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CONTRIBUTION · 25th October 2011
Mike Ross
Hi Nancy,
What a good question!
You may have read by now, my post here about "pulling together in the same direction". There is nothing to prevent us from applying the same principle at the next highest level with our neighbours. We could establish regular meetings and look at what the common goals are for the near and distant future and examine ways we could help each other achieve our common objectives. This would be a collaboration as opposed to a negotiation.
This may take some time depending on how far into the future we care to look, but, from the start, we will be communicating and working together. Sometimes success may lie in the journey as well as in the destination.
Thank you Mike for your reply
Comment by Nancy on 25th October 2011
It is nice to hear that some candidates want to work together for the betterment of our area. We all have to contribute and collaborate.