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CONTRIBUTION · 21st October 2011
Merv Ritchie
I personally believe Thornhill and Terrace should be one community, under one Mayor and council. The issue is even bigger than just this simple question of amalgamating these two communities, it is the entire boundary.

Brauns Island, North Terrace and Dutch Valley should all be part of the greater Terrace area. Currently the Regional District Kitimat Stikine is managing these locations surrounded by Terrace. The boundary of Terrace was recently changed to include the Airport lands and now service this area as well with everything, including the Terrace Fire Department. Brauns Island, Dutch Valley and North Terrace are also now on the Terrace water system infrastructure.

The problem with amalgamation is how the City of Terrace has demonstrated an air of intolerance perceived by many who live in the Thornhill and outlying areas. However all of this regional population utilize the City services and infrastructure.

There is an unnecessary duplication of administration services by the RDKS and Terrace into all the intertwined lives of those who enjoy all the infrastructure. All these services, refuse disposal sites, policing plans, Fire department, community planning, industrial parks and recreational services need to be properly coordinated.

First we need to learn how to cooperate as one family within this intersection hub of highway 16, 37 and the Nisgaà Highway. Then we need to present ourselves as a strong leadership force to facilitate cooperation with the other communities of the Northwest. We all depend on each other and need each other to boost our economic and social well being. We can only do this by proving to those looking at Terrace that Terrace is a place they want to be a part of.

The past number of Mayors and councils have participated in divisive practices. Rather than finding solutions to issues that met with wide community and individual support, they have left large segments of the population mad and fighting with each other. I argued at council, when Jack Talstra was Mayor, to find an impartial mediator to resolve a particularly divisive situation. I even provided a name but I was rebuked and the current Mayor continued on the same path finding himself out of a job and in Court.

Terrace has a long history of not being inclusive. Many previous Councils could be described as exclusive, intolerant and behaving with an attitude of exclusivity. This has to change.

Who would want to join a City that behaved in this fashion? I believe we can all work together and find amicable resolutions to every issue. If we can't do it here with this small population of residents how could we expect cooperation anywhere.

So my straight answer is this. I believe the boundaries of Terrace should encompass all areas from the garbage dump on the Nisga'a Hwy, all of North Terrace, out highway 16 to the Copper River Motel and the Copper Mountain subdivision to the junction of Old Lakelse Road with Highway 37 south of the Airport and to even included Old Remo and New Remo. Terrace provides regular life services to all these residents now.

The Regional District Kitimat Stikine would then be able to use their services much more effectively being responsive to the needs of the remote communities and mining operations throughout the entire northwest.

Terrace could then be an explosively welcoming community that all the mining companies would want to set up their offices. Currently they see a divisive community and they might likely spend the extra money to fly their staff farther away.

I want to change that.
Rural school bus service.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 26th October 2011
Currently, only students of public schools are allowed on the bus. After all these years, you still cannot make this policy logical. It is not fair.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 23rd October 2011
I'm not disagreeing with you. You also have very capable and cost effective fire protection.
Hi Les!
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 22nd October 2011
I did actually point out I don't live in Thornhill. I said I prefer a rural way of life. :) So what thornhill allows as far as chickens and livestock go, I don't know. Where i am in the regional district though, it's okay.
Comment by les watmough on 22nd October 2011
Just reading the comments above , it jumps out and frightens me. No one knows anything about Thornhill,. We have water service, we have fire hall and 5 trucks, hook and ladder we have zoneing and by laws, we dont allow just any chickens or horses ( we allow Grizzly bears, They are to big to scare) we have some sewer , we would have more if the Prov.Govt wasen't so stupid. Our insurance premiums are way down.We had schools and excellent playgrounds untill the Prov. screwed things up
Before there are any more derogatory coments about US ask me. I am the one who made sure all these good things did happen.
We happen to be happy the way things are, Why did we never join? the city council. There is so much more to this issue , and we have looked at a lot of options. Les.
Comment by les watmough on 22nd October 2011
I recently wrote a historic piece about Thornhill and submitted it to the Terrace Standard on the 4 Oct. I was told it could not be printed because it would give me a Political advantage, what kind of advantage was not explained. Is there any sort of poitical advantage here?
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 22nd October 2011
That previous post was from me, clearly on a borrowed computer.

I also wanted to add the increased costs of fuel for commuting.

Peopl want different options, some of us like rural, some like single family homes some like condo style. It's important to accomodate all the needs.
I don't live in Thornhill either
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 22nd October 2011
I also live in rural area outside of town past the city dump. Which means I still wouldn't fall into the expanded city boundaries.

Maggie, I get good rent, when I was moving I could not find a home in the city that would accept my dog whom I inherited from my grandfather.

I don't own, nor do I live in an estate. But I do appreciate the privacy. Not everyone likes rural living, nor would be enticed to live in it. Power Outages often, last on the list for repairs because it's a small grid there. Gravel roads that are not graded often enough, being snowed in because you're not a priority etc... there are downfalls.

However, this is what was available, I actually like it and it works for me.
Don't be misled
Comment by James Ippel on 22nd October 2011
It is not really cheaper to live in a rural area, one that has no sewer system, water system, or fire protection.
You have to maintain your own water and sewer systems (not cheap) and even with limited fire protection your premilum costs are anywhere from triple to quadruple those in Terrace.
Terrace cannot maintain snow clearing in City Limits in the winter time, pray tell how they would manage if Thornhill, Terrace North and other areas were included.
Yes Helmut, I have driven the roads in Thornhill. Lots of pavement, well maintained, including areas like Copperside Estates, and Jackpine Flats. Compare that to the streets in Terrace. Let me point out only one "Little" piece of road that the City has been "trying" to fix for years but can'nt seem to find the time. It is that short piece between Hiway 16W and CN Rail, Frank Street. Maybe if the fixed this, you would see more truck traffic using Keith to connect to the Hiway. Now the small portion of road is earthshattering to drive at anything over about 2 kmh.
What else have they been working on for a number of years now, and no completion time in sight? It is the Welcome to Terrace sign west of Terrace at the Kalum River.
Maybe Terrace need someone who can make sound judgement decisions. The Regional District is not perfect, but people in the outlying areas do get some pretty good services.
For Stacey
Comment by Roy Harding on 22nd October 2011
Fair enough - I don't live in Thornhill, I'm in another part of the rural district close to Terrace - so I wasn't aware of the details regarding Thornhill addresses vis a vis the postal system, or Revenue Canada.

As far as the rest of your post goes, I'm in general agreement with you.

When we moved here in 2006, we SPECIFICALLY chose a location outside the city limits - for a lot of reasons. At the time, I was fairly confident that there was little chance that the City of Terrace would want to expand it's borders out to where we are, at least within my lifetime (I'm 51, and figure I've got at LEAST another 30 left in me). When we moved here, the city was suffering what the economists label "negative growth" - and from what I see downtown (empty/boarded up storefronts), this hasn't changed much in the last five years - although there's lots of potential for turning that around in the near future.

Given that "negative growth", in my opinion the ONLY reason Terrace would want to expand its' boundary is for an increased tax base - but I'm pretty sure they haven't adequately taken into account the COSTs associated with such a move. Road maintenance is the first that comes to mind. Out here in the rural district, there is a LOT of pavement relative to the taxpayer base - are the residents of Terrace prepared to pay to maintain the highway upon which I live? I doubt it. I greatly fear that should the City expand, they'd gobble up my tax dollars, devote them to "City centric" projects downtown - and forget about snow clearing/maintaining the road I live on.

I'm a relative new comer to the area - but from what I've read here online, the residents of Thornhill have similar concerns.
I think I'm gonna move to RD territory.
Comment by Maggie Jo on 22nd October 2011
I'm actually entertaining a "Mutiny". Eeeks!

I'm diggin' the less tax costs in the rural districts.

After all, if I did so... I can FINALLY buy/raise my own chickens without interference from the City of Terrace that I'm not permitted to slaughter myself. Okay, seriously. WHAT'S up wid' dat?!

Just imagine: I wouldn't have to purchase fresh eggs from one of my rural-based friends every week, the kids could grow up on a larger estate with freedom to move about without neighboring interference, the taxes would be less, the privacy would ROCK!

Yeah, I'm diggin' the enticement to move away from the City. More land to explore about within an owned rural property, more livestock to be permitted to raise, etc etc. Sure, there are some shortcomings due to a move outside the City's district. I can stomach it. After all, my close peeps have been telling me they LOVE living outside the City's limits. Hmmmm....veeeeeeeeeeeery tempting. I have to investigate this further before I put my Terrace City home UP 4 SALE!
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 22nd October 2011
Just to clarify though, revenue canada and such that have 'auto postal code' coding thornhill postal codes are actually coded as thornhill. If you say Terrace when you live in that area they ask for clarification.

Thornhill also came in 13th a few years ago in the best water in the world contest.

I do agree with the exclusiveness and exclusion that happens though. As it has already been happening in this election. Because I live outside the city, I opt for a more affordable rural life, this also prevents clients from showing up at my door at 2am. It was however implied that if living within city limits is not good enough for you, then you can't properly represent the city.

I opt for a quieter rural life. Where if i want chickens, I don't have to spent a year debating it with city council. If I want a horse, the same. My dog and cat enjoy the open space.

But i do contribute everything else to the city, except for where I lay my head and play my video games. (I wonder if the fact that I play video games also lessens my credibility to running for council?) I love Terrace, I love working there, shopping there, eating there, volunteering there. I like living in the peace and quiet of rural, I don't think it makes me any less a contributing member to the city though.
Postal Address
Comment by Roy Harding on 22nd October 2011
"Another question I often ask is..."What do the people in the Regional District put on their Canada Postal envelopes as "sender". Yeah, they all put Terrace, BC. "

That would be because that's what CANADA POST insists upon. You may as well ask why everybody in town and the surrounding area puts "V8G" as the first three characters of their postal code.

As far as why I tell people (on Facebook and elsewhere) that I live in "Terrace" - that is once again for ease of communication. The City of Terrace is the largest nearby center with which people are likely to be familiar. I used to live in a small town outside of Edmonton - and I told people from outside the area that I was "in" Edmonton - for the same reason.

Regardless my personal feelings regarding amalgamation - the argument I quoted above is specious.
I Would Vote For The Regional District First!
Comment by terry on 22nd October 2011
The regional District has done a good job running Thornhill keeping spending and taxes under control. Terrace's council could learn from them.
Comment by Robert Sallows on 21st October 2011
Sorry but I don't Agree with Almagamation i think Thornhill would lose its dumpsite and firehall hense costing me more in the end
Gotta agree...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 21st October 2011
When people from elsewhere fly into Terrace...they have no clue that the other "adjoining/outlining areas" are not part of our City.

I've always had that question: WHY aren't they?

Another question I often ask is..."What do the people in the Regional District put on their Canada Postal envelopes as "sender". Yeah, they all put Terrace, BC. And what do they write on Facebook about where they live? They note: "Terrace, BC" as their place of residence.

Then BE a member of Terrace, BC.

Hopefully, the amalgamation suggestion will take flight for serious consideration. We could use the extra tax base while serving the outter areas as well. The more population we report to the Provincial Gov't...the more grants we may be able to utilize to the betterment of all those who call Terrace, BC their home.
To clarify
Comment by blocky bear on 21st October 2011
Further to my last comment; anything Roger is for makes me worry. d.b.
Makes sense when you say it!
Comment by blocky bear on 21st October 2011
This issue was really scary when Roger Harris came out strong for amalgamation. In any event I need to be able to park my spare dump truck in my driveway on the south side. d.b.
Why it has never been done.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 21st October 2011
Drive the roads in Thornhill and the answer to that question is crystal clear.
Comment by Mr. Peters on 21st October 2011
This is without a doubt the most rational thing you have ever written or said. I am amazed that it has not been done, it only make sense to do it.

Good luck with it.