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CONTRIBUTION · 22nd October 2011
Jennifer Lewis
My name is Jennifer Lewis. Join me in my quest to become Terrace's first woman Mayor! Below is my platform that I released on Wednesday.

I am not for funding a full time Mayor,
I am not for a Raise for the Mayor,
I am not for big costly campaign promises paid for on the backs of the taxpayers.
I am not for clear cutting 22 acres of prime airport lands property with nothing to show for it! How is clear cutting land a green intiative?

I am for Food Security
I am for taking care of our land, soil and water so as to grow the food in which we eat, fish for the salmon we feed our babies and drink the water we get from our taps.

I am for Inclusion
I am for full inclusion of the community so we have input where input is needed. Working together to achieve our goals.

I am for Transparency
The behind closed door meetings have got to stop. The community needs to know how our councillors feel about certain issues. Debate is healthy.

I am for Accountability.
Who is accountable for our community? Who is accountable for the decisions that are made and for the money spent? Who is accountable for the unethical behaviour?

I am for Integrity.
I stand up when I see injustices being committed. I have a proven track record for standing up, following through and seeing problems to the end no matter how difficult.

I am for Winning solutions that benefit the whole community.
I will advocate for an Agricultural revolution, a family change room at the pool and a CN Rail overpass.

I am for Ethical Behaviour.
Treating our fellow people with repsect. Freedom for inquirying about issues further. Freedom to discuss. Freedom to tell the truth no matter how difficult.

I am for Values based decision making.
What is? What is it ought to be? How to we get from" what is" to "what it ought to be?" What is our motivation? Are we acting ethically?

I am Leadership that considers the Community first.

__We must consider all the Consequences and our decisions must bring out the best Consequences for all. __

From Poverty to Prosperity One Vote at a Time.

Lewis for Mayor
1 250 975 0782

Biography and Information:
Jennifer is in a common-law relationship with Kelly R. Derksen and is a mother of 3, who resides in Terrace, BC.

Jennifer Lewis works part-time as a Customer Service Representative with Jazz Aviation LP at the Terrace Airport.

Jennifer Lewis is the local Union Representative for District Vice Chair for 614 YXT CAW 2002.

Jennifer came to Terrace in 1980 with her family and travelled back to Toronto to finish school, but the mountains called her back to the City of Prince Rupert. The Northwest has been her home ever since.

She started a Partnership with a local lady in Prince Rupert. They opened a Janitorial Company, a Carpet Cleaning company, and a Landscape Company. Jennifer and her family relocated to Terrace where her company purchased a Janitorial Company. The Limited Partnership lasted for 9 years. The company sold in the fall of 2001.

Jennifer has been involved with the local gardening community since 1999. Jennifer worked for the former Terrace City Councillor, Richard McDaniel at his Garden Center, Gardenland in Thornhill, which reignited her passion for gardening. She was raised on an organic farm in Ontario. This passion carries on today and she has been casually employed for the last 2 garden seasons for the Rona Garden Centre in Terrace, BC.

Jennifer has volunteered for the Shames Mountain Ski Club Non Profit Society since 1998. She has held positions in the Club as Secretary and Nancy Greene Coordinator, Level 1 Coach and most recently one of the organizers of the Annual Ski and Snowboard Swap. The ski club provided an opportunity for all families to be able to participate in skiing for at affordable prices..

Jennifer Lewis was the former Executive Director Terrace Tourism Society from May 2004 to the Society’s dissolution. During her time with Terrace Tourism Society, she achieved many accomplishments. She worked with local businesses and increased the Tourism membership from 13 to 100 members and saw the implementation of the 2% Accommodation Tax. She prepared reports for Provincial Government, our Municipality, and our Regional District. Communicated with all levels of Government so successfully that she earned an invitation to spend the day with elected officials in Victoria for Tourism Day (2005). The accomplishments were reported monthly to a local board of 14 tourism business members and financial statements were audited annually. She organized many Tourism events, included but not limited to an Asian Familiarization Tour, Tourism AGM, and a NBC Tourism AGM. She attended a Canadian Tourism Media Marketing Event in California to meet with journalists from all over the United States to encourage positive stories printed for our area.

Jennifer Lewis has proven to her community she can stand up for herself and she is willing to stand up for you too! She is able and ready to make Terrace a better place for all our citizens. Join us as we make history by electing Terrace's first woman Mayor!

Jennifer C L Lewis
3314 Sparks ( Sparks and Davis)
Email: jennifercllewis,,,
Facebook: Jennifer C L Lewis for Mayor of Terrace BC
Phone: 1 250 975 0782
pushing her onto her heels about nothing
Comment by good reader on 28th October 2011
listen to all of you, beating up on the candidate. If you were to actually read georges comment you would understand that jen only mentioned the voters list because she wanted to know georges origin. you know? where is he coming from? what are his opinions? what does he want from her? WHAT IS HIS DEAL??? after all the article is titled "WHAT IS SHE ALL ABOUT ANYWAY" . NOT what is terrace all about? who cares what terrace is all about in this article. that's not what it's here for. it's here to tell us all about JEN. and that's just what she did. So stop making it seem like she " dismissing peoples ideas, contrubutions, concerns, suggestions and so one and so forth. because she didn't!! there was no contribution, concern or suggestion in georges comment. just some verbal diarreah about a topic he wanted to hear about, witch was clearly not a part of this article and was never intended to be. I think if i started voting i might vote for Jen and Stacey to tag team terrace as the mayoral "DYNAMIC DUO" THAT IS ALL.
just wondering
Comment by Shelly on 27th October 2011
I think Les makes a good point. Why is the information never shared in regards to profit and loss? There has been a few purchases made by the city that are relatively unclear to me. Maybe I just haven't read the right paper at the right time. The airport, the old co-op and the mill site. Just curious as to whether you will truly be "open book" on all the issues that involve our beautiful city or are you going to pick and choose what we need to see and hear? It is our city and what happens here and the decisions made affect us all, not just the people that think they have the only right to decide for us. Unfortunately we can not all be on the city but we should have some input or at least honest and up to date information given to us on a continual basis.
Are you going to input this? Will you be overruled? You haven't convinced me to vote for you yet. Please try harder.
Comment by les watmough on 26th October 2011
The only thing that needs to be asked about the"industrial" park by the airport is this, why was there no report on the profit -loss of the project never given to the voters in Terrace who footed the cost of the project. They are the shareholders. les.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 25th October 2011
I never intended to put down the hard work of others, please clarify and I will correct that. I do try very hard to show appreciation for the contributions to community.
Wow - Stacey how nice are you
Comment by David on 24th October 2011
So Stacey you come onto another candidates page to call her "condescending and dismissive" for asking a question which is relevant. She is payed to represent the taxpayers and residents of Terrace, BC.. Other comments and opinions are welcomed but she is hoping to be the representative of the residents of Terrace.

Meanwhile Stacey you have ably represented your viewpoint on issues and highlighted a lot of the great work you have done and is appreciated. However, in doing so you have put down the hard work of others trying to make Terrace a better place. Someone else passion may not be the same as yours but trying to put them down does not make a better community.
Thank- you for your comments!
Comment by Jennifer C L Lewis on 23rd October 2011
Thank you for your comments! I agree with Maggie Jo! Everybody's comments are valuable and very important!

Lynda I am sorry if you feel I was intimidating by my question to George. It wasn't my intent but thank - you for pointing that out! I just was really curious about his comment about my platform and if he lived in Terrace

Feedback is always important for improvement so Thank - you!

Jennifer Lewis
3314 Sparks
1250 975 0782
Email: jennifercllewis,,,
To Linda
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 23rd October 2011
Thank you, I don't think any people agree 100% of the time with each other, I respect that. It's why i feel there needs to be more balance at City Council. A more broader and fairer representation. I have said that I do not have all the answers. I want to work with other councillors from other walks of life, to work with the broader community to start looking at more answers. We can't all be right all of the time, nor can we individually represent all people at one time. It's why I appreciate there are 6 of them.

But truly, thank you for your kind words.
To vote yes, to run no.
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 23rd October 2011
To run, your nominators do have to be eligible to vote and be withing those boundaries.

To run you do not have to be within the voting boundaries. I'm sure it is preferred to some. I'm sure others however, feel whether a candidate is in the voting boundary or not they want what they deem the best representation of their voice.
C. Sandecki
Comment by Mr. Peters on 23rd October 2011
In order to vote for a Terrace city council member you must be a resident of Terrace. However, you do not need to be a resident of Terrace to run for a council position, go figure.
Who can be a Terrace council candidate?
Comment by c. sandecki on 23rd October 2011
Unless rules have changed, isn't it necessary to live within city boundaries or to own city property to vote in the council elections?
Comment by Linda on 23rd October 2011
Stacey-I just have to say how I appreciate how you stand up for the people of Terrace (and surrounding!) I've read your comments for some time, I cannot say I always 100% agree, but it's right up in the 95% area, best of luck to you in all you achieve, Terrace is very fortunate to have you!

Jennifer I say respectfully, your comment to George threw me off a bit, it actually made me feel uneasy, honestly it sounded a little bit like intimidation and I highly doubting I would feel comfortable approaching you with questions or comments about my beautiful hometown of Terrace in which I was born and raised. I know I am only 1 vote, but it is very true every vote does count, and so far you are not winning mine, feel free to convince me otherwise please.
I ask
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 23rd October 2011
I ask because your post seemed condescending and dismissive.

I have already stated clearly I do not live within the voting boundaries of Terrace. So I will not even be able to vote for myself. Which you would have already known, checking your voter list.

This does not change my love, dedication and investment into the city of Terrace. As has been discussed on many other articles. Many people not on the voters list, whether it be because they live just past the boundary, whether it be they are not registered to vote, or simply haven't changed their address into the city. People from outlying communities such as Kitsum Kalum, Kitselas, Kitimat, Smithers, Rupert, Dease Lake etc..feed into this city as a hub. Youth under 18 also can not vote.

If we dismiss people's contributions, questions, concerns or compliments simply because of the voter's list we are actually excluding a huge population with much to contribute.

Non voters vs tourists...
Comment by Maggie Jo on 23rd October 2011
It really doesn't matter if someone is on the voting list or not. We need all the comments to be brought forward to make this City flourish with all the suggestions we can get.

Visiting TOURISTS aren't on our Municipal voting lists; yet we certainly listen to THEIR concerns/comments about how to make Terrace a better Community. So, why can't we listen to neighboring peeps in the area who aren't on the prestigice "voting list" when THEY bring forth similar concerns?

Anyone who actually takes the time to comment on how to make this City flourish is a welcomed commentator in my view - whether thery are on the Municipal voting list or not. For them to even have put forth a suggestion, proves they have an invested interest in this Community and surrounding area; while supporting the City in the interim.
Comment by Jennifer Lewis on 23rd October 2011
Stacey asked, "So does the inclusive part of your platform and the treating people with respect part end with the voters list?"

Acting and treating our Citizens with inclusiveness and respect is a key part to my platform and my promise to our Terrace citizen's. My leadership will be open and inclusive and attract other regional community members to our table of working together.

I achieved this team of working together in the Tourism Industry. I was the Executive Director of the Terrace Tourism Society, a local non profit society that marketed the Tourism Product to regional, national and international tourists.

While in charge of the society I was able to meet with the other tourism organizations in our region. We developed goals and strategies to target a market we all had in common. We decided as a group to go after the rubber tire traffic. We designed a website, we marketed the assests of each of communities, and worked together to share advertising costs of promoting the website to the rubber tire market.

This is just one example of how working together with regional partners in a respectful and inclusive manner can produce positive results for all.

I ask George where he lived because on the internet anyone can comment and live in the global community. Just curious of where his comment is coming from?

Why do you ask Stacey? Do you live in the City of Terrace limits?

Do you think it should matter if you live it Terrace?
Citizenship and voting
Comment by Caledonia Student on 23rd October 2011
If you're not a citizen you can't vote!
Inclusive and Respect?
Comment by Stacey Tyers on 23rd October 2011
So does the inclusive part of your platform and the treating people with respect part end with the voters list?
Comment by Jennifer Lewis on 23rd October 2011
Hi George,

Just looked for your name on the City of Terrace voter list. I don't see you listed. Are you a Terrace Voter?

Jennifer Lewis
Website and Contact Information
Comment by Jennifer Lewis on 23rd October 2011
My strong belief in doing what is right combined with my drive to succeed will benefit our community for years to come. The benefits will be for you, your childern and your grandchildern.

Please contact me regarding any of your questions or concerns regarding our future.

Jennifer CL Lewis
3314 Sparks Street,
Terrace, BC
1 250 975 0782
Email: jennifercllewis,,,
Twitter: ,,,lewisforterrace
Facebook: Jennifer C L Lewis for Terrace Mayor
Comment by Karen on 23rd October 2011
Comment by Karen on 23rd October 2011
I never could understand why the planned industrial site needed to be logged when it was and to such a great extent. And that fringe of trees that was mostly taken care of in a few big winds?! least more than a few people got their winter wood out of it. It will need another effort to clear off the aspen and scrub trees when, and if, further development ever occurs requiring another influx of cash.

If Terrace managed to get an improvement grant to log the property I would have liked to see a decent road put through to meet with the Beam Station Road rather than this clearcut. At least that would be benefiting people now.
Comment by c. sandecki on 23rd October 2011
Are Lewis' qualifications posted elsewhere, but I missed them?
How telling
Comment by George Moosak on 23rd October 2011
In this campaign quip, the only time Terrace was mentioned was in the opening paragraph announcing the office being ran for.