this given any thought that maybe the Michiel family is honoured that they had a school named after a member of their family for so long, but are proud with change, because it is now a COMMUNITY school? You talk about how Terrace residence should have made more of a fuss, how big of a fuss did YOU make?
Yes you are an alumni of Clarence Michiel Elementary, but todays generation of students will be the alumni of Suwilaawks Community School, so try encouraging it so they are proud of their school and where they get their education.
The name Suwilaawks comes from the Tsimshian word "learning" because the school sits on traditional Tsimshian land.
They stripped Mr Michael of the name.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 20th October 2011
Yes, you are correct Janice - that the original name of that school is Clarence Michael, named after a prominent member of our Community who worked dilengently to deserve a school to be named after him.

Well, apparently that doesn't mean anything...cuz "they" had no problem after YEARS of honor in that regard to strip Mr. Michael's name offa da school to host a new name instead.

Nice. Real nice.

Can you imagine changing the name of an arena named after someone...or a street named after someone....just cuz a group of people wanted to be recognized while forcing a name change?!?! Totally disrespectful...and well, utterly SHAMEFUL!

So sad that the City's residents didn't make more of a fuss about it when it occured.
"Suliwaaks" School:
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 20th October 2011
It's real name is Clarence Micheal Elementary School, and I was a student the first year it opened. We were so grateful to move out of Riverside. Riverside was cool.......a little too cool in the winter. And no, I do not know who the heck Clarence Micheal was, nor where his Mother & Father were from. I am a proud alumnus of Clarence Micheal.

Poor Clarence Micheal! What have they done to you? Somebody in charge of school name changes, please fill us all in on the politics of education these days.

I can't believe cocaine may have been found there. The new school board should sit down in a hurry, whether it is, or not. Too many are sitting here thinking, "It could be true....."