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CONTRIBUTION · 24th October 2011
Dear Candidates:

On one of the election videos on the municipal section, Carol Lecerec was asked why there isnít any ex-officio members included in council meetings from KitsumKalum and Kitselas, she replied that council would have to invite them.

What would each candidate do to bring our communities together? All I have seen so far is photo opportunities, with no real substance, for newspapers. What would you do to include first nations in the decision making, consulting or inclusion on how our city represents itself? We all live, work, shop and conduct business in the same community. It would be nice to show the world that we work together and respect each others views and opinions on issues affecting all of us. It would also benefit where tourism is concerned.

I would like to request a reply from all candidates for mayor and council.

I haven't seen a Mayoral platform or information on Bruce Martindale. Who are you? please.
regional district.
Comment by les watmough on 26th October 2011
Helmut is the only person to mention the Regional District vis a viss the FN> The district of ayainssh has long had a represention from the Nisgaa nation. So did Telegraph creek, And the Hazeltons under the rd has met with them all at one time or another, the world does not end at the borders of the City of Terrace, Get to know the rest of the world.
Dear Chief Counselor Don Roberts & Council.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 26th October 2011
Please publicize all details of this historic agreement, and take many pictures! I look forward to congratulating you and all your supporters..... for this stunning victory.

Looking forward to the feast......

Are you people of Terrace City Council serious? You are asking for more trouble than you think you already have. There is no comparison, and a band council is not your equal. Neither is a student council, nor an inmate council.

Tsimshian relations! Non-native people cannot tell the difference between a Tsimshian and a Mohawk! We still have not earned their respect, and to follow them down this miserable, real estate wharf of no end..... is a choice.

Tsimshian Territory is not for sale!

I hereby declare my candidacy for Mayor of Kitsumkalum, at the next council elections.....whether my work-related conflict is resolved, or not.

Janice Robinson.
Mayor Pernarowski:
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 26th October 2011
Are you saying that you and Chief Councillor Don Roberts, of Kitsumkalum, B.C. are political equals at every level, and are able to wield realtors' pens? I think the Tsimshian Nation might have something to say about all this, now that we all know.....

Other than that, it seems you have been quite an active tourist around here lately. Glad you like the area.
Do we want council to represent the people, or a glorified real estate office?
Dear Mayor Pernarowski:
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 26th October 2011
No wonder why mayor Roberts, of Kitsumkalum, does not have time to meet with me. I have been here waiting to meet with the council, regarding an urgent, national matter, since March, 2011.

An issue of Tsimshian national importance, in my books....that Kitsumkalum mayor and council cannot address.
Just like humble Terrace mayor and council cannot address Canadian national issues.
It will go to the next level.
Connected with First Nations...
Comment by Dave Pernarowski on 25th October 2011
Hi Nancy,

Iím very proud of the work that Iíve done personally and that Council as a whole has done in regards to connecting with our First Nations friends and neighbours.

Every time I travel into a First Nations village, Iíve been greeted with warmth and respect. I take these trips to attend feasts, to address First Nations governments, to pay respects at funerals and to discuss economic and tourism opportunities with First Nations leadership. Often trips are taken to participate in historic celebrations like the 100 year Declaration celebration for the Tahltan. Iíve witnessed and joined in on pole raising ceremonies. I have personally met with the Chiefs and Councillors from Kitselas and Kitsumkalum and most recently attended a meeting with Council to connect with the Chief and Council from the Haisla Nation. Weíve invited First Nations governments to attend our Council meetings to view how we conduct municipal business. Weíve hosted governance workshops that included First Nations representatives from around the region. We hosted a Community to Community Forum in Terrace with the Kitselas and Kitsumkalum First Nations governments. Weíve brought First Nations governments into the North Central Local Government Association, the regional body of local governments, so that our organization represented all local governments including First Nations. This year at the provincial level of our municipal government organization, the Union of BC Municipalities, the members voted in favour of changing the name of this provincial body to the Union of BC Local Governments to be inclusive of our First Nations governments. Iíve attended First Nations Youth events in Kitselas and Iíve made numerous speeches in the City at the National Aboriginal Days celebrations and other events around the region that talk about the importance of the First Nations culture and the positive economic benefits we enjoy as a service centre from all of the surrounding communities.

On November 1st at the City of Terrace Council Chambers, Terrace and Kitselas Councils will be signing a historic Joint Venture Agreement and Revenue Sharing Agreement relating to our partnership at the Skeena Development Industrial Park (Airport Lands).

I really have a great sense of satisfaction around the work thats been done to connect with the First Nations communities.

Itís been a real joy for me to get to know more about their culture, beliefs, hopes and dreams.
Tks Helmut..
Comment by Nancy on 25th October 2011
I won't pretend I know how it will work but I did find this definition. It would be nice if we could find some way to work together. I have witnessed how the Kitimat Council and Haisla treat each other, I just don't want the same for Terrace.

An ex officio member is a member of a body (a board, committee, council, etc.) who is part of it by virtue of holding another office. The term is Latin, meaning literally "from the office", and the sense intended is "by right of office"; its use dates back to the Roman Republic.

A common misconception is that the participatory rights of ex officio members are limited by their status. This is incorrect, although their rights may be indeed limited by the by-laws of a particular body. Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised (10th ed.), clarifies that the term denotes only how one becomes a member of a group, not what one's rights are. It is a method of sitting on a committee, not a class of membership.

Frequently, ex officio members will abstain from voting, but unless by-laws constrain their rights, they are afforded the same rights as other members, including debate, making formal motions, and voting
What is meant by ex-officio?
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 24th October 2011
You may wish to clarify because being ex- officio does not mean without voting rights unless that is specified. There may be some legal issues if voting rights are granted because ex-officio means they are appointed by some other means than election by the voter.

That council should meet with FN when issues of mutual interest come up is an easy one. Of course they should and on a regular basis. Technically FN do have a representative on the RD but there are interest better dealt with on the Council to Council level.