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CONTRIBUTION · 25th October 2011
Dan LeFrancois
Hello, my name is Dan LeFrancois, current Terrace City Council candidate. I have called Terrace my home for almost my entire life. Having been born in here, I have seen many cycles of economic uncertainty, and with it many years of the city of Terrace trying to reinvent itself. Through all the uncertainty however, there is nowhere I would rather call my home.

My interest in global political, environmental and economic affairs have given me a unique view on our own standpoint at a municipal level. Although it wasn’t until the birth of my niece Annabelle, that I really started it understand the importance of social structure. I also saw need for sustainable job creation, an idea almost foreign to our northwest economy in recent years.

I want to run for council, because I feel there is a large sector of Terrace’s population that is being overlooked when it comes to local decision making, the local youth (18-30). Who’s demographic has seen the same steady uncertainty as I have, and who understands the need for more a more eco-friendly economic view and a strengthening of quality of life for everyone.
The youth, at last!
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 25th October 2011

Thank you for mentioning youth.

I believe there is not enough things to do for youth in this town.

I'd love to see a full-fledged civic-center, put the second S in sportS plex.
I'd compromise for ET Kenney for the interim.
A City owned Gymnasium, Squash Courts, Climbing wall...(rollerderby, lazertag...) should happen in between the pool and the arena and push the whole parking lot forward to the hill. (I know, i'm dreaming.)
We used to have a civic center as I was told but it got burned down.

Bottom line:
I'm giving you my vote as you seem to be at peace, you appear to me to not be running because you're angry like I think too many candidates are...

Thanks for posting.
You helped make one of my decisions.