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CONTRIBUTION · 20th October 2011
Our City Pool while being fairly bright, clean, and well looked after is rather boring and while staff have tried to make things interesting with blow up toys and such they only go so far.

Kitimat's renovation has increased the facilities use tremendously with even people from Terrace driving there to use it, do you support the City borrowing money to upgrade our facility.

For bonus points what do you think of acquiring the Hot Springs and reviving it as a regional tourist destination/campground, etc.
Agree 100% Dave
Comment by Karen on 21st October 2011
What an absolutely under-utilized treasure the hotsprings are. Every time I go in a grocery store I think about how the springs could be used to heat a year-round greenhouse that could supply the whole north with fresh vegetables and create many well-paying jobs. The pools could be not only be a destination for locals but could be a huge draw for tourism - another job creator.

I don't think what has transpired is what the Social Credit government that sold it to Mr. Orleans intended at all. Hopefully, in the not too distant future, there will be an opportunity to right this wrong because such a valuable resource as this should never benefit just one person to the exclusion of all the rest of the population.
First meeting of Lac els hotsprings Action
Comment by blocky bear on 21st October 2011
The first meeting of the Lac els hotsprings action commitee will take place the evening of November 02, 2011 in the Rich McDaniel room at the Terrace Sportsplex. Please spread the word. Don Bruce
Lach Gels (Place of fresh water mussels).
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 21st October 2011
The hotsprings. An effective negotiating team should be formed to present an offer to the current owner. It is a place of respite and recreation for all travellers.

Respite: A regional seniors home.
Recreation: For kids of all shapes and ages.

When it comes to economic development in Terrace?
We'll be cooking with gasoline! Pools, water parks, spas, good food, fun, etcetera! Let's go!
our pool is cool, the hotsprings could be hot
Comment by Dave Pernarowski on 21st October 2011
Our pool could use some love. But I would not support borrowing money at this time to replace it. We recently did some extensive work on the exterior and I would agree we could spend some money upgrading the interior. To start, we should build a change area for parents who need to help their children get changed. For example, a mom who comes with her older disabled son can't go into the boys change room and can't take her son into the girls change room. This needs to be fixed. We provide accommodations for this situation, but it isnít up to par. Our current pool is not as fancy as the multi-million dollar pool that Kitimat recently built, but if we continue to add some cool features to our facility and make it accessible to everyone in the community, it should serve us well for many more years. At the Union of BC Municipalities convention in Vancouver last month, Premier Clark announced a new 30 million dollar recreation infrastructure fund to be made available to communities. Our Director of Leisure Services is currently looking at priority needs for recreational infrastructure in our community and we will be responding to the funding opportunity very quickly. I also believe that Kitimat is just a short (beautiful) drive down the highway where we can go to experience their new pool and waterslide facility. Kitimat residence come to our City on a regular basis to share and enjoy our services and amenities (like a cup of Tim Hortonís coffee) Letís go out and visit them from time to time and enjoy what they have to offer.

On the bonus question I would say that the Hotsprings is bubbling with opportunity. The geothermal energy available from that property offers extremely exciting possibilities. With some money invested into the site, the Hotsprings could be a real draw for local residents and tourists to the hotel and Hotsprings pool. And one day the current owner of that property may be interested in selling to an investor who is prepared to take the Hotsprings to the next level.

But just imagine if we expand our thinking to include the idea of a large scale greenhouse operation at that site heated by geothermal energy that could provide local, organically grown produce for our city year round. We could eliminate trucking in vegetables from Mexico and the southern States, reduce the impacts to our environment, and create a made in Terrace industry from an existing energy source....and letís not forget that the produce grown in these local greenhouses would be fresh, organic, and really tasty.