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CONTRIBUTION · 23rd October 2011
Danny Nunes
The 3rd Annual Terrace BC Zombie Walk was held on Saturday October 22nd 2011 & I am happy to report it was a huge success. We had our biggest turnout of zombies ever for the event and also seemingly the most donations for the food bank yet so way to go zombies.

Prior to the event, the skeena diversity society held a zombie makeup workshop and did an amazing job
with taking terrace residents and making them up to look like zombies. Some incredible work was done and a big thanks to those who helped do that and zombified many people.

The walk was led by Freddy Krueger and he led a large army of zombies through the streets of Terrace in search of his mortal enemy Jason Voorhees. Many local people beared witness to seeing a large zombie army helping Freddy in his search.

Freddy and his zombie army found Jason at the terrace bandshell park and from there a confrontation took place between Freddy & Jason. Freddy instructed all the zombies to attack Jason and doing as commanded the zombies swarmed Voorhees.

Freddy and his army had seemingly won but evil never trulys dies and Jason rose to like once again and exacted revenge on Krueger.

To conclude the event for this year a live performance of Michael Jacksons Thriller was done with music playing and a group of local zombies performing the dance and even Freddy & Jason joined in as well.

I would like to thank the many who helped with making the event a success such as Matthew Daratha of the Skeena Diversity Society, James Powell for his assistance with the music and for providing the zombie dances who performed thriller for the live crowd, Chelsea Barg who was the original organizer of the first two walks, I hope I was able to build upon what you started.

Lets try to make the 4th annual Terrace Zombie Walk even better and bigger next year and continue this great annual event.

Enjoy the pictures included with this article and be sure to look for more photographs of the event on Facebook.

A video of the zombie walk should be available on Youtube hopefully by this Friday.