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NEWS RELEASE · 24th October 2011
Terrace RCMP
On October 23, 2011 at approximately 5:30 a.m., Members of the Terrace RCMP responded to Mills Memorial Hospital as a result of the report of a male who was being treated with serious but non-life threatening injuries.

Police determined the injuries sustained were the result of an aggravated assault. The assault occurred at a well known drug and party house on the 3300 block of River Drive, Thornhill, B.C. Upon attendance, it was discovered that the residence had been subject to a home invasion style break and enter. A second male was found to be suffering from minor injuries at the scene. Police secured the residence and obtained two separate search warrants for the house. One search warrant was obtained for evidence in relation to the break and enter and aggravated assault, the second search warrant was obtained for drugs.

As a result of the obtaining of the warrants, police seized numerous exhibits for evidence which included cocaine, ecstasy, marihuana and cash. RCMP investigators are continuing work on this case. Police are confident that the break and enter and attack on the victims was a targeted attack. No suspects are yet identified.

It is requested that any member of the public who has information concerning this or any other crime, phone Terrace Crime stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Crimestoppers is a program where information can be passed to the police by the public. The tipster remains anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward for providing information which assists police in solving a case.

Im Not a lawyer
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 31st October 2011
Maggie Jo, I dont understand what you're trying to say.

All I am pointing out is that the terrace daily has appeared to stop screening people for comments.

Am I the only one who gets phone calls from Merv attempting to verify my identity?

re hmmmm
Comment by Rayven on 31st October 2011
you know what they say when you assume right?

you make an Ass of U and Me.

The owner of the sun studio has a right to be pissed off although others are correct in saying it could of been handled differently.

Sheldon, peeps give pseudo names for a reason - meaning they don't want to be identified. i really wish you hadn't told us who "Meg" is.

I happen to know her; how embarrassing and i really hope there is no blacklash as a result of all this.

lets get honest here folks - do u really think the cops are gonna find whoever did this?!?! hell no,...but i bet you can expect to hear about a couple missing people in the future :(

so sad really, in the end there are no winners and only losers.

Tsk Tsk
Comment by Maggie Jo on 30th October 2011
Eeeks, Sheldon. What have you done?!

In your response you just suggested "Meg" be sued for libel/slander; afterwhich you promptly published what you THINK you believe her real name/identity is.

Are you sure about that?

Some people actually use other people's email accounts in events of housesitting or visiting a friend, etc. Perhaps Meg really is not the "ghost name" of the person whose name you just publicized. (Gulp)

What you just published without assurance of accuracy may be grounds for libel/slander as well.

Eeeks... hope it all works out.
RE: hmmmm
Comment by Sheldon Davidson on 29th October 2011
The Comments by "meg" could be seen as libel or slander. I'm not a lawyer so I don't know for sure. I understand how such accusations could make some one enraged.

With this being said, the comment made by the user known as "meg" seams to have slipped the terrace daily's screening process.

according to the email address belonging to curve51,,, seams to be a Ballinger, Leanne who graduated from Caledonia in 1999.

I just thought I would point this out as everyone else seams to get screened but this person did not.
Business etiquette lacking
Comment by Maggie Jo on 26th October 2011
Hmmm..perhaps Unique Sun just caused self-destruction to own said business by publishing such a negative verbal lashing towards Meg in a popular public forum.

I have no clue who "Meg" is. But, to have a business owner write such an emotionally-charged harsh response at the drop of a hat...only leads me to believe I probably do not want to deal with such a volatile business owner who refrains from first pausing to consider what he/she (as a business owner) puts out into the public forum.

When I deal with businesses, I trust that at LEAST the owners of an establishment can deal with situations in a calm, collective and productive manner, while striving towards resolution in the interim.

A response to Meg may have been along these lines:

"To Meg...Kindly refrain from publishing comments towards establishments in your area in which you merely suspect there are illegal goings on in specifically described locations which you just publicized. In this case, you may have damaged my reputation as an upcoming business owner in the Community with your unfounded comments. Kindly consider a public retraction."

Unfortunately, Unique Sun Studio's response to Meg was most shocking and incredibly unprofessional. won't be seeing me at your grande opening. I prefer not to stoop that low to mock someone just to receive a Company discount. I'm sure I won't be missed at your grande opening. At least you have "alabama" supporting you.

PS - You still may have time to fix the damage you yourself caused to your own business. I'm a proud supporter of giving people the benefit of the doubt and for 2nd chances, but keep the discount card.
Comment by alabama on 26th October 2011
well said unique sun!!!
contempt before investigation
Comment by Unique Sun Studio Inc. on 25th October 2011
first of all Meg..... the so called storage building, the one with the blacked out windows (Renos) and what.,.,,.. motorcycles???? The fact that you would go out of your way and implicate my potential business as part of a home invasion tells me that you are very ignorant, self centered know it all who has nothing better to do with her time. Shame on you! Accusations such as this can seriously harm someone specifically if you cannot back it up with objective evidence. How about taking a serious look at your own misery ( I say that because if you were right with yourself you would not be needing to stare outside wondering what others are doing) and get yourself a life...... and remeber this...... if you have made no mistakes in your life careful of the stones you throw.

For all those reading this please come to the grand opening of UNIQUE SUN STUDIO December 1st 2011 at 3226 River Drive ( the storage unit with black out windows) first 25 clients receive 25% off when mentioning this comment.

meg you should come by I ll be ready to recieve your apology.
I forgot one thing.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 24th October 2011
I should have added that if Thornhill ever incorporated, they would also require their own police force. It is also unlikely that the province would incorporate another community just on the other side of the river. My experience is that most Thornhill residents like their community the way it is. They like a more rural lifestyle with fewer restrictions on what you can do on your property. They get better road maintenance winter and summer.

I once had an older resident explain to me that in the early years a lot of Terrace's movers and shakers had property holdings in Thornhill which they wanted to develop. There was profit in it, thus creating the "problem" which a succession of Terrace Councils have tried to deal with.

One of the first amalgamation studies was conducted back around 1980 and Les Watmough and I sat on that Committee as did some others.
Thank you Helmut
Comment by Nancy on 24th October 2011
The Thornhill/Terrace issue is a bit confusing.
Comment by Helmut Giesbrecht on 24th October 2011
You could not have an area however small without police protection. They are covered by the provincial contingent, the same RCMP who do highways and areas outside the municipality. Fire protection is not a provincial service. It is paid by the locals through tax revenue.
Thornhill Police Department...
Comment by Nancy on 24th October 2011
If thornhill residents don't want to be part of the City of Terrace should they have their own police department? Like the Fire Department?