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REPORTING · 22nd October 2011
Walter McFarlane
Five Questions:

We are asking each of the Candidates in the upcoming election 5 questions. The questions are reprinted below.

Question One:
What is the most significant reason you are running for Council?

Question Two:
What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success in Terrace?

Question Three:
What is your stance on Enbridge, In Favour of, Opposed too or Neutral? Why?

Question Four:
The Co-op building is being demolished. What is your vision for the use of this land?

Question Five:
RCMP daily reports
Comment by Dave Pernarowski on 26th October 2011
Hi Maggie,

I really like seeing these reports. This was an excellent idea brought in by our new Inspector, Dana Hart.

Dave Pernarowski
Mayor Candidate
Answers to Ians 5 questions
Comment by Dave Pernarowski on 26th October 2011
Question 1 - What is your economic plan for the next years of your term?

I will continue to work closely with the Council and our economic development office to promote Terrace as a service and knowledge centre to support all of the major projects coming into this region. Small business continues to the backbone of our of community and connecting industry workforce needs with our College and University campuses here in Terrace will help us create courses that will train our people to take on the jobs that are coming our way. The opportunity to be creative in how we use our forestry natural resource needs to be factored into our economic plan. Terrace could benefit in a huge way by taking advantage of science and technology that allows us to create many eco friendly products from wood waste. I will continue to work with community partners to make sure we don’t let this opportunity pass us by.

Question 2 - Shames Mountain?

Shames Mountain is a gem for northwest BC. We need to keep this asset operating. The City of Terrace continues to promote the benefits of Shames Mountain. We have purchased a business membership, provided free office space for My Mountain Co-op at the Kwinitsa building, participated in fundraising events, provided a $15,000.00 grant for operations in the 2011/2012 ski season, and I’ve personally met with potential corporate sponsors to highlight the benefits to their companies to participate in the ski cooperative.

Question 3 - Infrastructure, what is needed to be addressed now and what will wait?

Terrace needs a community center. Ideally we should utilize an existing building to renovate like ET Kenny School. We also need to continue looking for ways to build a pedestrian overpass across the tracks at the Kalum Street site to open up our downtown area to the south side residents. City staff continues to have discussions with CN about this concept. Road and sidewalk construction must also continue to be a focus. A second overpass is also needed in our community.

Question 4 - taxation, reduction?

I would be in favour of reducing residential and small business taxes as we are successful in adding light and heavy industrial taxes back into the taxation mix.

Question 5 – multiculturalism?

The success of the Terrace Medley Nights at the Spirit Square over the summer is a true indication of how important multiculturalism is to our community. The events I was able to attend were quite inspiring. A lot of credit must go to the work of the Skeena Diversity Society for bringing our diverse cultures into the forefront where they all belong.
smart meters
Comment by mbw on 24th October 2011
I would like to know the candidates' positions on Smart Meters

Please note the various answers to this question , which was already posed by Bryon. Check the Municipal page. This was one of the first questions asked.
Thx Stacey...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 22nd October 2011
I appreciate your public dialogue.

I deeply respect ANY member of the Community who puts their name forward in "public service form" for the betterment of this Community. You serve as example to us to knock off all da' complaining lest we agree to "get out own feet wet" as efforts to work together to make this Community rise above the challenges set before us.

Thank you for your sacrificial effort that way, and for being an "open book" for us commoners to review/digest your comments in the interim prior to our upcoming Municipal election process.

Comment by Stacey Tyers on 22nd October 2011
I had already answered the article, so I will answer yours here.

1. Economic: I had the enjoyment of attending the priority planning session for NWCC last weekend and the discussions were excellent. I think like the Official Community Plan, I would like to see a long term Economic Sustainability and Employment plan.

The city can partner with many agencies, educational facilities, etc... Having come from grass roots not for profit I feel I bring a different level of experience. I look at social equity in much of the ideas I have or those shared with me. Will the community buy in and contribute. The city does not need to financially contribute to everything to partner or show it's support. There are other means to contribution and revenue that are not dollars and cents.

By growing these partnerships, by the city actively looking for grant funding, by helping to promote the work being done in the community and being actively involved in community.

Growing small business education and funding needs to be a priority. There are many people with many ideas that are limited by a lack of education on running a business or capital funding to push it forward. By promoting small businesses we are increasing local economy through local employment and additional services. Businesses contribute to the tax base thus lessening the burden of home property owners.

2. Shames Mountain - See my previous article.

3. Infrastructure - We as a community need a plan for infrustructure. Ensuring that when we put in sidewalks, they are accessible to wheelchairs, baby strollers, walkers etc... to ensure our whole community can get around.

Roads need to be prioritized. I appreciated that the current council moved McConnell up this year, it was HORRIBLE. We knows the roads need work. The city has been very proactive in doing the piping under the roads as well to ensure they are not torn up in another few years to fix the piping. This is a good practice and though costly I feel it should be continued when looking at long term.

I would like to see more sidewalks on smaller streets.

Now the big one, I want more bylaw enforcement. I am tired of seeing people park where they shouldn't. The yellow line on a curb means you can't park there. Parking too close to stop signs forcing other drivers to nose out to see around vehicles etc...

4. by increasing promotion and sustainability for small business and services this will lessen the burden on homeowners.

5. Multiculturalsim - Diversity has been and will continue to be a strong point in mhy own work, life and volunteering. The city can contribute more to this. Having been one of the organizers for the Terrace Medley Night Markets this summer, the attendance clearly shows a desire for the greater community to be more informed, involved and entertained.

These events were such a great success for the organizers, the featured cultures and the greater community. I would like to see more inclusion like this. I am willing and wanting to continue this kind of work.
Maggie Jo
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 22nd October 2011
I have been reading them, I appreciate them and I think from reading them I see exactly why I'm running for council. We as a city must start addressing the social inequities in our community. Youth, poverty, unemployment etc... the police reports clearly show me a sign of an increasing desparity that must be addressed.
Comment by Ian on 22nd October 2011
How about
1. What is your economic plan for the next years of your term.
2 Shames Mountain?
3 Infrustructure, what needed to be addressed now and what will wait.
4] taxation, reduction?
5] Muticulturalism.

Question #6
Comment by Maggie Jo on 22nd October 2011
Any of you been reading the newly publicized RCMP daily reports?

Any comments in that regard???