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CONTRIBUTION · 26th October 2011
Bruce Martindale
Question One: 

What is the most significant reason you are running for Council?

I want to see a Civic Government that is more engaged with the community. I think that Mayor and Council have to create meaningful and open dialogue with various stakeholder groups and the citizens as a whole so that there is a more cooperative and unified approach to moving forward on all fronts. We are a great community that deserves strong community based governance.

Question Two: 

What issue in our community do you see as the largest hurdle for the success in Terrace?

Capitalizing on our unique position in the Economy and balancing that with our responsibility to the Environment is essential for us to realize our potential and create a more positive, united and attractive community. There has to be a meeting of minds, and I welcome the discussion.
Question Three: 
What is your stance on Enbridge, In Favour of, Opposed too or Neutral? Why?
I am opposed to any Crude Oil or Bitumen being transported through our mountains, crossing our rivers and streams and any Oil Tankers in our North Coast waters, not just what Enbridge is proposing. Neutrality is irresponsible at the best of times, but in this case, given the potential impacts such a project could have on our lives, our economy and our ecology this position might better be described as negligent. Being officially in favour, our concerns would not be heard, as Enbridge would be talking for us, just as they have been allowed to under our neutrality stand. Only by being officially Opposed, would we have a clear strong position, one that still must realize that Enbridge might be successful. Because of this possibility, being Opposed will give us the power to negotiate and lobby for the safeguards to avoid a catastrophe, and to demand a realistic plan to mitigate the damage if and when that tragedy does occur.

Question Four: 
The Co-op building is being demolished. What is your vision for the use of this land? 

I personally want to see a this historic site kept within the public domain. This doesn't mean that I would not accept a partnership with an interested party who would help us do this. I have already heard many ideas about what could be there, all positive and visionary and I want to continue this discussion and not just have a fire sale to eliminate a political liability.

Question Five: 

This election is about style of government. The traditional one that avoids and accommodates and a new vision of governing that is prepared to address the issues head on. We have a lot of things that will be happening in this region and the impacts will be significant. We need a nimble capable and strong government that has open communication so that we can stay on top of these impacts and realize real benefits post-boom.
We are saving money now.
Comment by Janice P. Robinson on 27th October 2011
I commend all who put their names forward for the honour of representing the people. We leave ourselves wide open to all manner of criticism. It is no longer necessary for politicians, like yourself Mr. Martindale, to get out there and sell the territory as a tourist and investment magnet.

They're at the door, waiting for us to ring the bell. It's going to be a door-crasher, and I'm happy to see candidates protectively wrapping up our precious resources. These precious resources......including the hotsprings, co-op, every fire hydrant, vista, playground, pencil and roll of toilet paper belongs to the next generation of warriors who have their hairy eyeballs on us now!

This is the first time in my life that I have had the honour to practice my style of politics in front of the very people I think I am doing it for. And, they are watching.

Who was the German man who invented the language of computers? Quick. I think he saved the Tsimshian Nation....and, he's helping us to save the hotsprings! Why wah! Even some of my sworn enemies are loving me on this one.

Let the dragons travel to Terrace City Hall, and respect the council. Save on mileage.
TEDA's Role
Comment by Bruce Martindale on 26th October 2011
I attended the strategic planning session for TEDA this year and I am very happy with what was developed. I like it because it has, at its core, the idea of cooperation and partnerships with other like agencies and neighbouring communities. This abundance mentality is the most progressive way to approach sustainable and attainable development. I believe in arms length Economic Development Authorities, as they have the best chance to develop ideas and pursue opportunities unencumbered by Politics. Once the City needs to be involved in a particular business plan, it must be seen to be impartial so that the interests of the citizens can be addressed. That does not mean that I won't sell the benefits of Terrace at every turn, I am, after all a salesman and I do understand and believe in the product.
Sports that make money.
Comment by R1chard Jenn1ss on 26th October 2011

Squash Courts and a climbing wall subsidizes the pool in Smithers.

Rupert and Smithers both had council approve the creation of a charitable account and both cities fund raised for it.

Thats like asking the tax payer for less money because a few sports are paying for the others.

I can`t vote for you
Comment by blocky bear on 26th October 2011
I live outside town boundaries.This said, I will give you positive marks for your rhetoric. Good luck! d.b.
question for Bruce Martindale
Comment by Maureen on 26th October 2011
As a potential mayor of the City of Terrace, what role do you see for TEDA? And following that - What does an ethical economic development look like to you? Please try and be specific as possible.
Thanks - Maureen in Ontario